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The Morning After

Jinyoung x Reader
Short scenario: Fluff/implied smut (is that even a thing?)

The warmth of the sun shined against your face as it stirred you awake. You opened your eyes, regretting that you forgot to close the curtains last night, but you were a little preoccupied. Rubbing your eyes, you turned over, Jinyoung’s arms was wrapped around your waist as he laid flat on his stomach. You looked at him as he slept so peacefully. Gently you moved his tousled hair away from his eyes. Careful not to wake him, you gently made your way out of bed. You reached down to find Jinyoung’s shirt on the floor. Picking it up you slipped it on, glancing over at Jnyoung to make sure you didn’t wake him, finding your panties you quickly slipped those on too and crept out of his bedroom. You looked down the hall to see if any of the other members were awake. The rest of the apartment was quiet and you could hear faint snores coming from behind the doors of the room. You quietly tipped toe through the hallway towards the kitchen. Your stomach growled, you decided to raid the fridge to see if you could whip anything up. Just as you expected, their fridge wasn’t fully stocked. They had eggs, some vegetables, and cheese, pulling those out you decided to make an omelette. You made a mental note to yourself to go grocery shopping so you could whip up some dinners for the guys this week. You opened the cabinet, to your surprise there was a bag flour and syrup. You decided to add some pancakes to the breakfast menu so you pulled out the milk and fruits that were also in the fridge. You set the ingredients on the counter and started whipping up the batter. On the top shelf above you there was some vanilla, going up on your tip toes you reached for it.

Jinyoung leaned against the kitchen table watching you. You were wearing his tshirt that cut mid thigh on you. He watched as you reached for the vanilla, the more you tried the more the t-shirt rose up your thigh, revealing more skin little by little. Desire formed a ball in his stomach as his eyes travelled up and down you legs. He walked over to you, placing one had on your hip he reached up and grabbed the vanilla from the top shelf. “Let me help you” he said as he pressed himself into your back. You let out a little gasp as his touch surprised you.

“Good Morning” you said.

Jinyoung kissed your cheek then planted a kiss on your neck. You turned around to face him, wrapping your arms around his neck, you gave him a quick peck on the lips. He was wearing a white t-shirt and his boxers.

“Hungry?” you asked.

Jinyoung smirked, “starving” he replied as he leaned down to kiss you. Placing the vanilla on the counter behind you, he grabbed both your hips pulling you closer towards him and pressing you against the counter with his body. The kiss deepened and pace quickened, his hands travelled down your body and he inched your shirt up a little higher.

Pulling away you looked at him, “the other members could walk in” you whispered.

Jinyoung’s lips travelled to your neck, “then we better be quiet” he said planting kisses along your neck. A little moan escaped your lips and Jinyoung’s mouth found yours again to keep you quiet. He lifted you up and placed you on the counter, your legs wrapped around his waist.

“Yah, this is not what I wanted to see before breakfast.” Jb said as he walked into the kitchen.

You and Jinyoung quickly pulled away from each other, heat rising to your face from embarrassment. You quickly jumped off the counter and fixed your hair, tugging at the shirt to bring the hem down a little lower. Soon quickly after the rest of the members walked into the kitchen.

Jackson walked in and gave a little smirk to Jinyoung and you, “Well good morning you two, getting busy?” he winked. “Cooking breakfast I mean.” Snorts escaped the rest of the members as they tried to hide it.

“Yes” clearing your throat, “I’m gonna make pancakes and omelettes… as soon as I get some pants on.” quickly glancing at Jinyoung “Can I borrow some sweats?”

Jinyoung smiled, “bottom drawer” he said a little disappointed.

“Thank you,” you said as you scurried out of the kitchen.

The members stayed silent until you left, then burst out laughing as they caught Jinyoung in the act. Jackson ran over and put his arms around Jinyoung shoulders. “She’s so cute when she’s embarrassed, sexy in that t-shirt.”

Jinyoung nudged Jackson in the stomach, “I know right? I’m going to go check to see if she needs help finding those sweats.” He said as he walked out of of the kitchen and into his bedroom, shutting the door.

“Damn. I was really looking forward to pancakes” Mark said as he sat down at table.

“I’m assuming Y/N won’t be out for a while.” JB snickered as he glanced down the hall towards Jinyoung’s bedroom, “but she got the batter started, Bambam go finish the job”  

Reluctantly Bambam went to the counter and started mixing the batter again, while the other members went about their business. Unfortunately, you and Jinyoung ended up missing out on the pancakes.

-Admin Youngley <3

Morning After

Requested by: @dmxlover2968

Scenario: a fluffy and smutty g dragon where it’s the morning after their wedding
A/N: I’m not sure how well this turned out, I’m so up in the air about it, but I sincerely hope that you enjoy this.
Genre: G-Dragon x Reader
Words: 3201

Disclaimer: The gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners.

