morning choke up

I am tired. I have been on the go since 5-5:30 this morning. Aura woke up choking on post nasal dripping, which in turn kept gagging her and making her retch. She didn’t throw up each time she did it but the noise was awful.

The car was not working, but it was a stupid and weird fix. It had an alarm system in it we didn’t know about.

We took Aura to the hospital, hubby called off tonight because we werent sure if the car was going to be working (this was this morning), and apparently she’s fine other than a possible upper respiratory infection. Or a viral infection. They apparently cant give her anything because of her age but I’m kinda side glancing that. I know she’s only 11 months but there’s gotta be something.

So… Good vibes/juice/whatever for my little baby? Not sure if I really want blessings unless they’re to the Theoi/Greek Pantheon.


i’d also like cake chart to be a thing.

All I Want For Christmas Is You (Harry Styles)

Even with the smell of Christmas in the air, and presents under the tree, Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas without Harry. The tree didn’t sparkle as bright, and the carols didn’t sound nearly as cheery.

He was supposed to be home tonight, but the bad weather delayed his flight until Christmas night. That means no Harry until after Christmas.

The lights on the tree began to blur as tears filled my eyes. I wouldn’t have anyone to snuggle by the fire, or to kiss underneath the mistletoe on Christmas. No excited, childish Harry running down the stairs screaming about Santa tomorrow morning.

My throat choked up, and tears ran down my cheeks. It’s not fair. Making me spend Christmas without my lover. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

Slowly, I tore my eyes away from the tree and trudged out of the room. Dragging my feet up the stairs, I plopped down into the bed as soon as I got into our room.

“Goodnight Harry.” Whispering to no one, I buried my head into the pillow.

The next morning, I slept in. What was the point of getting out of bed at all? There was no Christmas cheer to be had. Rolling the pillow over my head, my stomach grumbled.

Well shit. Looks like I have to get out of bed anyway. After rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I stuck my feet out onto the cold ground. Shivering, I imagined Harry’s arms wrapping around me like they always do. Somehow, it warmed me up.

My shoulders sagged as I took my time going down the stairs. I was almost dreading going into the living room. If I see an empty home for Christmas, then I can’t just pretend that he’s here.

Sighing, I dragged my feet into the kitchen. My nose perked up. It smelled like pancakes. Harry always wakes up early on Christmas and makes pancakes. Every time, he explained how it was a family tradition.

Glancing around the room, I saw a plate piled high with steaming pancakes. My heart stopped. Turning, I ran into the living room. Eyes frantically searching, I saw no one. But, there was a big box. That was definitely not there last night.

The box was completely wrapped in festive wrapping paper, and it was about… Six feet tall. My hands flew to my mouth and I started to cry.

“Merry Christmas!” Harry exploded out of the box. Taking one look at me, he immediately looked worried. “Baby no don’t cry!” As he stepped out of the box, I tackled him in a hug.

“What- How did you- You weren’t supposed to be here until-” Harry put a finger to my lips. “I have my ways.” Laughter bubbled from my lips as I leaned up to kiss him.

He smirked as he pulled away. “What’s so funny?” The smile I wore was hurting my face. “Nothing, I’m just so happy.” Harry’s eyes lit up, and he leaned down to kiss me. “I love you Y/N. So much.”

That’s how we stayed for a while. Kissing, hugging, and enjoying the fact that we were finally together again. The Christmas lights twinkled in the background, and the room smelled like pine. It was wonderful.

Finally he pulled back. “Y/N I think the pancakes are getting cold. We wouldn’t want to screw up the tradition.” I laughed “No, we definitely wouldn’t want to screw up the tradition.”