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Threesome with hyungwon and kihyun please we. Ily guys!!

Three some with Hyungwon & Kihyun

Warning: NSFW!

  • Dom Hyungwon all the way.
  • There is no way in hell Kihyun will get to be daddy today.
  • It all starts with you waking up to a tightness around your wrists
  • “Do you consent?”
  • Confused and in a morning daze you make a noise
  • Suddenly a tight grasp on you inner thigh makes you wake up
  • “Do. You. Consent.”
  • Opening your eyes fully, you see Hyungwon in his work suit and in front of the bed you see Kihyun with his legs and arms tied to a chair
  • His cock standing red and at attention
  • He has tears on his cheeks and pre-cum on his abdomen
  • You consent to Hyungwon immediately, because you know how much you’ve missed this
  • Your legs are tied apart
  • A vibrator is placed against your clit, sending shocks through you body
  • You moan out
  • “That’s it baby. Show Kihyun how much you missed us.”
  • You moan louder and the vibrating gets more intense
  • You hear Kihyun choke from his spot
  • The whimpers getting louder
  • “Daddy….please let him join us.”
  • Hyungwon stops, stands back and starts to untie Kihyun
  • “Only because you asked nicely”
  • Kihyun immediately comes and lays ontop of you
  • Whimpering into your chest as tears continue to fall down his face
  • All is silent
  • Until
  • You hear a tearing noise
  • The condom wrapper
  • “Look at my pretty babies. All sweaty and fucked out. All from me.”
  • Slowly his tip enters you
  • Inch my inch, he fills every single part of you
  • You can’t get enough
  • “Faster.”
  • “As you wish”
  • Kihyun starts to move with you both
  • Soon all three of you are moving in tandem
  • “Fuck! I’m going to cum”
  • “So am I daddy”
  • /high pitched whimpers/
  • The faster you three move the closer you get
  • The moans get louder
  • The breathing gets heavier
  • All three of you cum at the same time
  • Covered in sweat, Hyungwon kisses you both on the forehead.
  • “Time for clean up. Come on.”

-A (There is supposed to be a gif…..)


“I’m just surprised to see you cry.”

Morning Daze (M)

Requested by anon ♥

→ Reader x Baekhyun 

→ DomesticAU; in which mornings with Baekhyun are the most pleasurable ones.

→ Warnings: Smut: thigh-riding, riding.

Word count: 1,2K

Entering consciousnesses, all you could hear was the sheets and blankets around you shuffling before a small gasp and then a petite moan sounding throughout the bedroom. Your eyes opens with ease and you let out a quick moan before turning among the warm blankets to see what the commotion was all about- only to find Baekhyun laying, sleeping on his back in only his boxers that explained just what had Baekhyun gasping in his dreams; morning-wood.

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Some words you won’t unhear, I can’t go back to the person that I was before I hurt you and things will be slightly different between us.

So please, if you’re reading or listening to the songs of the trees and the birds, know that just like early morning– you’re the very definition of home to me, somewhere lost between the morning daze and the highlight gaze
you sang to me.

So please, if you’re never going to forgive me properly at least tell me that what we had was once real and if you could just know that I write these words not as another apology, but as a means that I still think about you when the sun goes down and the moon arrives with another poem to write.

So please, if you’re with someone else some day, just try to forget about the emotional abuse that I put you through, I don’t really know myself, so of course I was going to fuck things up between us, you always were the softer parts of me, the way your lips liked to say my name as we’re arguing with a how could you to amplify the anger that won’t subside with a simple goodbye or a slam at the door.

So please, if you’re alone and drunk, just know that I’m probably doing the same thing. We won’t call and we won’t text, two strangers with a hunger for one another, but we won’t ever meet again and I love you seems to be ripped from page to page, but you’re still my favorite kind of regret. I’m so sorry that we had to end up like this.

So please, I know that we’re still together, but if you ever want out just read these words and take them with you. To the highest mountains, you can burn this letter and let our apologies scatter all over the forest floor. To the bottom of the ocean, I’ll play you the saddest song and I’ll call it blue. I’ll name your eye colors after my favorite thing, I’ll name our love after our favorite song, I’ll name these scars without a blame, I hope that one day we’ll love with the lightness that was us, and if we don’t, and if I don’t and if you don’t remember us, that’s okay. I can live with this, I have to live with this.

So please, if you pick up this letter while I’m sleeping right next to you and you’re reading it with the lights dimmed down just so that I won’t wake up, don’t go through the drawers because there will be more where this came from, I leave letters everywhere for you, one for every mood, maybe you’ll find them all some day, you’ve always been the collector type, collect these unhappy days, but always pride yourself on keeping our happy days. The sun will be up in a few minutes, go make some coffee and pretend that you never read this letter. Put it back. Place my favorite book on top of it, pretend that you didn’t know about those scattered letters, pretend that you don’t know my true intentions, pretend that it doesn’t hurt, pretend that we’re going to make it through this, because I promise, I’ll be doing the same and if you bring it up–

why baby, I didn’t write a thing.
you’re just in a dream,
just like how we were
when we first met
and shared that
first kiss and getting
the same tattoo
on the same heart
that said

how did we end up like this?
—  so please, a letter you’ll promise that you didn’t touch, a letter that you’ll swear you didn’t know existed, and if you did happen to find it while we’re happy, it never happened, burn it.
Good Job, Universe

Pairing: Jordan Fisher x Reader

Word Count: 2,392

A/N: Just want to thank the @hamwriters group chat for this wonderful idea based on somebody’s personal experience with my baby, Jordan Fisher. So basically, I took all of @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait‘s tweets and made a fic out of them bc how could I not?

With tears running down your face, you stood and clapped with the rest of the audience. You watched as the cast made their way back onstage and bowed. It was obvious they enjoyed performing the show every night. They were beaming, smiles on every face.

As you looked down the line of actors and actresses, your eyes stopped on the tanned, curly-haired young man who played John Laurens and Philip Hamilton. You recognized him instantly from his role of Doody in Grease Live. He had a smile on his lips, just as everyone else did, but it didn’t reach his eyes.

Call it intuition, but you could tell he was upset about something. You wished you had the means to go and talk to him about, but you didn’t have those kinds of connections. You were lucky enough to see the show.

So you just clapped harder and shouted louder, attempting to make your gratitude heard.

As soon as you exited the theatre, your phone was out and you were opening Twitter. You found his Twitter handle quickly while you were muttering to yourself over what you should say. “Great performance? No, Y/N, everyone says that.” You declared quietly. “A show for the ages. What is this, a wrestling match? C’mon, think.”

Then it came to you. You tried not to seem too eager as you typed out a couple tweets.

I love Anthony so much but watching @Jordan_Fisher tonight in Hamilton was so amazing. He’s so talented, and makes an adorable kid Philip.

@Jordan_Fisher the animation that he acts with is totally unmatched from any other show I’ve ever seen, and that’s all Broadway shows.

@Jordan_Fisher I’ve never cried from seeing a performance, but seriously, you made me cry numerous times. Reynolds Pamphlet, Stay Alive, etc

@Jordan_Fisher I can’t wait to go back

You knew you probably seemed like a crazed fan, but once you started typing, you couldn’t stop. You let every emotion that he’d made you feel that night embody itself in those four little tweets. You hoped that they would brighten his night. He deserved it.

Monday came around faster than you’d hoped, but you decided to take the day off from work. Your job could be crazy stressful; a deadline here, a meeting there. You were all caught up on your work, and even a bit ahead of the game, so you didn’t think twice when you called in “sick”.

You noticed that you had a few Twitter notifications, so you unlocked your phone once more and opened the app. You gasped when you saw your notification tab. You couldn’t believe it.

Jordan Fisher liked every single tweet from last night.

A smile took over your face as you saw his reply:

@Y/T/H I can’t thank you enough for those sweet words. Truly.

If this wasn’t the best start to a day, you didn’t know what was. You had never, in a million years, thought that he would see your tweets in the midst of all his mentions, let alone reply. This made your day. And quite possible your life.

Of course, you didn’t know what to do with this information except repeat it to yourself over and over again with a grin splattered on your face. It was like you were in a dream that you never wanted to wake up from.

You got up from your bed and did your morning routine in a daze, a grin plastered on your face. You hummed one of Jordan’s songs as you showered and made up an embarrassing dance number to go along with it as you were making breakfast. After a particularly daring move (which totally didn’t cause you to almost fall), you went to grab some coffee from a cabinet, but there was no sign of coffee anywhere.

You didn’t let that get you down though. You decided to get dressed and take a small walk down the street to get buy some coffee from a nearby grocery store.

As you strolled down the street clutching your coat closer to you as the wind blew, you saw a figure hunched over near a door. You looked closer, seeing a man who was attempted to pick the lock. You’d been through this ordeal before, locking yourself out, so you felt bad for the obviously freezing and annoyed guy.

