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Love in the Morning (Nick Robinson Imagine)

A/N: I never write like this I really enjoyed it, so tell me what you think bbys.

Warnings: reference to sex, and bad naughty language I shouldn’t use but do anyway.

When I woke up, around 9 in the morning, I felt the hot sun dance on my skin, even though you could barely see it through the white curtains, that meant, somehow the sun had escaped in one of the gaps and captured me this morning. My eyes flickered open, to see the other side of the bed I was sleeping on was empty, but I wasn’t in my own bed.  Though it was okay, because I knew whose bed I was in, in fact I was in this bed more often than I was in my own bed, because this bed, indeed belonged to the man, the actor, the human who I call my lover.  Not boyfriend because boyfriend is the kind of word you use when you’re five-years old and you have atleast ten ‘boyfriends’ or it’s the word you tell you everyone that he is your ‘boyfriend’ because they don’t think of him as your 'lover’ since people these days don’t believe in love.  I do. Well I should do, because I am in love with the man downstairs.

My bones stretched until I became a clumsy swan who was trying to fly away from my problems, then slouched into my normal messy positioning, because I didn’t take yoga.  Damn who takes yoga, and genuinely believes it’s relaxing.  I don’t, that shit hurts. I was feeling the need to stand up until most of the white sheets draped off my shoulders and revealed my bare chest, I was naked - yet again. I was turning into a young boy adult who lived alone and always seemed to be walking round the house naked, without thinking I searched the draws for some underwear and threw on Nick’s shirt from last night, a baggy black shirt which would fit him fine, but me - no. My petite figure made the shirt seem so much oversized, you couldn’t even see my waist anymore, and thankfully reached to the top of my thigh so that it covered me. Now I was presentable, par from the fact I hadn’t wiped off my makeup from last night and became a panda but you know pandas are cute I can live with that, and my hair was everywhere and believe me when I say this: my hair was everywhere.  Therefore, I grabbed the bobble I own, and tied my hair up so it made up a cute ponytail. That was very hard to convince myself, that at nine in the morning after long night of sex and loving and makeup smudged on my face: I was cute.  

After going to the bathroom and persuading myself to brush my teeth, I followed the smell of food cooking, finding myself in the kitchen, where (in case you never knew) most the food is cooked.  WELL NO SHIT SHERLOCK. And there he stood tall and not very proud, but beautiful instead.

His hair was mess, just like mine, and desperately needed a cut which his mother told him every time she saw him, but it suited him nonetheless.  His eyes where relaxed and lazy like in that second, he going to fall asleep, his arms crossed across his bare chest.  The tracksuit bottoms clang to his waist, loosely, the way he’d wrap his arm across my shoulder. Nick was barely watching the bacon sizzling in the frying pan, instead watching me as I entered the room, his face softening to a delicate smile.  My favourite feature on him in that moment, was his collar bones, structured and precise, and you could see the dark marks I had left that night that looked just like the ones I had on my chest, and his back scratched just as if tiger had cawed at its prey, except I wasn’t that vicious.  Or was I?

“Good morning sexy,” he smirked, you could tell those were the first words he had spoken this morning, his voice hollow and husky yet gentle, drawing me towards him. Out of all the nouns he could have named me then he chose sexy, even though I was far from it in that moment.  I didn’t tell him that, instead I smiled and proceeded, because that was his opinion, no one should be told their opinion is wrong.

“Good morning beautiful,” I smiled back, my voice just as hollow.  Now I was stating a fact, because Nick is the most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes on, despite chocolate.  Wait no Nick is way prettier. “Come on now, let me take charge of this bacon you are so called 'cooking’,” I snapped out of thinking Nick is beautiful to realise that our precious bacon was burning.

“No, my house my rules,” he retorted, causing me to frown back.  Little shit, never doing as he is told, but fuck he looked so good right now.

“Oh fuck it,” he grumbled throwing the bacon pan somewhere elsewhere and to grab my face smashing his coffee-tasting lips onto mine.

Then we made love on the kitchen table, it was dreadful sex, since we were so groggy none of us put the effort into it.  That didn’t matter, it never mattered, I was under an utter love spell that Mr Robinson had put me in under and I loved him, I would give my last breath up to tell him I love him. You may think that is sad and desperate but that’s the thing that love does to you, you would do anything and everything for the other person.  And I loved Nick Robinson.

