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people who deny that H*x is a Nazi are so?? confusing to me??? like u can like him & not deny that he’s a nazi parallel…. like i’m taking a class on Nazi Germany & this morning we were watching one of the propaganda minister’s speeches and its….really obvious that that (or a similar speech) is what H*x’s speech was based off of………like i don’t understand how ppl are just like “um no he’s NOT AT ALL a Nazi”…………

  • the armbands w/ FO insignia-the huge drapery?? in the back of the speech scene? with the FO insignia again
  • the salute at the end of the speech-H*x’s tone & mannerisms during the speech (reminiscent of Hitler or Goebbels the Nazi German propaganda minister-personally i think its more like Goebbels but either is a fair comparison and either is Not Good so)
  • H*x’s initials are literally AH lmao,,,,,,,,,,i’ve only seen this mentioned once but wtf
  • the filming of the speech scene mimics the way the speeches were filmed in Nazi Germany

edit 3/14/17: i had some issues w/ the way i worded things, i copied this post from a skype conversation and so it was written in the same way that i talk but i recognized that that could lead to confusion and/or misinterpretation of this post. so i reworded the top paragraph and yes!!!

also i would like to clarify that this post is NOT aimed at Jewish people who are uncomfortable calling H*x a nazi, it is aimed at people who deny H*x is a fascist at all or who deny how bad he is, etc. treating H*x like some kind of poor innocent baby is a huge problem in the fandom & that’s what this post was getting at!! so if u reblogged this post before i edited it if u could please reblog this version instead i would appreciate it!!!


19 March 2017

I am over bands. Always too loud. I went to a cyclling charity fundraiser (supporting youth mental health and suicide prevention) last night but woke up dizzy and headachy after having my nervous system blasted. I didn’t ride as planned. I needed a rest anyway.

It was a beautiful morning so The Husb & I took the dogo for a walk and I cooked brunch. I recorded the Milan San Remo race so am closing my day watching it.