You neared him as he groaned and kicked the bottom of the door in defeat, “Stupid door.”

“You know, you should probably call your super.” You advised. “They should have a spare.”

He didn’t think twice about answering a stranger as he stood up straight, looking up at the sky. “I locked my phone inside.” He shook his head as he threw his hand in the direction of a window. “Left it on my bedside table.”

You tilted your head as you thought you recognized his voice. It sounded awfully familiar. He wasn’t fully facing you, so you thought about what you could do to get him to turn around. “Well,” You started, “You can borrow mine, if you like.”

He spun on his heel to face you, and you couldn’t believe your eyes. To be frank, he couldn’t believe his eyes either. Of course you were standing in front of Jordan Fisher, how could you not have known? And you? You were the girl who tweeted him the sweetest of praises the night before (which was a horrible day, he recalled).

“It’s Y/N, right?” He asked, his cheeks red (from the wind, obviously).

“Um, yeah.” You sputtered. You were taken aback; you didn’t expect him to be on a first name basis already. “How did you-”

“You tweeted me!” He said eagerly. He quickly noticed how excited he seemed and stuffed his hands in his pockets, trying to calm down a bit. “I was having a bad day yesterday. Stuff with my family back at home, and tour planning. Not to mention I was running late.” He rambled. He looked down and away, struggling to meet your curious eyes, “Basically, I was having a terrible day. Your tweets, they just reminded me why I love my job, why I love performing every night.” He found himself getting lost in your eyes as he spoke. “For you.”

You blushed and looked at the ground, not believing that this was actually happening. When he realized what he said, he immediately started stammering over his words, “I mean for people like you! Not you, specifically. Not that I don’t think you’re-” He stopped as he noticed you giggling at him. “I swear I’m normally cooler than this.” He told you.

“I’m sure you are.” You laughed. “How did you get stuck out here anyways?”

He pointed to a trash bag on the sidewalk, “Went to take out my trash and left my keys on the table.”

“Smooth move.”


You retrieved your phone from your pocket and handed it to him. “Call your super. Then we can talk about how much cooler you normally are.”

He chuckled nervously with his head bowed and thanked you. You leaned against the brick wall and waited as he made his call. His eyes widened as a sigh of relief fell from lips, “Thank God! Ben, I’m locked out.”

He paused for a second and furrowed his brow, “What do you mean, how? I left my keys inside.”

You giggled once more, only covering you smile when Jordan turned and gave you a playfully poignant look. “Alright, when can you come unlock the door?”

The frown on his lips was contagious as you watched him let out an exasperated sigh. “What am I supposed to do until then?” He asked. After mumbling an okay, he returned your phone, obviously upset with his current situation. “What did he say?” You asked.

“He won’t be able to unlock it until tonight.” He answered glumly. He cracked a small smile as he looked up at his window, “You wouldn’t happen to know how to pick a lock, would you?”

“Sadly, no. My criminal skills are subpar.” You answered, delighted that you made him chuckle. Suddenly, an idea came to mind as you perked up, a smile on your lips. Jordan looked back at you with a small amount of amusement in his eyes, “What?”

“I was going to go to the store to get some coffee and then head home to eat breakfast. You could join me, if you want.” You offered. When a smile started to break on his lips, you began to ramble, “My place isn’t too far from the theater either, so you could just walk down there at your call time. Or I could drive you. I mean, that would be a waste of a gas, it’s like a ten minute walk, but-”

“Y/N!” He stopped you with a chuckle. “I’d love to join you.”

You grinned shyly as beckoned for him to follow you. When he got to your side, you bumped shoulders with him, “I’m normally cooler than this, I swear.”

“You think you’re funny, don’t you?”


You both laughed and started to walk back towards your house. You stopped at the corner, waiting for the light to change when you remembered the coffee. Jordan looked at you, containing his laughter, when you spun on your heel and looked in the opposite direction. “The grocery store is definitely that way.” You chuckled.

“I wasn’t gonna say anything.”

You were surprised at how well you two got along. You’d always heard that meeting celebrities could be a huge let down, but Jordan didn’t even see himself that way. He seemed extremely unaware of the talent that he possessed, and you made it your duty to let him know. You talked about everything from the passion he put into the Stay Alive reprise to the musicality of each and every song on his EP.

By the time you both arrived at your apartment, he was practically begging to hear more about you. “There’s not much to say.” You told him as you opened your front door. “I work in communications at an advertising company. I make people look good.”

“And you don’t think that’s interesting?”

“It’s interesting enough.” You chuckled. “Coffee?”

He nodded and sat down at the island in your kitchen, watching you walk back and forth. It was fair to say that Jordan was developing a crush on you, and he was easily becoming nervous over it. He knew that when he had a crush, he immediately lost any coolness he usually possessed and became a sputtering fool. Lucky for him, you were the exact same way, so he had nothing to worry about.

As you approached him with a plate of food and a mug of coffee, his head turned to the side. “Do you hear that?”

You furrowed your brow, “Hear wh-”


He got up and followed the noise as you giggled at him. When he got to the doorway, he stopped then turned left. Once he was sure it was coming from that direction, he pointed down the hall and dramatically started walking. As you laughed, you never realized how silly and playful Jordan was. It was almost like he was an overgrown child. “Don’t do anything creepy!” You called after him.

“Oh no, you’ve foiled my plans!” He returned sarcastically.

“I’m just saying,” You said, “Normally, strangers don’t just go roaming through people’s houses and - Are you singing?”

Jordan’s voice got closer as you chewed on a piece of bacon. You sat confused, jokingly asking him if he was going to serenade you. “I don’t think you need me to do that.” He responded.

“How are you singing and talking at the-”

Much to your despair, Jordan was standing in the doorway with your portable speaker in hand, a smirk on his face and his EP playing from the device. You slapped your hand onto your face as you groaned. “This is so embarrassing.”

“I appreciate the support, really.”

“Don’t make fun of me!” You defended as you went to retrieve the speaker from him. He held it high above you head, laughing as you reached for it. “I was really excited, okay?” You whined.

“Of course.” He grinned. “I just think we should take a moment-”

“Jordan, give me that speaker!”

“And appreciate how well the universe did-”

“I will tackle you, Fisher.”

“Putting this day together - Oomph!”

He hadn’t thought that you were serious when you said you would tackle him. You landed on top of him with a grin on your face as you retrieved the device. You sat up, one leg on either side of Jordan’s waist, and turned off the music with a cheer, “Victory is mine!”

After the laughter died down, you were both painfully aware of your position on the floor. You gasped as you stood up and offered your hand to him, which he graciously declined due to his sweaty palms. “I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to, uh. You know.”

“Yeah!” He stuttered. “I totally get it. You weren’t trying to.”

You both stood awkwardly in front of each other, nervously chuckling over your physical encounter. Jordan didn’t know what got into him though. He didn’t know if it was the innocent look in your eye or the way you nervously bit your lip to refrain from saying something stupid, but he had to do something. Just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

“Do you, uh,” He started. “Do you mind if I try something real quick?”

“I guess not.”

That was all he needed to cup your cheeks in his hands and press a soft, sweet kiss to your lips. Before the kiss could go any further, he pulled away with a smile on his face, “Yup, you’re the one.”

You were confused, but the grin on your lips didn’t show it. “What?”

“My mother always said I’d know the girl of my dreams when I kiss her.” He breathed. “I just kissed her.” You giggled as he pecked your lips again and again. Your stomach was so filled with butterflies, you barely registered that you’d mindlessly agreed to go to dinner with him between kisses. When he finally pulled away, you narrowed your eyes at him playfully.

“Was that a pick up line?”

“It was good, wasn’t it?”

Up Close and Personal part 2

so due to the wonderful response on part 1 of this story I decided to continue! Thanks again to @gellbellshead for the ask! And thanks to everyone who read it, liked it and left lovely comments x

you can find part 1 here-

WARNING: smut, smut, smut, smut, smut…. god so much smut I am going to hell 

By the time lunch rolled around Betty liked to think she had regained her composure. After her little encounter- and by little she does not mean little because it was freakin intense-with Jughead Jones Serpent addition in the hallway she had spent her morning thoroughly dazed and out of it.

She had been a flustered mess in her morning classes, caught out for day dreaming on multiple occasions. Her teachers had been shocked at her lack of attentiveness, something that was extremely unBetty. Same blonde girl sat in her same seat, dressed in the typical jeans and knitted sweater, yet her thoughts were on an entirely different trajectory than usual. Today her brain was clouded by a lustful haze subjected upon her by Jughead Jones. Said boy had seemingly taken great pleasure in her reprimand during English, shooting her a smirk that let her know he knew exactly what was preoccupying her thoughts. It was funny how not even a full day ago she would have associated thoughts of Jughead with concern and friendship. Yet now after getting up close and personal with the marvel that was his body, face and lips all she could think about was his touch and when she could have it again. Part of her brain shifted back and recognised that she had always been attracted to him- his sharp tongue and 50’s bad boy looks- but she had never gotten close enough to indulge in that attraction until today. The thought made her stomach flutter with butterflies as she reeled back to his promise of “to be continued”.