Torch of Bellona (Part 2)

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Pairings: Ivar X Reader

Word Count: 2900

Warnings: gratuitous amounts of friendship (none)

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4- -Part 5- -Part 6-

Seeing most of your prediction come true, you still try to gauge the strange people that are the Northman. However it will take tact and cleverness to finally see one for yourself, hopefully it is not as disappointing as the news Alfred gives you.

Judith and Ecbert had been keeping Alfred from you all morning. That hollow bored feeling took you to wandering the grounds waiting for him to be done. Amidst the walking denizens the sight of Aethelwulf walking Magnus caught you. Feeling your blood rush you quickly ran toward, but not directly, to them. Hiding behind the wall you caught the end of the conversation, caught Aethelwulf pull a knife on the boys throat and toss him to the ground. Aethelwulf then walked away, leaving Magnus to fend for himself with nothing but the clothes on his back and a satchel to keep him warm.

“I’d head Northwest.” you announced after Aethelwulf was out of earshot. “Most of Kwenthrith’s supporters fled to the hills. Or so the rumors say. But who am I to truly know. Although the clans of the Highlands are far from short on warriors and rouges. Certainly if one was to unite them under one banner, that would be an army for the ages.”

Magnus wiped down the tears from his face, tossing the satchel around his arm. “This must be real funny to you.”

“On the contrary it breaks my heart. I would have thought it kinder to abandon you to some farm. I would have told you it was to humble and strengthen you for kinghood. Let you realize the truth long after you’ve gotten cozy.”

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Florence + The Machine Ask Prompts/Starters

“There is no way out.”
“But I like to keep some things to myself.”
“I was dead when I woke up this morning.”
“There is a hollow in me now.”
“There’s a drumming noise inside my head.”
“Tell me what you want me to say.”
“Leave all your love and your longing behind..”
“I'l be dead before the day is done.”
“It’s over. And I’m going under.”
“It’s so peaceful in the deep. No need to pray, no need to speak.”
“Looking for heaven, I found a devil in me.”
“A kiss with a fist is better than none.”
“You are the space in my bed.”
“If you’re gone, I will not belong here.”
“I was looking for a breath of life.”
“So I stayed in the darkness with you.”
“I don’t want your money. I don’t want your crown. I’ve come to burn your kingdom down.”
“Sooner or later, the things you love – you lose.”
“Would you leave me if I told you what I’ve done?”
“Never let me go.”
“All your love will be exorcised.”
“I can hear your heart beat.”
“What has been done can not be undone.”
“You left me in the dark.”
“I’m damned if I do, and I’m damned if I don’t.”
“You can’t carry it with you if you want to survive.’
"A thousand armies couldn’t keep me out.”
“Things go wrong no matter what I do!”
“You’re my head, you’re my heart.”
“Though the pressure’s hard to take, it’s the only way I can escape.”
“It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back.”
“We will never be afraid again.”
“I never knew daylight could be so violent.”
“They were there when I woke up this morning.”
“I know I can count on you.”
“Sometimes I just feel like saying, Lord, I just don’t care.”
“I’m always in this twilight in the shadow of your heart.”
“I started to hear it again..”
“I can’t leave the past behind.”
“You’ve got the love I need.”
“The dog days are over.”
“You can’t choose what stays and what fades away.”
“Life is just too much.”
“I’m not giving up. I’m just giving in.”


I have never worn it well.

You, with your red accessory.

The coordination

Boggles my mind.

Is there a cork

For the blood?

Or do you simply

drain it each morning,

Pulped and hollow

Like a fresh orange?

Ripe and raw

Ready to wear-out.

Tell me your secret;

How you preserve the tissue.

Mine is not quite right.

It’s a sick, pewter;

It leaks constantly.

Tell me the secret,

Or I may never be

The good, little girl

With both feet in the world,

And my haemorrhaging heart

On my sleeve.

