morning after that crazy night

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Best friend Harry request! You both go out clubbing with mutual friends and he is so protective over you while you get drunk. Then he takes you home and helps you since you are drunk. Stays the night and helps in the morning with a hangover

And in the morning, in her tiny flat, she’s woken up, rather suddenly and quite confused, to the horrific sound of the fire alarm beeping around the tiny property with Harry’s slurs muffled under the noise and shrieks and yells being heard as he drops pots and pans to the floor and runs the cold water over the hot frying pan in his hand. Sizzling as the cold water hits the hot and liquidised fat that stuck to the metal. When she kicks the duvet from her body, she’s dressed in a t-shirt and sleep shorts that she just cannot remember changing into. Wondering why Harry was there and whether he’d stayed the night because her mind just couldn’t think back to the events that happened.

Stumbling into the kitchen and gripping her aching forehead with her palm, she yells out to him and begs for him to shut everything up because she’s struggling to cope with her headache and the nausea that bubble away in her belly.

“The party animal has awoken after her crazy night of boozing. Good morning,” he laughs, a spatula in his hand and he halted his movements of sliding bacon onto a plate, spinning on his socked heels, “Christ, you look rough, love. You look like you’re about to throw up.”

“If you don’t shut this shit up, I’ll throw up over your feet. Why are you here? I just wanted to sleep all day and work my own way through this hangover,” she grumbles, falling into a dining table chair resting her head on her forearms, “I didn’t want to see your face today. I had enough of that last night.”

“Oh, my heart!” He gasps, dramatically clutching his heart with his free hand, “you’ve wounded me.”

“Piss off, you wanker.”

“I made breakfast for you, love. Bacon sandwiches with plenty of tommy sauce in ‘em since you crave that like a pregnant woman when you’re hungover,” he chuckles, taking a plate over towards her that’s towered with two bacon sandwiches cut into triangles, “I’m going for a shower and then I’ll be out of your hair for the day. I’ve got some emails to finish off and then I have to pop into the studio to record some stuff for the new single.”

And as he presses a kiss to her clammy forehead, she grabs his wrist and pulls him back to her, her arms wrapping around his waist as she presses her face against his stomach.

“Stay with me. I need your help today. I can’t be alone,” she whines, his fingers raking through her hair as she hums softly and hooks a leg around his, “you can use my laptop for your emails. I don’t care. I just want you to stay and look after me.” xx

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can you do peter parker x reader for the send in a ship thing you just reblogged?

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Who hogs the duvet? Peter, definitely. Whenever you stay over, you make sure to take a spare blanket because he will definitely take the duvet off you in the middle of the night

Who texts/rings to check how the other’s day is going? Once again, it’s Peter. Whenever he gets the chance, he’ll drop you a message just to make sure you’re okay, because he’s the world’s biggest worrier

Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts? You if buying him Spiderman merchandise counts

Who gets up first in the morning? Neither of you. It’s a miracle if you’ve spoken more than three words to each other before 12pm

Who cries at movies? Both of you. Aunt May still has the photos from when you two watched the last Hobbit film, and didn’t stop crying for the next hour

Who gives unprompted massages? You, when Peter turns up at your house at crazy hours of the morning after a hard night being Spiderman

Who fusses over the other when they’re sick? Peter fusses over you. Like I said, that boy is the world’s biggest worrier

Who gets jealous easiest? Before he told you he was Spiderman, Peter got jealous over the way you were fangirling over the web slinger, forgetting himself that he was Spiderman

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music? Peter would say it’s you because he found a few soundtracks from musicals on your phone, but you still have a video of him singing Defying Gravity at the top of his lungs so you would say it’s fairly equal

Who collects something unusual? Peter, if the funny selfies you take on his phone count

Who takes the longest to get ready? Neither of you take particularly long

Who is the most tidy and organised? Again, neither of you could even claim to have organised lives

Who gets most excited about the holidays? You, especially at Christmas. Peter loves watching you get super overexcited about the whole season

Who is the big spoon/little spoon? Peter is usually the little spoon because he feels so safe in your arms, but he’s more than happy to switch if you’re feeling down and need comforting

Who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports? You’re both hella competitive. There were almost casualties when you two had a Mario Kart war

Who starts the most arguments? Probably you, worrying about him when he comes back from being Spiderman hurt