The crisp air hit her cheeks as she and Veronica made their way to their normal lunch table by the track. Their conversation medial. The chill of the late autumn air was refreshing against her skin that was still slightly flushed from her whirlwind of a morning. Archie was already at the table and Betty sat down across from him.

“Why didn’t you tell me Jug was coming back today?” The blonde asked her long time neighbour, mostly curiously but a hint of offence lay beneath her words.

Archie’s smile slipped from his face and was exchanged with a look of remorse.

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Prince's Dream

(Warning- Prinxiety and tickles, so, not really a warning XD)

(Mostly for @thetickleeraven cause shes the one that got me into Prinxiety and just writing tickle fics in general PLUS SHE’S JUST MY FRIEND XD)

(Also warning, beware grammar mistakes. Ima bad proofreader!)

Anxiety and Prince had both found a comfortable place on the couch. Anxiety was sitting on the side closest to the wall, while Prince had his head on Anxiety’s lap. Somehow, Prince had managed to fall asleep a few minutes prior. Anxiety however, was not tired, and had no intention of falling asleep. The Disney movie they had picked prior was playing in the background, Anxiety listening to the quieted sound. It was around 12 o’ clock, midnight. No wonder Prince managed to fall asleep. Anxiety hummed along to one of the songs, his hand resting on Prince’s head. A quiet groan was heard from beside him, making his jump. He looked down at Prince, who rolled onto his back. 

“Mmph…Don’t worry, Anxiety….i’ll save you…” Prince mumbled tiredly. Anxiety raised an eyebrow, confused. The wave of confusion was soon followed by a wave of amusement. Prince was sleep talking again. Yes, again. It was almost surprising how much this happened. Prince would sleep talk, and Anxiety would talk back to him and they could have a semi-normal conversation. Sometimes Prince dreamed they were at a picnic, or just out having fun. other times, times like this, he would dream about some heroic tale. He would often battle a dragon witch, or some other beast. Anxiety preferred dreams like these, simply because he got to have a little more fun with him. He would sometimes voice the monster alongside himself, just to mess with Prince’s mind. Prince would usually wake up the next morning in a daze, telling Anxiety his entire tale. Anxiety, every time, would act amazed and pretend he had no idea what Prince was talking about. And it looked like tonight was going to be one of those nights…Now the only question was how this dream would go. Prince seemed to answer this question for him.

“You’ll never get away with this…you…I don’t even know what kind of monster you are…” Prince wore a confused expression, making Anxiety chuckle softly. Anxiety decided it was about time he interfered, and he had the perfect idea to do so.

“Oh, Princey~” He cooed, his voice going deeper, like Thomas’ narrator voice.
“I’m the most evil monster of them all…”

“What…Do you mean…?”

“Well, Prince. I mean that I am none other than a tickle monster, and I’ve come to eat you alive! Mewhaha!” Anxiety chuckled darkly, watching as Prince smiled and curled up slightly. Just to prove his point, Anxiety lightly wiggled his fingers against Prince’s neck. Now, usually, if Princr were awake, he would make every effort to escape, denying he was ticklish. But now, he could no longer hold anything back. A string of giggles flowed past his lips, his shoulders trying to weakly protect his neck and failing.

“Hehehe…Nohoho…!” Prince snickered, curling in on himself even more. Anxiety watched him in amusement. Prince attempted to roll on his side, in some sort of escape. Of course, to no effect.

“You’ll never get you’re boyfriend back, it seems I have won!” Anxiety sing-songed, moving his hand to flutter at Prince’s side instead.

“Nohoho youhu hah-hahaven’t…!” Prince protested, his giggling inscresing several ocataves. Anxiety used his other hand to curl and uncurl at Prince’s ribs, enjoying his boyfriends giggly responses.
“Ihihi’ll gehehe-get you bahahahack for thihihisss!”

“Oh, is that so-?” Anxiety gave a rather un-dignifying squeal. He slapped his hands over his mouth, blood rushing to his face. Looking down at Prince, he noticed that his arms had snaked around Anxiety’s waist, surprising him. Prince opened one of his eyes, grinning up at the darker trait.

“I won’t win, you say?” Prince mocked, with a slight chuckle.

“You weren’t asleep the whole time?! You little- AH! Hehehey!” Anxiety melted into tired, quiet giggling as Prince scratched at his sides. Prince managed to push himself up, to better regain his attack on his lover.

“Hmm? What’s that, mr tickle monster? Am I deafeating you?” Prince teased, not pausing his ticklish assult.

“Nohohohahaha! N-nehever!” Anxiety tried and failed to keep his tough exterior.

“Well, I’m afraid you leave me no choice!”

Prince stilled his hands, slowly trailing them over to Anxiety’s stomach. Anxiety tensed, a shiver running down his spine.
“Any last words?” Prince asked, the smirk never leaving his face. Anxiety swallowed the lump in his throat as Prince simply curled his fingers.

“Nononhoho…Prihince please don’t! I’m soho- sorry!” Anxiety but his lip, trying to retain a monotone voice.

“Hmm…” Prince used a single finger to circle Anxiety’s navel, just to build up anticipation.
“I’m still not one hundren precent sure I’ve won…” He very slowly curled and uncurled his fingers.

“Gaha-! Nononhoho plehehase!” Anxiety pleaded on deaf ears. In a fudal attempt to escape, Anxiety tried to curl himself into a ball. Prince’s fingers were beginning to pick up speed.

“Do I win?”

“Ehehehahahaha! Yohohohouhu wihihin! Yohoho win!”

“Hmm, what was that~? Anxi, I’m afraid you’ll need to stop laughing for me to understand you…”


“Come on, just say I win!”

“Youhohou- you win! Gahahaha! Okahahay, okay, stahahap!”

“That’s better! And of course, why didn’t you say so?”

Prince slowed his fingers to a stop, holding Anxiety in his embrace. Anxiety was still giggling softly, the ghost-like tickles still haunting him.
“I have saved Anxiety from the clutches of the tickle monsters possesion, I see.”

“Shuhut up…”

“Don’t make me tickle you again.”


“Mm'hmm, that’s what I thought.”

Prince placed a kiss on the side of Anxiety’s head.
“And no more messing with my dreams, okay?”

“No promises.”


“Ah-! Ahaha! Ahahalright, alrihihight!”


This would be a perfect way to get back at eachother from now on.

2571: “4:12″

Request by @thegirlwiththemaleficient-tattoo: Long time listener, first time caller ;) For your celebration…#2571 "But that’s my favorite one!“ Love your writing by the way 😍

Word Count: 859

A/N: I figured that since I’m nearly halfway to my next thousand followers, I should probably finish my 4000 follower challenge. So here’s the last drabble for that celebration! And Switchfoot… Switchfoot is one of those bands that has always been there for me. My brothers loved the band, so I grew up listening to them. They’re my comfort music. They’re my childhood and my home. They’re simpler times. Also, I found myself awake at 4 am with this song running through my head and couldn’t get back to sleep until I wrote this. Talk about getting in the zone!

Version en Español:“4:12″

Song 2571: 4:12 by Switchfoot

When is a tree not a tree? When it’s a splotch of paint on a canvas. You hadn’t actually meant to paint a tree. It just kinda happened. Life is funny that way. It just kinda happens. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes you sleep through the night and sometimes you wake up in the wee hours of morning and can’t get back to sleep. So you paint in a futile attempt to organize the mush of voices, memories, and thoughts that invade your every waking moment.

“Dude, how long have you been awake?”

Dean’s voice nearly made you jump out of your skin. He mumbled an apology while he ran his fingers through his bed-mussed hair and leaned against your door jamb.

“What time is it?” You couldn’t rightly answer his question since you’d kind of lost track of time while painting your tree that wasn’t a tree and wasn’t actually meant to be a tree.

“Almost nine. And I know that canvas was blank last night so…”

“Um.” You shook your head and tried to reconcile the numbers in your head. “Five hours? I dunno. I woke up around four.”

“Right. Because four in the morning is tree-painting time. How could I forget?” Dean ambled into your room and settled himself on your bed, pushing your pillows against the wall and lounging back. “When was the last time you got a good night’s sleep?”

“I’m a hunter, so… probably when I was eleven?”

You meant it as a joke, but Dean knew you too well. “I’m serious, Y/N. You’re a hunter, and we have a safe place to sleep every night. You need your sleep if you’re gonna be able to fight.”

“I know.” With a heavy sigh, you sat on your bed and let Dean pull you back into his chest. “I just can’t get it out of my head long enough to sleep.”