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The Morning After

May 5, 2016

Fandom (Group) : BTS 

Person: Park Jimin

Type: suggestive?, fluff, Bad Boy!AU

Words: 1,848

description: you wake up one morning to find that you’re not in your bed, but in Jimin’s, and suddenly you remember what you two did last night. Shit I’m really bad at descriptions fuck.

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Late night cuddling (Joshua)

the Jeonghan first time + morning after scenario is coming up sometime soon, but in the meantime ~ ♥

S.Coups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | DK | Mingyu | The 8 | Seungkwan | Vernon

  • the chances that you and Joshua stay up doing something together are high
  • like you’d either stay up watching a movie or a tv show or just discussing something you both find interesting
  • and especially if it was the first option it’d eventually turn into you cuddling up to him under a blanket and trying to fight against sleep and him chuckling warmly as he holds you with one arm
  • “Do you always feel this cozy?”
  • he’d snort and give you a peck on your forehead
  • “By what I’ve gathered from you, I’d say yes.”
  • you’d have a bright, happy smile on your lips that only goes away when you yawn (which only makes Joshua’s smile softer because you’re just so cute)
  • “You should sleep, Y/N.”
  • cuddling even closer, you’d shake your head stubbornly and mumble something like “But I want to watch the show and talk with you.”
  • “Your eyes have been closed for like 10 minutes, though…”
  • you wouldn’t reply, and would just sigh and move a bit higher on the bed, so that your head would be more on Joshua’s shoulder than his chest
  • “I love you, Shua.”
  • Joshua would stroke your hair slowly, which would, indeed, eventually lull you to sleep
  • “I love you too, you sleepy little angel.”
  • (if you had spent the evening/early night just talking, it would’ve been mostly done while cuddling in a variety of positions after having some tea, and it’d be filled with quick, soft kisses and gentle laughs)

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anonymous asked:

aaaa could i get a fluffy morning after scenario with sweet pupper kenshirou??

WOOT first kenshirou request! I’m excited to write for him for the first time!

As you woke up from your slumber, you noticed the strong tanned arms around your waist coming from behind. You looked behind to find a certain silver-pink haired man sleeping soundly, feeling the rise and fall of his chest. He wasn’t wearing his eyepatch as he usually did, revealing a small scar over his right eye.

 You turned around in his embrace, causing Kenshirou to stir in his sleep, slowly waking up and revealing his blossom colored eyes. You kissed his nose softly, watching his eyes widen and a blush covering his cheeks. 

“Good morning” You chirped, nuzzling your face against his. Kenshirou kissed you softly, lingering for a bit before pulling you closer to his chest. “Good morning, love” he muttered softly, before asking bluntly “Was I.. okay last night?” 

He was obviously referring to the events that had transpired between the two of you, which was obviously heated and intimate. You blushed slightly before nodding “Yes, you were more than okay, don’t worry about it”. He sighed in relief before kissing the top of your head.

 He was starting to drift to sleep yet again when you glanced at the clock on the bedside table. “Kenshirou, shouldn’t we get up?” He shook his head, smiling softly. “Let’s stay like this” You nodded in agreement, nuzzling your face against his chest, before drifting off to sleep.

ah! this is really short nonnie I’m sorry :( I hope you don’t mind! Thank you for the request

Morning After - Johnny

Requested: Could you do the morning after with Johnny? Thank you~♡

A/N: Hope you like it^^ A lot of these are requested so I may just do all the members- Also should I make them lil scenarios like this or just bulleted lists like I have seen other blogs do…?

Word Count: 522

The bed dipped as Johnny climbed back on, clad in only a new pair of underwear. He snuggled close, his damp hair brushing against your exposed, warm skin. You whined lowly, the uncomfortable feeling disturbing your peaceful slumber. He pressed a light kiss to your shoulder, whispering in your ear as he lazily draped an arm over your waist.

“Baby” he called gently, his voice still low. “A shower will make you feel better” he murmured, his fingertips tracing over the vanilla sheets that covered your waist.
“I’ll make breakfast” he whispered, placing another kiss on your exposed shoulder before climbing off the bed.

You rolled over when you heard his footsteps disappear out of the bedroom, your tired eyes gazed up at the ceiling. A small grin found it’s way onto your face and you quickly threw the covers back over you, a quiet giggle escaping your lips. You sat up, pulling the covers from your head and pushing them to the side in a frenzy. You glaced down at your body before standing up, letting out a deep sigh and stretching as you made your way to the bathroom.

He was right, a shower did make you feel better. You took your time, washing away the events from last night in peace. You let out a quiet yawn before bringing your hand to your jaw, a sudden soreness making you wince. You turned off the water, stepping out of the tub and grabbing a towel. You made your way to the mirror, setting the damp towel on the counter as you looked yourself over in the mirror, turning to get a better view. Your mind raced with the activities of last night, your cheeks heating up again as you wondered what his ravished body looked like when he got out of bed. You envisioned the angry and slightly red trails on his arms and back from your nails dragg-

A sudden knock on the door shook you from your thoughts, your eyes tearing away from the mirror and to the white door.

