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The signs as different sapphics
  • Aries: Space sapphic. Finding galxies in her eyes. Traveling at the speed of light, through a million galxies just to see her smile. Giving her a piece of the moon to keep in her bedside table. She thinks of you everytime the stars come out.
  • Taurus: Garden sapphic. Leaving freshcut flowers on her doorstep every summer. Planting flowers with her every spring. You weed your garden together, and your fingertips graze each other's.
  • Gemini: Moon sapphic. Staying up late with her. Connecting the freckles on her skin to make constellations. The moonlight streams in from her window, and you can't tear your eyes away from her sleeping face.
  • Cancer: Ocean sapphic. Tasting the salt on her skin. Skinny dipping by the light of the moon. Giving her rocks that you find on the ocean floor. Splashing her and melting when she giggles.
  • Leo: Summer sapphic. Laying in the front yard with her, tanning. Walking down to the ice cream parlor and feeding her a sundae. Watching storms roll over the horizon with her.
  • Virgo: Cafe sapphic. Waiting for her with her favorite drink ready. Studying together and rewarding each other's hard work with a kiss. Surprising her at work with a cup of coffee when she can't make a coffee date.
  • Libra: Artsy sapphic. Painting a portrait of her. Going on museum dates and thinking she's the most valuable piece of art anywhere you go. Asking her to pose nude for you, and you try not to blush too much or look for too long. Reenacting that scene from Ghost with the pottery wheel.
  • Scorpio: Vintage sapphic. Only touching in private. Everyone thinks you're just friends, but you two know better. Putting on her favorite record and slow dancing in your living room.
  • Sagittarius: Sun sapphic. Lazy mornings with her. Riding bikes and laughing too loud. Rubbing aloe and kissing her sunburn. Kissing all of her freckles.
  • Capricorn: Forest sapphic. Climbing a tree and leaning down across a branch to kiss her. Walking through the woods and protecting her from the spiders or bugs. Collecting different leaves and telling her all about the trees.
  • Aquarius: Winter sapphic. Cuddling with her on a winter night, underneath a quilt. Making her hot chocolate and kissing her cold forehead. Frolicking around in the first snowfall.
  • Pisces: Bookstore sapphic. Your eyes meet in between the bookshelves. You read her excerpts from your favorite book. You leave handwritten poems in her favorite books, she finds them every time. Sharing a kiss by the romance section.

so ive been seeing this meme “meet the artist” go around for a bit now and ive always avoided it because acknowledging my existence makes me incredibly anxious but today i decided to fight it and do a this little thing

drawing myself was the hardest but im glad i did the challenge

(i never realised how much pink stuff i own)

((and im so sorry about my handwriting!! but yeah i thought maybe my followers would appreciate knowing who i am and stuff so! yeah!))

The Houses as Summer Things

Hufflepuff: Melting popsicles. Pebbles between your toes. Fireworks. Lightning bugs blinking in the twilight sky. Sweat dripping down your neck. Sandals. Freckles blooming across a nose. The telltale streaks of sunscreen. Flowers wilting in the stifling heat. Sunsets.

Ravenclaw: Sunglasses. The frothy spray of the ocean. Bug bites. Watermelon and blueberries. Waking to the sound of birds chirping. Iced tea. Picnics in the park. Early morning bike rides. Legs caked with sand and salt water. Freedom.

Gryffindor: Sunburns. The lazy hum of early afternoon. Pop music. Rolling down the windows of your car. Shadows and chalk drawings. Thunder storms. Children giggling in the sunlight. Lemonade. Band-aids decorating skinned knees. Adventure

Slytherin: Tank tops. Hiding beneath trees to evade the sun. Tan lines. Late night parties and the smell of barbecue. Staying up late to name the constellations. Crickets chirping. Sundresses patterned with polka dots and stripes. Receiving postcards in the mail. Warmth.