“Life. It doesn’t make sense on a good day, then you add a sleep-deprived, artist’s brain with insomnia to the mix and four a.m. rolls around every day and suddenly I just understand it even less.” A glance at the ever growing pile of canvases against your wall showed your attempts to understand everything. You pushed away from Dean and walked over, flipping through the canvases. “I should probably get rid of some of these. They aren’t doing much good here.”

Dean came over and plucked one of the smaller canvases from the stack. “Why’d you paint this one?”

“We’d just gotten done with that one hunt in Missoula and I was trying to capture how that mother must have felt when we brought her daughter back to her.” You tilted your head and regarded the splatter of pastel colors that slightly resembled a flower. “But it’s just a flower.”

“It’s hopeful,” Dean muttered.

You decided to let his critique of your work slide. Who knew that Dean Winchester could see something like hope in a flower? Instead, you grabbed another canvas and held it up. “And this one came out of our hunt in Tallahassee when we were too late to save that family.”

All that came out of that early-morning painting daze was a vast, desolate landscape.

“I really need to get rid of these,” you mumbled, starting to sort through the dozens of paint-ridden canvases. While you put most of the paintings in a pile to get rid of, Dean took his time perusing your artwork.

“Wait! Not that one,” Dean exclaimed, reaching out to grab the medium sized canvas that held bright streaks of abstract color.

“It’s just a painting, Dean.” It’s not like it was anything special. It was all material and didn’t matter in the long run.

“But that’s my favorite one,” he countered, setting the painting on an empty easel and stepping back to regard it.

Curious, especially after his hopeful comment, you stepped up beside him and eyed the picture. “Why?”

“Because—“ he cut off and a pink blush tinged his cheeks.

“What is it?” This time you could barely whisper. Whatever his reason, Dean really felt something for this painting. Something you had created had also created an emotional link in Dean Winchester. Sure, nothing in the world made sense, and nothing would last. But just knowing that you’d managed to touch Dean like that made everything seem a little brighter.

“It’s my favorite because you painted us three, right? You, me, and Sam?”

“I—“ This time it was your turn to cut off and think about your answer. He was right, of course. You’d tried to capture the essence of your souls. After the hunt with the soul-devouring monster, you’d wondered what your soul would look like. “How did you know?”

He shrugged. “I’d recognize us anywhere.”

If Dean could see you and Sam from a couple of dark paint splotches on a canvas, then maybe it didn’t matter that the world was so nonsensical. Maybe all that mattered was how you saw the world. As long as you could still see how the colors bleed into shapes and sounds, maybe you could get through this life. 

Lyrics & Tags Under the Cut

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31 Days - Part 5

Originally posted by toughchim

Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Genre: angst, fluff 

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader 

Word Count: 2.1k

Summary: You come to Korea to visit your family after you graduate from college. Soon, you find yourself falling for a guy you meet online. There’s only one problem—you’re only in the country for thirty-one days.

You couldn’t believe this. Tae was an idol after all this time. You didn’t know whether to be hurt or angry. It was hard to believe that you hung out like this and you knew nothing. You hung out several times and he’d kissed you. He wasn’t exactly your boyfriend but it was still unreal. Was he ever going to say anything? Was he even your friend? Could you even consider him a friend after this?

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Red (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here!

: Daveed Diggs x Reader
summary: There could be nothing worse. You’ve lost the one you love, it seems like there’s nothing left for you there, but are you the only one hurting?
rating: Angst (self-loathing, mentions of cheating, some blood, injuries)
word count: 2,947
inspiration: “What does it feel like, to lose everything?”
warning: there’s a long flashback up ahead 


“Mama, tell me a story.” She said.

“What kind of story?” Her mother asked sweetly

“Tell me a love story mama.” She begged. “About you and papa?

“I’m afraid it’s a sad story, my darling.”

“Hey, hey wake up.” A voice called you out from the darkness yet you refused to do anything. The dark was nice. You didn’t remember why, but the dark seemed to comfort you.

“Dude wake up it’s lunch time.” You hear the voice repeat, feeling something shove your leg aside in an attempt to wake you up. The darkness flashed away as you blinked your eyes open. In a moment of morning daze, you stared up at the ceiling, watching the ceiling fan come to a stop, wondering where you were and why you were there.

Then it came to you – no, it crashed onto you – the weight of a building lying on your chest as you remembered what happened last night. Daveed. You felt your body freeze and a part of you didn’t want to believe anything, but you knew, and it was already done.

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Oneshot/Drabbles Masterlist

→ Minseok;

Wherever I go (M)* / Monster AU

Room for four (M) / Domestic AU

You Never Know / Domestic AU 

Lucid Dreaming (M) / Unspecific

Cold Desires / Post-Apocalyptic/Vampire AU

Le Temps Qu’il Faut / Domestic/Office AU

→ Junmyeon;

That day / Normalverse

Sour, Bitter, Sweet / Domestic AU

→ Yixing;

Days without him* / Drabble

Room for four (M) / Domestic AU

Staying Sane / Normalverse 

Attention (M) / Drabble

If he sees (M) / Drabble


Morning Daze (M) / Domestic AU

Lost In The Heat / Domestic AU

Maroon (M) / Drabble

You and I (M) / Vampire AU

Let My Baby Stay (M) / Writer/CEO AU


Good kisser (M)* / College AU

Room for four (M) / Domestic AU

Beginnings / Avatar AU


Coupons (M) / Domestic AU

Pure Distractions / Domestic AU

Vagabonds / Unspecific

Leaving You / Domestic/College AU


Youth / Domestic AU

Late Nights / Time Traveler AU

Premiere / Normalverse 

Luckiest Man Alive / Domestic AU

Death By Diamonds (M) / Unspecific

Tell Me (M) / Unspecific 

Loved / Unspecific 


Royalty (M)* / Unspecific

Melting Magnets (M) / College AU

Deep Breaths (M) / Unspecific

Painkillers (M) / Drabble

Unwinding (M) / Drabble


Lay it down (M) / Drabble

Infidelity / Domestic AU

Lazy Lovebirds / Normalverse 



A calm deer* / College AU

Night Drive / Domestic AU

Glee / Drabble


Hate to see your heart break* / Domestic AU

Guest Star;

Alibis / Lawyer AU / Jungkook

Drabble game

Revolutionary Set X Reader: She’s Sick

Word Count: 1069

Request: @artisticgamer Hi! Can I request poly hamilsquad x reader were its the anniversary of someone close to them death and they’ve been very distant?Thank you!

Pronouns: They/Them

Note: Even though the fic scheduled for today was posted on Monday, I wanted to give you guys something today, so here is this one. 

Another Time, Then? [Prequel]

You purposefully wake up an hour earlier in an effort to avoid the boys before you could head out to work today, despite having been on the phone late into the night. Shutting off your alarm clock, you yawn and rub your eyes. Swinging your legs over the side of the bed, you head towards the kitchen in an attempt to feel more awake than you already were. Entering your dining area, you notice Hercules sitting at the table, pondering over several designs laid out in front of him.

There goes avoiding people, you think, internally groaning.

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therentyoupay  asked:

“What happened doesn’t change anything.”

pairing: marinette dupain-cheng/adrien agreste + miraculous ladybug, future what!if. 

Marinette almost doesn’t say it. Adrien is looking at her like he’s rediscovered the sun, and she thinks about how easy it would be to cross the scant foot of air dividing them.

But even though it’s been a long, long time since she’s been Ladybug, Marinette has always been brave.

“What happened doesn’t change anything. This—this doesn’t change anything.”

Adrien doesn’t make a sound—he doesn’t even avert his gaze—but the happiness crumbles from his face. Marinette doesn’t know whether she wants to laugh or cry at the absurdity of it: it is the exact same expression she’d seen on Chat Noir last. They’d thought they were lost to each other forever, when really—

They’d each been in the other’s orbits all along.

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Colors (part 14) [Min Yoongi X  Reader]

Genre : Mafia AU

Word count : 8K

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 /Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 15


Originally posted by ksjknj

You tried to ‘look’ miles and miles ahead, as far as you could see, even past the horizon.  But All your eyes could capture at that moment was the darkness; nothing beyond that.

“This is the dead end” you said to yourself as you sat on the cold ground, tired of looking, tired of hoping and tired of fighting. The place was just as devoid of beauty, as you were of hope.

“There’s no point” you hid your face between your knees and waited for the nightmare to end. “There’s no hope. Why even try?”

“There’s-” a voice beside you said. You turn your head to look at the man. “There will be, if we keep looking”

“Liar” you mouthed, Min Yoongi gave you a crooked smile. Even in your dream he was a conceited man.

“Why would I lie? Have I ever lied to you?” he questioned.

“You have always lied to me-” Min Yoongi looked straight at you, the color in his eyes melting from deep brown to a shade that was somewhere a mix between caramel gold and hazel green. The light in his eyes was ever changing, from coral to purple; sometimes it was as dark as ebony sometimes as blue and deep as the ocean itself.

“I never lied when I said I was in love with you-”

“When did you say that? I never heard it” you looked away.