Who suggests that they buy a pet? Peter’s never forgiven you for that one time you suggested getting a pig and calling it Peter Porker

What couple traditions do they have? You have a weekly movie night when Aunt May is out with friends, complete with a pillow fort

What TV shows they watch together? You got him addicted to Sherlock, and had to hold him for hours when he found out there were only 10 episodes

What other couple they hang out with? You two prefer each other’s company

How they spend time together as a couple? Studying, or just lying in each other’s arms and talking about anything and everything

Who made the first move? You, after realising that Peter liked you and was too shy to do anything

Who brings flowers home? Peter, because he’s a hopeless romantic

Who is the best cook? You two almost blew up the kitchen trying to make popcorn once

The Best Thing I've Ever Had (Biadore) -by Sadie

A/N: I am really scared/excited about this fic. If you follow me on my sideblog you know how much I struggled to come up with it since the whole theme is really personal to me! I really hope you like it and I am sorry for this quite sad story. I don’t want to give you guys any spoiler but everything is going to be okay ;) Xx Sadie

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Imagine: Harry Finds Your Tumblr

Don’t be fooled my the title. I’m larrie trash.

This is a joke and it’s also ridiculously self indulgent.

You were having the best day ever, at only 19, you had been signed as a Victoria’s Secret angel. And on top of that, your friend, Cara Delevigne, got you on the list for One Direction’s after party.

You arrived at the party after an amazing show, and ordered yourself a beer. You heard a raspy voice in your ear, “It’s nice to see a woman who drinks beer.”

You turned around to see none other than Niall Horan.

You smirked, although internally freaking out, “I’m German, what can I say?” you laughed.

Niall threw his head back in a cackle, “Ah, Germans, the only ones that drink more beer than the Irish.”

You chuckled, taking a swig of your beer.

“You’re that new VS angel right?”

You nodded.

“Bet ya look great in those wings,” he smirked.

You rolled your eyes at him, playing it cool, finishing off your beer.

“Wow, you drink like a champ, wanna come sit at my table?”

“Only if you get me another beer,” you winked.

“I’ll get you all the beer in the world,” he put his hand on your lower back, getting two beers from the bar tender, one for you and one for him, and leading you to his table. Sitting at the table was Harry Styles, Cara Delevigne, Nick Grimshaw, and Olly Murs.

“Hey (Y/N), you made it!” Cara got up to hug you.

“Yeah, thanks so much for the invite!”

You scooted in next to Harry, Niall sitting on the other side.

“Hello, I’m Harry,” he said in his deep voice, sticking out a hand for you to shake.

Everyone laughed, of course you knew his name. You shook his hand anyway, introducing yourself. Harry smiled and took a sip of some pink fruity drink.

“Cool phone case!” Harry said, noticing your phone on the table.

“Oh thanks! I painted that actually.”

“Woah, sick, you’ve got talent.”

As the night progressed, you had impressed Niall with the amount of beer you could drink, and you were all feeling pretty drunk.

“I gotta pee,” you stood up laughing.

You started heading to the bathroom as Niall got up to follow you, mouthing to the table about how hot you were.

“Oh dear, (Y/N) left her phone, I should probably take it to her,” Harry slurred. Turns out he had consumed quite a few of those pink cocktails.

“Harry, darling, stay seated, I bet you (Y/N) is gonna go up to Niall’s room, you can bring her the phone tomorrow,” Cara laughed, petting Harry’s head.

“That’s probably true, thanks you Cara, you’re such a good friend, I don’t know what I would do without you.”

The party began to die down just as you were heading to Niall’s hotel. Stumbling into the elevator, Niall attacked your lips with his, running his hands all over your body, “Christ, you’re so fucking fit,” he groaned. You felt him rubbing his hard cock against you and reached down to grab a hold of it. From that point on it was fair game.

You woke up the next morning after a night of crazy sex with Niall, to a knock at the door. Niall was sound asleep so you got up to answer it, throwing on his T-shirt to cover yourself up. Harry was at the door, holding your phone.

“You left this at the club last night. Also I may have looked at your tumblr.”

Your face turned bright red. When you weren’t modeling and painting, you ran a Larry Stylinson blog on tumblr.

“Shit dude, I’m so sorry,” you stumbled over your words.

