morning glory

I woke up this morning, grumbling about how much I hate mornings, and how I was going to eliminate them once I was god emperor. Then I walked out to see this. Of all the things I’ve planted over the last few years, the morning glories have brought me the most joy. I guess I have to let mornings stick around, if only for their sake.


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Morning Glory 💐

💐Morning Glory is a plant that can be used in binding rituals and attraction rituals- note the heart-shaped leaves and let your witchy intiuition guide you~
💐Morning Glory can also be used for luck, success, and reportedly for rituals involving transformation and insight, including to the spirit world.
💐 Its not unheard of to plant morning glory and moon flower next to eachother, and has been suggested that the two combined give a space a sense of balance.

💀 Be Aware- morning glory is reported toxic. Use with caution.
💀 Be Aware- this vine grows like mad. It can take over a garden if not properly trimmed, and may choke out other plants.

~~ as always, research before using any plants youre unfamiliar with~~

“ Caryopter Glory ‘  Caryopteris and Morning glory flowers. Floral art by Bob Bauer. This is a pic made by direcly scanning flowers on the surface of a flatbed scanner.

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I was organizing and going through one of my several art folders and I found quite a few traditional pieces that I drew between 2015 to 2016! Since I moved twice last year, I completely forgot I had these; I decided to put them up on my Etsy since they aren’t being fully appreciated hidden away in a folder c:

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