morning fresh tea

My attempt at Hogwarts House aesthetics

Gryffindor- roaring campfires in the night, early morning runs, sneaking out to meet with friends, hair blowing in the wind, ruby red lipstick, bold eyeliner, car rides with the windows down, sunny weather in the summer, pricking fingers on red roses

Hufflepuff- baking cookies at midnight, warm sweaters, blanket cocoons, daisy flower crowns, fresh morning dew, tea served in large mugs, fallen leaves, meeting friends in the park, picnics

Ravenclaw- antique book stores, new pens, dark coffee, astronomy charts, the sound of pencils on sketch paper, knit sweaters, reading until the early morning comes, crisp winter evenings

Slytherin- silver jewelry, hot breath with cold air, water in tall glasses, dark eyeshadow, twirling in clothes, swimming at night, multiple ear piercings, mirrors with flashy frames, new tile flooring, writing with fresh ink, pearl white smiles