“Don’t be, it’s totally cool, I wanna show you something,” Harry grabbed your hand and led you next door to his hotel room.

You had no idea what was going on, until you saw a naked Louis Tomlinson, wrapped up in Harry’s bed sheets, asleep.

“I fucking knew it!” you laughed.

“You can’t tell anyone though, and you also can’t tell Niall that I showed you this,” he pulled out his phone to show you a text from Niall.

Niall: Harry, dude, answer your texts.

Harry: If you were balls deep in Louis Tomlinson, you wouldn’t answer your texts either. Sorry, what’s up?

Niall: (Y/N) is so fucking cool, and so fucking hot, and I kinda wanna take her on a date, but like a drinking date. She likes footie and beer and she’s a fucking VS angel, I swear to god man, she’s the fucking dream!

Harry: Is old Niall finally done playing the field, actually wanna spend time with a girl and not just fuck her?

Niall: Fuck you.

You smiled at the texts, just as you saw another text from him come in.

Niall: Bro, she’s gone, but she left her clothes…? I didn’t even get her number. And I think she took my shirt…

“I put my number in your phone, let’s hang out soon, okay?” Harry hugged you.

“Of course,” you hugged him back.

“Go in there before he freaks out.”

You knocked on Niall’s door, he opened it.

“You didn’t leave,” Niall smiled.

“No, I left my phone at the club last night and Harry brought it back to me,” you said, wrapping your arms around Niall’s neck.

“Good thing ya didn’t leave, I’m not done with ya yet,” he chuckled, smacking your ass as you lead him back to the bed.

Sex with Niall, signed by VS, Larry confirmed, and you’re pretty sure Harry Styles wants to braid your hair and talk about boys, it was a pretty good day.

pref #23: one night stand (requested)

Hi can you do a imagine where you meet luke in a club and somehow end up having a one night stand and then when you try to leave he wakes can take it from there :)

actually really liked this idea so i made it into a pref 

luke: My eyes fluttered open to a dark room. You looked over at the clock, 2:35am. A deep inhale next to you made you turn your head to see a sleeping boy. His chest rose and fell slowly against your back. It all came back to you, the club, the drinks, the cute blonde boy across the bar eyeing you. You sighed, slowly wiggling out of his embrace and searching the floor for your pants. You sat on the edge of the bed and put on your jeans when you heard a groan from behind you. Luckily, he was still sleeping and you slipped out of the room. You made it down three steps on the stairs before you realized you left your phone. You cursed under your breath as you crept back up the stairs. You opened the door to see the lights on and the cute blonde boy smirking, “Forget something?" 

michael: Sunlight beamed into the room as your eyes fluttered open. You looked around the unfamiliar room, your eyes landing on the empty spot in bed next to you. The shower water ran in the bathroom off the side of the bedroom, and you quickly jumped out of bed. You looked around the room for your dress but you couldn’t find it anywhere. You were wearing only an oversize t-shirt that belonged to the mystery boy from last night. You scrambled to get all of your things together as you heard the shower water turn off. "Shit.” You whispered. You saw your dress laying on the floor and quickly slipped it on.

You grabbed your things but the bathroom door opened. “Where are you going?” He asked. You quickly praised yourself for picking up such a cute guy the night before, but you quickly cleared away the thoughts.

“I- I have to go.” You stuttered.

“Come on, let me at least make you breakfast and you can take a shower if you’d like. You can keep the shirt too.” He smiled. “I’m Michael, in case you don’t remember.”

calum: You looked around the unfamiliar, dark bedroom and then down at the warm hands wrapped around you. You turned to see a brown haired boy sound asleep next to you and you took this as your chance to sneak away. You tried to slip out of his grip but his eyes opened. “Are you leaving?” He said, his big brown eyes looking into yours.

“Uh… yes.” You said quietly. 


"Because that’s how this works. One of us has to leave and this is your house so.." 

"Can you stay?” He asked, his voice sounded tired. You sighed, laying back down next to him, “I kinda like you, you know." 

ashton: You awoke to the sound of rain on the windows. It was the morning after a crazy night that you could barely remember. You looked around the bedroom, which wasn’t yours, and noticed the spot next to you in the bed was empty. You quickly threw on your jeans and heels and grabbed your things, walking out the door. You turned a corner in the hallway, bumping into a strong body. "Where ya going?” He laughed. 

