morning glories spoilers

You read this line and I dare you to say my child is not gay

actual things that happened in the newest morning glories issue (big big spoilers)
  • a group of high schoolers are so excited about winning a game of intramural sports that their team captain has an emotional and fairly gay outburst that potentially causes an earthquake
  • a pair of siblings enter the school science fair. the girl talks to someone a walkie talkie. this is incredibly shocking, and also potentially causes an earthquake. her brother puts a pencil on a table and claims its science 
  • the heroine of the story, after years of pain and tribulation, finally confronts the man who killed her family and ruined her life. he is gardening and wearing a onesie 

I take a deep breath every time I pass your door
I know you’re there but I can’t see you anymore
And that’s the reason you’re in the dark
I’ve been a stranger ever since we fell apart

And I feel so helpless here
Watch, my eyes are filled with fear
Tell me, do you feel the same?
Hold me in your arms again

glories + snapchat (if phones actually worked at mga?)
  • hunter: ok you know how hunter tried to photograph the cult with instagram? well. thats how he uses snapchat. “hey guys check out this weird time machine in the woods!”, “come to the meeting in our secret dream hideout asap”, “ugh ian’s getting into a fight with his dad about metaphysics or philosophy again”. basically hunter provides the relatable comical story on snapchat that everyone at mga needs
  • ian: no one asks ian for his snapchat. jade added him once, looked at his story and promptly deleted him
  • casey: she actually would. use it a lot to get instantly deleted messages to organize people and do things. also every now and then she gets into some sort of all caps screaming blurred photo battle with jade where jade takes awful photos of ian and casey takes awful photos of hunter
  • jade: is the kid who puts the black and white filter on almost everything! she also take photos of her album collection so that everyone will appreciate her selective taste in emo music!! she also uses the sticker feature a lot and its really cute and she uses it to send shoutouts to her friends + family outside of mga (though she never even touches the mothers day sticker…) also she complains about writing a lot on her story
  • hisao: most of the time he forgets he actually has it installed, but when he does he uses it to share photos of nice things like sunsets or selfies of him and guillaume together
  • zoe: just sends everyone selfies from morocco with the morocco location sticker to say ‘hey i’m out of there and you arent ha!”