“Of course you didn’t” he replied with a hint of sarcasm in his tone.

“What does it matter now? You’re not here anyways. We’ll never see each other again. Also, You’re not real..I’m just dreaming. I’ll wake up soon-”

“You’ll be safe y/n. Where ever you are right now, you’ll be safe with Jin. Trust me.. and trust him.”

You stayed quiet and closed your eyes.

“Isn’t it time for you to wake up? You’ve been dreaming for way too long?”

“I don’t know” you shrugged “Maybe I’m dead”

“Lucky for you dead people don’t dream. Wake up now love.”

“You’re such a horrible human being Min Yoongi, have I ever told you that? And I hate you so much.”


You woke up to the sound of shuffling noises coming from outside, heavy footsteps on the creaking wooden floor, doors opening and closing and a faint murmur in your ear. You could hear the trickling water, sound of dishes clinking. Something heavy getting dragged on the floor, also food. You could smell the rice cooking and Kimchi stew. Were you home? How is that even possible? Maybe all this time.. Everything that happened was really just a long nightmare. And now you’ll wake up and everything will be alright.

You opened your eyes and stared at the white ceiling above. For a long time, you just lay on the bed that didn’t feel really like yours and stared above while listening to the noises coming from outside.

“You should’ve become a chef. Why did you choose a Gun over a fork? I mean if it was me and I had to choose between Min Yoongi and a tasty cheese burger. I would pick a cheese burger any day”

“Shut up and eat your lunch”

You sat up straight on the bed. The morning daze was starting to set in your head as you let your eyes wander around the room, adjusting to the sudden bright light that was coming in through the window in front of you. The room was small, with walls painted in a dull shade of beige and the floor carpeted with grey old newspaper. A brown table sat in one corner with a vase atop of it, a single white lily blooming inside. Other than that, the room lacked any kind of luster.

You removed the blanket that was covering you and found another blanket underneath. It was only when you moved the second layer of blanket from above you; you realized you weren’t wearing your own clothes. You were wearing an oversized t-shirt and no pants. That’s when you quickly crawled back inside the blanket, pulling it up to your shoulder.

“You know she pulled a gun on me last night. Jimin told me once that the girl was “too pure”, “too innocent to even hurt a fly”. Well, I beg to differ. I could’ve died yesterday”

“It was for her safety. I had told you to get her home safely, you chased her around town, scared the crap out of her; obviously she pulled a gun on you. Anyone would. I would’ve shot you without blinking”

“..It’s not that serious. I was just playing with her, I had no intention of killing her of course -”

They were talking about you. You could identify one of those voices out of the two: Kim Seokjin. The other one must be Kim Tae Hyung. You were still listening to the conversation when the bedroom door creaked open and you pushed yourself to the farthest corner of the bed.

Hey.. You’re awake” Seokjin said as he walked in with a tray of food in his hand and all you could do was stare back at him dumbfounded. He looked like a different person today. The Jin who had stood beside you yesterday, the one who had held your hand under the rain, the one with whom you had fled the storm.. He was no longer here.

This man standing in front of you didn’t look burdened, there was nothing holding him back, no unseen force that worried him out. Instead he just looked happy. Relieved and free of all his duties, all his woes and troubles had faded with come morning.

A man who no longer needed to run’.

“I brought breakfast” he placed the tray on the table and turned towards you smiling. Wearing a cream colored turtle neck sweater, moppy brown bed hair with honey glazed eyes beaming in delight, any person in their right mind would deny the fact that this man was a part of some mafia organization.

“Is your head still hurting?”

“No..” you replied politely and played back all the events of yesterday night. The pouring rain, the alley where you hid and that one name still ringing in your head too loud: Kim Tae Hyung.

“You had fever last night. Come here, Let me check again-” he said walking towards the bed when you hastily pulled up the blanket and covered yourself up in embarrassment. “I’ll just check the temperature”

“.. my clothes?” you asked while avoiding his gaze “who changed my clothes?”

Visible red peaked on the apples of your cheeks and Jin saw it.

“They’re in the bathroom. I dried them with a hairdryer last night.. You clothes were all wet and you were burning up so I had to. I hope you don’t mind. I didn’t look-”

“Can you give me my clothes back, please?” you asked

“Of course” Jin nodded before turning around and going out. He came back in with your folded jeans and t-shirt in his hands.

“Here” he placed them on the bed and turned the other way. You changed your clothes under the covers as fast as you could and Jin turned his head slightly and asked

“Are you done?”

“Yes” As soon as you said that he placed his palm on your forehead.

“You don’t have fever anymore that’s good. How’s your head doing now? Is it still swollen? Also, let me look at your hand… should i change the Band-Aid again?”

“He tried  …to kill me. I was so scared. I thought I was going to die” Jin let go of your hand “I thought I was going to die. I didn’t want to die.. After everything that happened..After coming so far”

“I told you to trust me Y/n, didn’t I? You’re safe now”

“I was running and I fell and I hid. But he still found Me.” tear spilled down your cheeks as the trembling words poured out of your mouth “I thought you.. I thought you left; I thought I was never going to see you again. I was all alone and I knew i was going to die. I even begged for him to stop but he-”

“Sssh.. shush it kid. You’re safe now. Nobody is going to hurt you; I’m not going to let anyone hurt you ever again I promise. ”

“I just want to go home. I want to go home Jin. Why can’t I wake up from this nightmare? Why doesn’t this ever end?” He pushed your head onto his stomach and let you sob on him for some time. Your clutched his sweaters tightly as he placed his one hand on the back of your head and rubbed it gently. Tears kept rolling down your face like the rain last night, soaking his clothes wet again.

“Cry if you have to” Jin talked softly “There’s no shame in crying. Take your time” and so you did.

“Wow! It’s like a happy reunion” suddenly a voice behind Jin spoke up. You remember that voice, that husky deep voice from last night. Ashy blonde hair and deathly cold fingers wrapped around your throat.

‘Kim Tae Hyung’ that’s what he said his name was.

The fear that he instilled inside of you was crippling, you could feel your chest tightening and palms going sweaty all over again. Your eyes widened in absolute dread and panic. You held your breath and clutched Jin’s sweater even more tightly when you heard footsteps slowly making their way inside the room. Right behind Jin he stood now.

“You’re a pretty one, aren’t you?” he said bending a little to look straight at you. And for the first time you got a good look of Kim Taehyung’s face.

In stories and fairytales monsters and ghouls usually look scary; they are supposed to be frightening, with large fangs and burning red eyes. In real life however, monsters don’t look any different. They look like you and they look like him.

Sun kissed skin and a finely sculpted face; you observed the sharp jaw, his chin and cheekbones so prominent when he grinned from one ear to another, eyes murky brown with just a glint of playfulness in them. At first look he wasn’t so displeasing to the eyes but when you looked past that radiant smile and those smooth features there was something so frightening about this man.

And that was the worst part; the fact that he looked so normal, the fact that he could fool the world so easily, make them falsely believe that he was what he actually looked like. It sends a cold jitter through your spine.

You’re not real” you whisper just before turning your face to the other side and shutting your eyes.

“I told you to stay outside” Jin removes his hand from your head and frees himself from your grip to face Taehyung “I told you to not show your face in front of her until and unless I tell you to do so”

“I couldn’t help it. I wanted to see her too.. I didn’t get a good look of her face yesterday. In that alley, it was too dark-”

“Good. Now you can apologize to her face” Jin’s word made you turn your head. “Apologize for what you did to her yesterday.”

“What?” Taehyung scoffed “for what?.. For saving her life?”

“No. Apologize for traumatizing her, for giving her a concussion. Apologize for not doing the job you were given properly”

“Ha! Hyung..” Taehyung eyes made their way to your face and your gaze instantly fell to the ground “I have never even apologized to Yoongi Hyung, not once in my entire life. What makes you think I will apologize to this girl?”

“Because I’m not your ‘Yoongi Hyung’, I don’t just let things pass because you score an ‘A+’ in ripping out the limbs of our enemies. Yoongi purposely forgets the past, i don’t do that. I remember everything. Every single thing we did for you, everything you owe to us-”  a shadow of hesitation that was starting to grow darker on Taehyung’s previously proud face.

“I’m not. Apologizing to her.. You can’t make me” Jin walked past Taehyung and picked up the tray of food from the table before placing it on the bed beside you.

“Then you can leave” Seokjin said so casually while stirring something in the mug with a small spoon “and by ‘leave’ I don’t mean just this room. I mean you can leave this organization”

“Hyung..” a soft yelp like voice came out of Taehyung’s mouth. Seokjin passed the mug to you and you took it from his hand. “You’re joking right?”