Welcome to Klondike Editing Studio! What may we do for you today? What do we edit, you ask? Ah, but that is entirely up to you! The possibilities are ENDLESS! Said or did something embarrassing? We can simply edit the past to correct your mistake, so that you end up having said or done something amazing instead! What will you edit today?
The advertisement fluttered, half torn, on the moss-worn pole. Distinctly sketchy, if you ask me. But then, no one ever does. The others don’t seem to believe it, at least. They laugh, poking each other with remembrances and cringing. I look at my boots instead. Joining this gang has been, probably, my worst decision till date. I must have been very, very drunk to even consider it.
Only, the biggest, most stupid of the lot has begun to protest. He thinks it would be fun to see what they have going on. Foolish idiot. All these clowns think that no harm can possibly come to them, since nothing bigger and badder walks the streets. Indeed, but do they know what goes on in the dark buildings that line the alleyways?
I find myself in one now, shadowing them as usual. A battered sign directs us up a set of stairs that should not have been able to hold us all up. But stepping over the threshold feels like walking into a different world. A huge factory, with ultra-modern machinery humming busily behind enormous floor-to-ceiling glass walls, surrounds us with its opulence. Everyone is frozen for a minute, and I fancy that they feel rather ridiculous in their soiled garb against the sterile, breathtaking setting. A woman in a simple blue uniform comes up to us, a bright red smile on her face. She meets my gaze for only a moment before directing her attention at the others. “Welcome to Klondike Editing Studio! I see this is your first time here. Would you like a tour?”
An extensive tour later, during which everyone has been treated to the choicest attention even a king wouldn’t receive, most of the gang is convinced. A little coaxing from them is enough to bring everyone over. They all sign the forms, too disarmed, too stupid to think of reading them, putting down what they would like edited. They never notice that I don’t sign a form. Nor do they notice the tickets the lady slips into my hand as they are all shown out with assurances for the morrow.
By the next day, the gang all have their favorite girls back, rich with money that never belonged to them, just rolling in the cakewalk that life has suddenly become. The gang splits in two, because a so many of the members couldn’t stand each other. Now, I walk the no man’s land of the moderator, maintaining links and relations between the two. It is rough work, and the thought that it will be over soon, and of my freedom, is all that keeps me going.
Soon enough, things start souring. Members turn up in the morning, raccoon-eyes hollow with remembrances of things they never meant to do. They start making mistakes, stupid moves, taking on ridiculously dangerous work as pawns for powerful organizations. One half of the gang is completely wiped out; some dead and the others imprisoned or on one-way tickets to a failed escape. They are all trapped. They sold their souls away the moment they forfeited editing rights over them.
I stay with the remaining few, whispering words of comfort with nothing behind them, pushing them to stand on their last legs for the final mission. It’s a bomb. It is new to the world and completely deadly, the likes of which has never been seen before. We were supposed to have time to get away, after which I was to get rid of the others and board my flight to freedom. Except now, things have gone horribly, horribly wrong.
“Shit! I cut the wrong wire! IT’S GONNA EXPLODE NOW!” This one with trembling fingers is screaming hysterically, but it’s too easy for me to see that this was meant to happen all along. They want to destroy all the evidence. Including me. Red hot fury races through me, quickly replaced by steely intent. So they betrayed me, after all. It’s a good thing I have some tricks up my sleeve. I quickly throw up a shield, tightening it around myself with every last bit of will, until absolutely nothing can penetrate it. As everything blazes white, I grit my teeth, holding the shield in place.
They are going to regret not checking my signature.

Wow, I enjoyed that immensely. Big thanks to @caffeinewitchcraft for the challenge and to @writingpromptsandjunk for this prompt. I so badly had wanted to do the editing studio, and now was my chance. Getting this in late because Dungeons and Dragons, and gonna do the next one after dinner. Though, my next is probably gonna be very D&D themed, because of an awfully exciting game that I can’t get over…
Victoria Secret

[ A / N - I’ve gotten multiple requests for some smut so I’ve combined a couple requests together. I hope this is okay!]

[ May you please write an imagine where josh buys you lingerie and he asks you to try it on but you’re both kinda bashful and giggly about it and it eventually leads to frickle frackle? Sorry if that’s a lot to write 😅 - Anonumous

Josh Dun imagine where it’s all smutty and he’s super submissive? -  aspen-is-for-you ]


You visibly stuttered and blushed as Josh took your hand and practically dragged you into Victoria Secret. He claimed that he wanted to buy you something really nice, but you knew that he just wanted to see you in every sexy thing. You didn’t own much lingerie at home and he claimed that that needed to change, pronto. You just hoped that the employee’s didn’t kick you out for any inappropriate behavior.

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