morning goods


Somehow I think Rian was thinking about Rey and Kylo when he was saying this, don’t you? 😉

The best part is that after this the interviewer references Han Solo as the original “best” example of a morally gray character and Rian was probably just like “DUDE YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!” 😂

That’s also maybe why Rian called Kylo a “sweetheart”…he likes the “heart of gold” in those “intriguing” “gray area” characters… ☺️

Here’s the link to the YouTube video of the interview:
See the world as the beautiful, wonderful place that it is. See the goodness that exists within it. See the miracles that lie all around you, each and every second of each and every day.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

can you believe we’re blessed with princess allura tho………..we are blessed with a beautiful black princess who is an incredible leader and kicks ass while also being feminine and ethereal and is wonderful and angry and kindhearted and magical…….what a gorgeous complex character we truly don’t deserve her



Good morning, Tumblr.

Sometimes, you have a rough day. Sometimes you have a rough week or more. Sometimes you are at a loss and the stress is going to give you an aneurysm.

And sometimes during these sometimes, you come home and your sister has bought you those store sugar cookies - you know the ones, made out of air and flour and icing that is almost entirely food dye and everything else is just highly processed sugar. The ones that, despite all this, you really really like. And your sister knows you’re crazy and those cookies are actual trash but she bought them for you anyway.

Sometimes that’s pretty cool and makes everything a little better.

I hope you have someone like that. Several of them.

Be that someone. Be the sister who gives her sibling a crappy sugar fix on a bad day.

Good night as well, my friends. I hope you have a good night and a good day and I hope you are able to make someone else’s day better, too. You can always try.