“Pack all your stuff and go; you can take the money you stole from Namjoons place. But not the one we gave to you. We have had enough of your childishness; we’re all suffering because of you Taehyung. You’re inconsiderate towards everything we did for you. How easily you forget..We raised you and saved you”

“This isn’t fair!” he yelled. “You can’t do this. You don’t get to decide! That’s not on you”

“We let you have you way with everything. When you wanted to run we let you.. we overlooked your bad behavior, Yoongi was willing to forgive you for that Namjoon incident. Even that girl…Even when you ruined her life-”

“Stop it.. stop it. Shut up hyung. You’re going to throw me out for such a shitty reason?”

“I was the one who bought this place for you. Because I wanted to give you a chance to a better life, you begged for it, remember? You said you loved her. And what did you do in the end? You threw it away, just like that. We keep giving you chances and all you do is throw it away. How many more Tae? I’m tired of looking out for you. You never considered us family so why even stay? Just Go”

“That’s not true”

“You have never failed to disappoint us and you’re ungrateful. Now I can’t bear to look at your face-”

“Hyung please-“

“Go, before I say something that I may regret in the future.”

“I’m sorry…” Seokjin stood taller than Taehyung. Or so it seemed when Taehyung stood with his head hanging so low and Seokjin just stared down at him with eyes lacking any kind of emotion.

“I’m sorry hyung.” Taehyung repeated himself, a drop of tear plopped on the floor. And another one and then another one after that.

“This is the very last one.” Seokjin said to Taehyung “if you fuck up this chance, I’ll consider you dead. You can forget that you ever had a family. Now, Get out of here, don’t show me your face until I call you up.”

Taehyung turned to leave the room but just before he did you saw how his gaze lingered on your face for a second too long. A cold hard stare that was intentional; It was look that conveyed pure hatred. A grudge you sowed inside of him too deep unintentionally. How much was it going to cost you in the future?

“Eat your food now” Jin placed the tray on your lap and you looked at him sadly.

“You were too harsh” He smiled hearing your words and placed a hand on your head ruffling up your hair.

Tough love


The dawn was breaking; The morning sun was peaking through the horizon, slowly emerging from behind the greats valleys as the rays of gold dribbled on the world around him, silhouette of houses were now visible, the vacant road in front of him finally showed a way. Hues of orange and red bled across the ocean of blue, light hits him across the face and he shields his burning eyes with his one hand.

Min Yoongi emerges from the dark, not tall and brave like a hero but more drained out of life. Tired both physically and mentally, his eyes were heavy and stingy, every muscle screamed in pain. Every nerve in his body was pushing him down to the ground forcing him to surrender but he still kept going.

He walked all the way to this scanty little town, for 2 hours straight he walked and walked and walked some more. And now, here he was, standing right in the middle of this unfamiliar town with not even a dime in his pocket only a gun and pack of cigarettes, he left the car in a ditch and his phone was out of battery. How was he supposed to contact anyone? Where was he supposed to go from here? The only person he knew he could contact he didn’t know how to?

“Fuck” Yoongi cursed and sat on the side walk. The world slept peacefully around him while he was dying to scream his lungs out. There wasn’t a single soul on this earth that he didn’t hate at that very moment.

As he sat there staring into the abyss he felt a presence around him. He turned his head to the left and found an old man staring at him from a far distance. Even when Yoongi saw him, the man was unhinged and just kept looking; instead of turning away he started walking straight towards Yoongi.

Yoongi watched as the old man slowly strutted towards him and stopped at the safe distance. He looked like he was in his 50s, with salt and pepper hair unkempt & unruly; he wore a torn old blazer and under those he was wearing basketball shorts. His shoes were worn out too.

“Do you have some change?” the old man spoke in a broken raspy voice. Yoongi scoffed at the man’s request. He’s the one who needs money so desperately right now.

“Help a man out” the man said. The old man’s presence made him feel miserable, helpless and even a little angry.  

“No” Yoongi replied, trying hard not to show his growing frustration “But I have a cigarette. Do you want one?”

Lucky for both of them the old man carried a lighter with himself for reasons unknown. Yoongi didn’t bother to ask ‘why’. The man sat beside him now as both of them smoked and puffed out a cloud of grey one after another.

“A young man like you shouldn’t be smoking. It’s bad for your lungs”

“I gave you a cigarette not the right to become my father” Yoongi inhaled slowly, sucking in his cheeks and letting the smoke seep through this system. His lungs felt warm as if wrapped cozily in a fur blanket.

“Has nobody ever told you that smoking is bad? Smoking was one of the reasons why my wife left me. The bigger one being I cheated on her but that’s not the point- ” The man was tripping on all sorts of irony . “The point is when someone who cares for you tells you to stop doing something; you should stop doing it for your own good. I learned the hard way”

“ I wouldn’t know. I don’t have people in my life who give such life changing advices-”

“World is already so cold.” The old man continued “It’s better to have a friend or two in such places. That way surviving become a little more easier kid”

“why do we even bother?” Yoongi sighed. His face was cloudy behind the smoke“In the end it’s all for nothing. Friends, family.. Love.. In the end this is what we’re left with” he said staring at the butt of cigarette that was left between his fingers.

“It isn’t all for nothing. In the end, we all leave a mark that people remember, good or bad. Whatever it may be.. There are people who look up to us, people who wait for us…There must be someone waiting for you?”

“Probably. Probably not”

The old man got up and crushed the cigarette underneath his shoes and wiped his hands clean on his coat before turning to Yoongi

“You’re wrong kid. About a week ago I was roaming the streets like I do every day when this boy came up to me, he didn’t tell me his name but he said he had a work for me. All I had to do was go around town everyday and look for someone.”

Someone?” Yoongi listened intently.

“ “A young man, between 22 or 23, bright green hair and awfully pale skin – Pretty easy to spot. He’ll come here one day. And when he does you bring him to me and I will pay you 10grands in cash”. I called bullshit on it but the boy placed a fat dollar on my hand and I was hooked. And here you are now.” the man smiled, in the process showing his one missing front teeth.

“So you came here to escort me” Yoongi smiled both inside and out. “Why didn’t you just say that in the beginning?”

“I was seeing for myself what kind of person you are. What am I really delivering? I believe you’re a good person”. That’s the first one, Yoongi thought.

“But also, you’re my paycheck. It’s like god has a purpose for us all. Enough talk, shall we go? My hands are already itchy”

“hey, Just a warning” Yoongi said while getting up and dusting his hands from behind “If you try to do something shady or this is some kind of trap I will put a bullet through your skull first before anyone else” the old man nodded and asked Yoongi to follow him and Yoongi obliged.

The man led him from one street to another, weaving through labyrinth of roads and narrow alleys, the town looked like maze to Yoongi. The small town sat so still, sleeping quietly under a blanket of silence. No cars jammed the road, no sign of life anywhere around. But Every now and then, His eyes would catch a humanoid form in a far distance, sometimes it was an old person opening a shop or some man doing his routine morning exercise. The early morning mist was starting to fade away and he could now feel the warmth of sun on his pale skin. Even though he had always been a morning person, strangely it was the first time Min Yoongi was witnessing the universe around him.

“Is it always so quiet? This place?” Yoongi asked the old man who was walking ahead of him.

“It is a very small village town. With barely 20,000 people living here! I was born here and so were my mother and father. The younger ones have all left for bigger cities, the ones who remain are like me. Old and all alone. Do you like it?”

“Its peaceful” Yoongi replied and walked the rest of the way quietly.

When they finally reached their destination Yoongi found himself trapped between two brick walls inside a congested narrow alleyway where the day light wasn’t passing, a sharp smell of stagnant water and Chinese food was too heavy in the air. The place was gloomy and cold, the ground was wet and muddy and he could feel eyes all around him. people stared at him from above, poking their head out of the windows and looking at him as if he was the first ever human to step inside their ghost town.

The man knocked on the door in front of them, exactly 4 times.

“By the way, my name is Choi Dong ho. What about you?” he asked making some space, pushing Yoongi a bit in the process to look at him.

“Let’s not get too friendly right now. I’ll tell you after we get inside. How about that?” Yoongi gave him a fake smile and the man shrugged.

“Works for me”

Choi knocked on the door again four times… After waiting for sometime Yoongi heard a loud clunk on the other side and the door flew open.

“It’s 6 in the fucking morning you better have something amazing to tell us” It was women, to Yoongi’s surprise. He lifted his eyes and found something very familiar when he started mapping that face. A bleached blonde hair, tinted lips and a natural pout that made her look arrogant. Eyes big and glossy and skin ivory and clear, and that rude way of addressing everyone.. Was she always this cold? How is it that He never noticed it before?

“Did you knock on the door for fun? Now talk quickly. What is it?”

“I… I bought.. the person- Uh, you asked me to-”

“What? Speak clearly you old bag of-“

“Minah” Min Yoongi interrupted the stammering old man and looked straight at the girl. For a second she showed no sign of recognition, her eyes remained blank as she tilted her head and looked at Min Yoongi while fluttering her coated eye lashes a few times.