Byeler headcanon 🚲💗

When Will was around 7 or 8, all of his friends got bikes for Christmas and he was really disappointed that he didn’t get one, but he didn’t say anything to Joyce about it, because he knew that they were struggling to afford bills and clothes etc, so he never mentioned anything to her about the bike.

He would walk to school with the boys and they’d all be on their new bikes, Lucas and Dustin speeding off in the distance, racing each other, laughing loudly as they rode along. Mike would ride slowly beside Will, so that he didn’t get left behind, before stopping and letting him get on the back of his bike and ride with him. Will would always love riding with Mike, clutching on to his jacket and feeling the wind brush against his face as they rode along. He would smile vehemently and play silly games with Mike as they went along, like drawing things on Mike’s back with his finger and having Mike guess what he was drawing. Mike would always laugh, as it was always a dinosaur, Mike’s favourite toy he had.

One day Mike asks Will to come over to his house after school as he has something for him. Will goes with him after school, eagerly wondering what it is Mike is talking about. They walk into the garage to see Mike’s bike propped up in the middle of the room, with a red bow tied to it. Will looks confused and Mike says, “It’s yours! I got a new bike for my birthday, so I don’t need this one now! It’s all yours!” Will can’t believe it and starts jumping up and down like mad. He runs over to Mike and hugs him tightly, still while bouncing up and down from excitement. Mike laughs and says, “ I take it you like it then!?” Will’s tightening grip on Mike, answers the question for him.

Mike then spends Sunday afternoons teaching Will how to ride it. Mike starts off by holding the back of the bike as Will wobbles along, and he falls off every once in a while, and Mike freezes for a second wondering if his friend is okay, but then Will laughs and they both end up in a fit of laughter together. Eventually Will gets the hang of it and ends up being just as good as Mike.

They both take early morning bike rides around the rural areas of Hawkins and one day when Mike’s bike is in for a repair at the shop, Will takes great joy in saying, “Need a ride?” They both ride off on Will’s bike, him feeling warm and fuzzy at his best friend wrapping his arms around him so tightly. Every once in a while, Will pretends his bike has gone for a repair, just to ride on the back of Mike’s bike with him. Mike knows that Will just says it so he can ride with him, but he doesn’t mind, if anything, he quite enjoys having his best friend riding with him and drawing silly doodles on his back of objects, and him having to guess what they are, before they both burst into fits of laughter over how what Will draws on his back, feels nothing like what he says it is, but Will argues that he’s just playing the game all wrong.

Diet update



*weigh yourself once a week

*few huge sips of water

*usual morning routine

*ride the bike to school (as long as it doesn’t rain)


*healthy breakfast

*pay attention, participation

*drink all the water you took with you (fill it up again)

*do NOT buy sweets at the school cafeteria (too expensive!)

*stay social


*tea right after you came home

*lunch with family (no chance of overeating)

*fruit as dessert

*homework, hobby or sport


*water,water,water ;)


*small and light dinner

*packing bag for the next day

*choosing clothes for the next day (biggest struggle ever:’) )

*light workout before bed (100 crunches, 50 leg lifts)

*drink before sleep (tea or water)



*every meal includes one big glass of water (at least)

*eat when you’re hungry, better eat more small meals than two big ones

*amount of food depends on the amount of activities during the day = being less active means less food

*cut sweets out completely (unhealthy food in general) except on celebration days

*try to give food less value in your life and see it just as a way to survive not as a way to reward yourself or whatever

*do NOT eat bc of boredom

*stay away from the kitchen when you’re alone except if you’re hungry

*do NEVER buy food. If you don’t have it, you won’t get it. Simple.

*drink the glass of water before eating. One new glass with every single meal. If you don’t drink the glass before, you won’t eat the food bc obviously you’re full. Be strict. Even if it’s just one bread.

*one cheat day (optional)

*sport three times a week (depends on the amount of homework or whether exams are written during the week

And most important point: stay save!💚