“Home.” You said nervously, normally you’d be afraid to talk to a guy this attractive, let alone hookup with him. 

“Why don’t you stay? It’s raining. You can’t go out dressed like that when it’s raining.” He smiled. You rolled your eyes playfully and he handed you a sweatshirt, “Just stay.”

Preference #99: You just met & got married in Las Vegas

Liam: You were awoken early in the morning, after a crazy night, by your phone ringing loudly in your ear. “What?” You snapped, as you answered the phone, and saw your best friend’s name on the screen, “I was sleeping!” “Sorry. You’re the one who called me 20 times last night. I was returning the call. I was worried. What’s wrong?” You had no idea why you had called her, “Nothing, I’m fine.” “Then don’t do that again! Oh, did you hear Liam got married last night?” “Liam who?” you asked, still so tired and hungover. “Payne. Everyone’s talking about it. And it was there in Vegas! You are in the same town! How cool is that?” Suddenly your mind seemed to snap, and your eyes widened, as memories rushed back to you. “No!” “Yeah..” she continued talking, but you were not listening. You looked to the side, and saw Liam lying there, still sound asleep. “Oh my god.”

Niall: All you had wanted was to have fun, but you had just a little too much fun. Waking up the next day, every memory came flooding back to you. Even some you knew had to be fake. You had a vivid memory of meeting Niall Horan, and deciding an hour later to get married. You laughed to yourself, as you made your way towards the bathroom; but what you saw when you opened the door, made you wonder if you were still sleeping. “Niall?” “Good morning [Y/N].” You felt slightly sick, as you stared at Niall, “Am I crazy, did we… No, I must be. There’s no way. How are you here?” Niall smiled brightly at you. You’d only know each other a few short hours, but already he had fallen hard. “You’re not crazy. And we did get married last night, if that’s what you were asking.” Your jaw dropped, “I thought that was some dream.” “No, it was real. You’re my wife.” You thought of all the memories that seemed unreal, and couldn’t speak. What was there to even say?

Zayn: “So we got married?” You asked, the words sounded so strange falling from your lips. “Yeah,” Zayn nodded, in just as much shock as you were. It hadn’t seemed like a bad idea the night before, but now you were two strangers, who had made the biggest promise possible to each other. “Your friends are laughing, aren’t that?” You questioned, thinking of the two friends Zayn had been with the night before, who had actually tried to talk the two of you out of the wedding. “Probably so,” he answered quietly. “I don’t think anyone would even believe me, if I called them and said I married you last night,” you commented, as you thought of what had happened in the past 24 hours. Zayn laughed nervously, “I wouldn’t believe it myself, if I didn’t clearly remember every little detail on the moment.” “Me either,” you agreed, then took a deep breath, “So what exactly do we do now?”

Harry: Your night had started off fun, but as it when on, your memory of it became cloudier and cloudier. So you had no recollection as to why you were in bed with a total stranger. “Can you tell me what happened last night?” “I was hoping you knew,” he replied, clearly just as confused as you, before reaching for a piece of paper that was lying between the two of you. “What is that?” He read it slowly, and looked sick, “Is your name [Y/N]?” “Yes,” you answered, still so confused, “Why?” With a look of fear, he looked at you, and slowly spoke words you could barely comprehend, “This says we’re married.” “What?!” You ripped the paper from his hands, and stared at a marriage certificate with your name written on it, “You…” You read his name on the paper as well, “Harry Styles…. You’re my husband?!”

Louis: “You don’t regret it, do you?” Louis asked, feeling horrible for the spur of the moment wedding you had the night before. You thought about what he was asking you, and didn’t know how to answer. So instead of giving him a good answer, you just said everything that popped into your mind. “No, but yes. You do not know me at all. I mean, sure, I know a lot about you, but not really. Only things a fan would know. Which sounds so strange to say, if I’m your wife. And you barely know my name.” “It’s [Y/N],” he answered, before sighing, “I know what you mean, but we can get to know each other.” “Because that makes this somehow normal?” Louis shook his head, “No, but we did get married last night. Something told us that we should.” “Alcohol,” you shot back. “Whatever it was, we’re married. So let’s give this a shot. Well if you want to.” It was so much to take in, in such a short time, “I just need time to wrap my brain around this. I’m still in shock.”