“Min.. Yoongi” she clucked her tongue. The name came out of her mouth with a slight giggle “You finally came. I thought my hair was going to turn white waiting for you”

“Who else is with you?”

“Shouldn’t you be more concerned about me?” she replied leaning against the frame of the door, hands crossed over her chest “I know you didn’t miss me but I missed you”

“Who else is with you?”

“Come inside and find out” she said making way for him to go inside. The old man started following Yoongi but she stopped him.

“Not you.”

“What about my money?”

“Why don’t you come back tomorrow?”

“That’s not fair. Hey wait-!” Minah closed the door on his face and Yoongi almost felt bad for the man.

“So, was it worth it?” Yoongi ignored her question and kept walking up the stairs behind her. “Screwing everyone over for a girl?”

“You always boosted about putting the organization first. Above everything, nothing mattered to you. You said you couldn’t feel, you weren’t allowed to” She stopped and looked back at him over her shoulders. “And I accepted that.”

“Walk” Yoongi ordered and she continued walking.

“I always thought the fault must be in me. But now I have realized you’re the one with serious issues Min Yoongi”

She stopped in front of a door and just stood there quietly.

“But you know what..This is just karma. You don’t deserve anything good in life Yoongi. You don’t deserve the happiness you snatched away from my life. I prayed to god that he made you suffer everyday-”


…Have you always been this cold?” She finally turned and looked at Yoongi . “It’s sad. The world is already cold enough. And people like you tend to make it worst. No offense, I don’t hate you. I just pity your vain existence”

The door opened behind them


Yoongi smiled, for the first time in forever, he had a reason to be happy. He had realized he had warmth in him after all.

The house remains too quiet even with 3 people living in it. You rarely ever step out of your room fearing you would bump into Taehyung, Jin locks himself in his room often and comes out only to cook or to ask you how you’re doing. Taehyung is the only one who creates any kind of noise in the house – coming in and going out often, moving furniture, opening drawers and just throwing random stuff around and leaving mess on his way out.

Days pass by in a flurry; for the time being you’re living here, you decide to pretend like it was your own house. Helping Jin in cooking, cleaning the house and doing the dishes often. You spent your days reading books, sleeping or just wandering around the house like a ghost.

“I was thinking It would be nice to step out. I get kind of bored staying in the house”

“It’s not safe” is what Jin always said in return “I have informants all over the town that’s why I’m saying it. After a while maybe.. When things simmer down…they’re still looking for us. Yoongi’s dad is a powerful man Y/n” that always shut you up.

A week later you were all alone in the house. Jin said he needed to meet someone so he had to go out, it was important he said.

“Lock all the doors” you nodded “If Taehyung comes home make sure he doesn’t see you. He’s still pissed. Food is in the fridge and don’t go out.”

“I won’t”

“If something bad happens call me”

“I will”

“We trust each other right?” you stayed quiet, moving around an imaginary rock with your one foot “fine, then maybe I won’t come home”

“I trust you” you answered like a kid being questioned by their parents.

“And I trust you” it has become some kind of ritual between you and him. To always assure each other every day that trust is maintained. He places a hand on top of your head to mess up your hair. And brings you into hug..

“I’m scared of Taehyung. What if he tries to attack me?”

“You can attack him first”

“Should I hit him with a pan?”

“He could die…

-Just make sure to check later on that he’s breathing-” you both laughed and he let you go and placed a light kiss on your forehead.

“I’ll be back soon” you waved him goodbye with a heavy heart and locked the door after him.

After he left you did every possible chore in the house that needed to be done; you cleaned and washed and even cooked. Then read a book and cleaned some more. You were sitting on a chair, your head flat on the table as you stared out the window when your eyes started feeling heavy and you drifted away.  

A loud thump startled you. You had drooled over the table; you wiped it with the back of your sleeve and looked around. The left half of your face felt numb.

“You must be dreaming about something really good” You gasped too loud when you found Taehyung sitting in front of you. He had a water bottle in his one hand and sat comfortably with his chin propped on his other hand while he looked at you.

“What do you dream about Y/n?” he asked and you chose not to answer instead got up to go to your room when his voice stopped you.

“Sit down, don’t be disrespectful sweetie” he brought the bottle up to his mouth and gulped the water. You sat down.

“How did you get in?”              

“I thought you were pretty and smart. sad, you’re just pretty. This is my house in case you weren’t aware after so long. I have the house keys.”

“That’s nice.”

“Isn’t it lovely? This house?”

“It is” you replied “..Lovely”

“Pathetic how some people come into your house and start acting like it’s their property. Rats I tell you! And then you get threatened of getting thrown out of your own house” He glared at you. You avoided his gaze and looked at your own hands placed flat on your lap.

“Suddenly you’re more important than me? Who are you even? I should’ve killed you in that alley.. And lied to hyung that I never found you. I was being too nice-”

“Why does a worthless shit like you deserve so much attention? You’re nothing you know that. Stop acting high and mighty Look at me when I’m talking to you-” you didn’t listen.

“Yah! I said look at me when I’m talking to you. or I’ll tie a fucking rope on your head and pull it-“

“Go to hell” you said finally lifting your gaze. “Go to hell and eat shit”

Taehyung leaned back and looked at you, eyes widened in surprise.

“What did you just say to me?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“I’m not scared of you anymore. You can’t even touch me. So bark all you want but you can’t really bite. You’re a crazy fuck and you need to stay away from me-” a high pitched laugh came out of Taehyung’s throat.

“I’m going to fucking kill you right now, how about that”

“No you’re not. You can’t! You won’t.” He got up and his chair fell to the ground behind him. Taehyung walked towards where you were sitting and grabbed your sleeve with his one hand pulling on it.

“Get up” he ordered. “Get the fuck up you rat”

“Let go of my shirt”

“I’ll drag you out of his house by your hair. You think Jin is always going to be around to protect you? ” You got up and pushed him with both your hand and he fell back, hitting his back on the sink.

“This bitch..” he mumbled and before turning towards you. “Fuck it. I’ll just strangle you right here, right now”

And before you knew anything else your hand grabbed the closest weapon near you and you threw it at his head. It turned out to be a big wooden bowl that hit right above his left eye.

“Aaah. What the fuck-?” he held his palm over the bruised surface “Did you just hit me with a fucking bowl! YOU BITCH!” before he could look properly at you, you fled to safety and locked yourself in the room.

Jin stood outside the gate of the house with an umbrella in his one hand, even though the day was great he couldn’t risk being seen in public. Each time he went out he had to wear a mask and shades to hide his eyes. He felt confined; even though he was free he wasn’t really. Jin looks up at the sky and sighs.

The weather was great. It was a cloudy day; the sun was hidden behind the wispy woolen blankets and there was bit of warmth in the air, a breeze passed through his hair and he closed his umbrella. He removed his face mask and glasses and took a deep breath. At home at least he could breathe freely.

He opened the front gate and stepped inside, closing the gate behind him. Jin started walking towards the door. The key was in his overcoats left pocket and there was a book in his other pocket. He bought it for you. That was your only medium entertainment left. That and the television but you didn’t really seem to enjoy that. He wished for you to go out, take a walk in the park. You asked for it numerous times but he couldn’t allow that. On one such good day he’ll take you out of that cage. But until then..

Seokjin unlocked the door and pushed the door open stepping inside.

“I’m home” he placed the umbrella in a corner and removed his shoes before walking in. Home felt strangely quiet today.

“Y/n? you there-?” is she sleeping again? Jin wondered as he walked in. He heard a loud BANGING noise.


Seokjin looked around. The place looked like it was hit by a tornado. Tables and chairs were turned over, broken plates were on the floor and Taehyung was trying to kick down the door with his foot.







“TAEHYUNG!”  Seokjin yelled and Taehyung finally turned to look at him. In that moment Jin saw how Taehyung’s eyes lacked any kind of light, pupils dilated in nothingness. His eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold and hard.

“Taehyung..” Jin called out to him more softly. There was a bruise glowing red right above his eyebrow. “What are you doing?”

“What does it look like? I’m going to strangle that little shit. I should’ve done it in the alley. I should’ve broken the damn door in the headquarters but Jimin had stopped me. I’m going to find a sledge hammer and break this door-”

“TAEHYUNG! Have you lost it? You’re talking about killing an innocent kid! Get a grip on yourself”


“It’s because of us she’s here. It was our fault”

“It’s because of her we’re here hyung. It her fault we have to hide, why everything is a mess. And we’re still protecting her. Do you care more about that girl than your brother? Answer me! ” Jin saw hurt in Taehyung’s eyes.

“We’re family tae, we will always be”


“..Because.. Yoongi wanted it.” was all Jin could say “Yoongi wanted me to protect her”

“Yoongi hyung isn’t here. He doesn’t need to know”

“Taehyung NO.. We can’t do that, I can’t do that to Yoongi-“

“Why is it always for him? Why is it always you and him hyung, tell me? Are we all just pawns to use when you don’t want to dirty your hands? If that’s so.. then stop giving us this family bullshit when it means nothing to you! Specially you hyung-”

“Taehyung wait-“before Seokjin could say another word Taehyung walked past him so fast, leaving him speechless. He heard the door getting closed with a loud BANG and then the house was silent again.

He dragged his feet towards your bedroom and knocked on the door lightly. ‘

“Open the door Y/n, its me.” he knocked on it again “Taehyung left. You can come out now”

The door knob turned and clicked, the door slowly opened

“He’s not here anymore” Jin reassured. You stood there clutching a vase in your one hand. The moment you saw him the vase fell from your hand to the ground. All Your efforts of trying to hold it in failed miserably. Your lips trembled and shoulders heaved emotionally just before you crashed into him without a second thought.  

“Hey! I’m here now” Jin wrapped himself around you, shielding you in every possible way he could.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you. I’ll do a better job next time. I promise-”

A silent howl of pain came out from your throat, you trembled underneath him and all he could do was hold you more tightly.

“Hey look at me” Jin held your face and made you look at him, with his thumb he wiped your tears away.

“I’ll take you somewhere okay; someplace where you’re safe. We’ll go somewhere nicer” he moved a strand of hair sticking to your face “I’ll take you to a warmer place, where you can go out any time of the day, where you’ll be happy. Where you’ll be safe. You trust me right?” you nodded while beads of tears kept flooding down your face and he smiled.

“I’ll take you there. I promise Y/n. We’ll find you a home together-“

The boy was 14 when Yoongi saw him for the first time. He was just a timid little boy, not even brave enough to look anyone in the eye. His skin was bruised all over and so was his soul.

“I want to be brave” He had said. “I want to be powerful. Just like you

He recalls the day now as he sits on the sofa and looks out the window behind him. Powerful, just like him?

“Hyung..” Yoongi turned instinctively and found Jimin handing out a bottle of alcohol to him. He didn’t look like that boy anymore. That boy was long dead. Yoongi was proud of what he had made.

“It’s a pretty view isn’t it?” Jimin asked as he sat on the armchair in front of him. “You can see the sunset in the evening and the mountains are a pretty sight too. That’s the only perk of living inside this cardboard box sized apartment.”

“How did you know I would come here?” Yoongi asked taking a sip of the bitter liquid.

“You had told me.” Jimin replied with a small smile “Jimin-ah! When shit hits the fan and you don’t know which way to go.. just come here. Stay there and hyung will find you.”

“You remember that?” Yoongi twirled the bottle lightly in his hand and watched the drink fizz up. “That was years ago and I was a bit drunk”

“You were a lot drunk” Jimin’s smile grew bigger to the point where his eyes closed up and two straight lines replaced them. His smile was admirable – the way his face would scrunch up and the top row of perfect front teeth would show up, he had the type of smile that led people into believing that everything in the world was made up of happiness and love. Yoongi smiled in return.

“But I knew you were serious even back then”

“And how did you know that?”

“Because this is where your mother was born” Yoongi stopped drinking mid way “You always said you wanted to come here at least once. Though you only said that when you were drunk.”  

He took another sip, the beer felt weirdly bitter than before.

“You didn’t come here looking for me, did you hyung?”

“I have an uncle, my mother’s older brother who lives here. I lost contact with him a year ago. He seemed like good guy, always told me to visit him. I was the only family he had left. And same was the case for me. I thought if I could find him I’d have a place to crash -.”

“You do still have a family” Jimin said before getting up “You have me now and we’ll find the others. Hoseok, Taehyung and Jin hyung and we’ll get to them-“

“I let Jin go” Yoongi said placing his empty bottle on the table “I purposely told him to go, leave”


“My father was going to sell Y/n to Hani. I couldn’t see him destroy someone’s life like that right in front of me while I watched helplessly. I knew I couldn’t fight back so I told Jin to take her somewhere far where she’s safe, no matter how long it took-”

“Then you did well. If it saves her life then you did good hyung”

The bedroom door opened and both of them looked over at Minah who came outside. She didn’t even bother to glance at any one of them and made her way straight to the kitchen

“What is she doing here?”

“When Hoseok and I fled we crashed at her place on the first day. We decided to go different ways, Namjoons men found out we’d been hiding at her place. So she had to tag along.”

“You two have been sleeping together-?” Yoongi’s bluntness surprised Jimin a bit.

“What-? Her? No, not even once. She’s not really my type. On top of that she seems kind of clingy. Also I know you had some kind of history with her so-“

“Good” Yoongi said getting up “She’s not just clingy, she’s also crazy. Stay away from her”

As Yoongi was making his way towards the bedroom, Jimin’s voice stopped

“About Y/n.. Do you know where she’s now?” Yoongi looked at the boy curiously “I mean.. I was just wondering. Maybe when things are better in the future, I can see her.”

“Why do you want to see her?”

“I have a lot to say to her that’s all” Jimin shrugged “We became fond of each other when we were in that room. I kind of liked her-“

“You liked her?” Yoongi’s question came out with a laugh.

“I think it was more than that but I don’t know-” a slight tremor was starting to grow in Yoongi’s chest. He was a little taken aback by that strange feeling. “It’s more guilt than anything else. I couldn’t apologize to her. I wanted to, that day when I came to Namjoons place.. But I never got to see her. I should’ve been the one to save her-”

“She trusted me and i was the one who handed her to Namjoon. I had promised her I would keep her safe-“

“I was the one who asked you to do that-”

“I bet she hates me now”

“Jimin, listen-“

“I should’ve never kissed her” something loud snapped inside of Yoongi. It cut him open, left him frozen on the spot. Unmoving he stared at the boys face in front of him and for just split second, he hated Jimin, he hated every inch of him. Hated his bright smile and hated how his eyes sparkled at that moment.

“I don’t know why I did it? But I just wasn’t thinking at that moment. It happened in the car and it wasn’t normal. I have kissed girls before but it was different with her. It felt as if my world was collapsing.”  

..But most importantly Yoongi hated the fact that out of every living body on this earth it had to be him.

“I should’ve never kissed her cause now I can’t stop thinking about it. Even after so many days”

..Anyone but him

“Why are you telling me this right now?”

“Because. Hyung, we’re not allowed to feel. You said to me once “Us, we don’t get to love, love becomes an obstacle. Stop feeling and you’ll live easier”. But I don’t know how to.. I don’t know how to stop feeling anymore.”

..Why him?

“I don’t know Jiminie. I wish I did. I wish I could help you. I’m sorry”

Yoongi opened the door and stepped inside the bedroom and locked himself in.

“Do you want to hear a poem?”

“Which one?”

“Ummm… let me think” Jin gave it a long thought. “Aaah it’s a short one. It’s called: Meet me at midnight

“Tell me”

“Meet me at midnight, in the forest of my dreams.

We’ll make a fire and count the stars that shimmer

Above the trees”

You stayed quiet and so did Jin for some time.

“Why? You don’t like it?”

“No” You shook your head “It just makes me sad”

“That means it’s a good poem” he smiled, moving his one hand under his head to support it.

“Do you want me to tell you another one?”

You shook your head again.

“I should just feel really sleepy. You should go to sleep too. Goodnight Jin” you pulled the blanket up to your face and closed your eyes.

“Please, Tell me.” you heard him “Tell me what is bothering you. I’ll do anything to make it stop y/n.”

“I hate it” you looked up at him “I hate everything right now”

“I know” he replied sadly placing a hand on your cheek.

“I hate this house and I hate Kim Taehyung. I hate Min Yoongi! I hate his father. I hate this life so much. I don’t deserve all this? Then why me?”

“Tomorrow will be better”

“Nothing ever gets better. It keeps getting worst. I hate it! I hate everything”

“Even me?” It was happening again. The tears started to pool up in your eye all over again, the wall of hope – no matter how many times you build it up – always came crashing down, muffled sobs and tear stained bed covers is all that you’ve seen all day long. It hurts to even cry anymore.

“No..Not you-” you replied sniffling. Jin smiled and brought his face closer to place a kiss on the apples of your cheek. He leaned his forehead against yours and closed his eyes all the while you gawked at him with eyes wide open and fluttering eyelashes.

“Do you want to hear another poem?” He whispered

You nodded.

The days were lonely

And the nights were cold

But I never stopped searching for your warmth

Before I finally found your love in a place we called home”  

And then he opened his eyes, leaned in and kissed you. You were startled, you gasped but you never pushed him away. There was no spark in it, no flames were ignited no butterflies ever left the cage. You just closed your eyes and decided to melt. It was just an innocent kiss; time slowed down and heart beats synchronized. The world became quieter. Just you and him, no pain, no war and no suffering..

“Let’s go out tomorrow. I’ll buy you some ice-cream”

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Ps: both the poems were by ‘Christy Ann Martine’! do check her out she writes amazing poems.