“(Y/n)!” he called against the door.

You opened the door, peaking just your head out.

“It’s time to eat, what’s taking so long?” he asked, pulling at the door.
You gripped the handle tightly, refusing to let him in.

“I’ll be out soon” you assured, giving him a small grin.

He removed his hand from the door and slumped away.

“I thought you said you were making breakfast” you murmured, slowly taking a seat.

“I did” he smiled, turning around and setting a bowl before you.

“Cereal?” you questioned under your breath.

He poured the milk onto your bowl, slipping in a small spoon.
You glanced down at the glass bowl before carefully taking the spoon into your hand.

“We’ll go out for lunch” he mused, taking a seat across from you; “you gave me such a workout last night, I’m sore” he groaned, stretching his arms.

You scoffed, letting the spoon clink against the rim of the bowl.

“You’re the one who gave me a workout” you muttered, a small smile finding it’s way onto your lips.

first love || b.i
  • notes; just a casual little hanbin thing I wrote
  • prompt; strangers, winter, first love; hanbin
  • genre; fluff // 1117 words

Originally posted by incrediyeol

        Strangers; that’s how the two of you began.

           Two strangers who had never seen each other prior to that one winter afternoon. Two strangers who had happened to run into the same coffee shop while both in a hurry to get somewhere. Strangers whose orders got mixed up and by a chance of fate, bumped into each other awkwardly and muttered a few words about how the other had the drink that they originally ordered.

           Thinking back at it now made your heart swell up. That was two years ago from today exactly. Two years ago you had met Kim Hanbin, the boy you would later fall in love with.

           “Hey,” you heard a low voice from behind you say.

           When you turned around to glance at him, Hanbin still had his head buried into his pillow, but his arm seemed to be searching for something as he moved it all around the empty space beside him. “Hey, where’d you go?”

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Title: Morning of Worth
Pairing: Cullen x Arian
Word Count: 885
(Sort of a “morning after” scenario, semi-NSFW)

She was awoken by the sensation of rough yet gentle fingers running languidly along her bare hip.

This was followed by silky, pliant lips planting suckling little kisses across one shoulder, then with the slight push of her hair, down her back.

She smiled, attempting to hold back a giggle when her lover moved upward and ran his nose along the point of her ear, before taking the sensitive skin between his teeth and nibbling it.

“Cu-huh-llen…” Arian whined, burying her face further into her pillow. With a throaty chuckle, the man at her side wound his arms around her waist and pulled her body flush to his, the elf feeling her face burn at the heat of his hardness against her rear.

“Good morning,” he breathed in her ear as he lightly kissed the lobe, his warm breath sending a shiver up her spine. Giving into his gentle coaxing, she rolled over to face him, her eyes fluttering open and the air from her lungs leaving her in a whoosh.

Even after finally sleeping together she couldn’t believe just how beautiful he was. Everything about him, from the stubble on his cheeks to the dimple in his chin, to the way his eyes roamed over her body through his thick, dark lashes that left a heat pooling low in her belly - was nothing short of divine creation.

And his eyes… he stared at her like she was the embodiment of a goddess through the liquid gold of his irises; the sun filtering in overhead only accentuating their burning intensity.

With a breathy sigh, Arian rolled her hips up into his pelvis, her stomach brushing his length and causing Cullen to softly gasp.

“Indeed it is,” she suggestively giggled, the sound shifting into a moan when Cullen’s hands traveled south and squeezed at the flesh of her bottom. With a noise that could only be described as a growl, he flipped them so that she was on her back and he was hovering just above her.

And though Arian expected him to act on his movements, he simply gazed down at her - his eyes absorbing every detail of her face as his hand came up to delicately stroke her flushed, freckled cheek.

“Cullen?” the elf prompted, worried he might be hesitant about something.

The Commander shook his head, and instead of replying leaned down and slanted his mouth over hers, the tender movement leaving Arian breathless and wanting more.

Would she ever stop craving this? As her lover deepened the kiss with the caress of his tongue and a begging whine passed through her nose, she concluded the answer to be never.

“I just…” Cullen sighed when they parted to breathe, pressing his lips to the curve of her jaw, then to her forehead. “I’m still in…awe, that this is real. You… you’re actually here.”

“But of course I am,” she replied reassuringly, her fingers winding in his curly hair. “At least, I hope I am. This could very well be a dream.”

“If it is, then I never want to wake up,” Cullen muttered, resting his head against her breast. “Forgive me, my love, I don’t mean to be so ambivalent this morning. It’s just, if someone were to have asked me five years ago where I think I’d be now… this wouldn’t have even been a consideration.”

Arian’s brow furrowed slightly as her fingers stroked at his scalp. “And why is that? Do you think yourself unworthy of affections?”

Cullen paused for a moment - nuzzling his nose into her flesh and inhaling the lavender infused in her skin.

“Not unworthy of affections,” he quietly confessed, “Just… unworthy of someone as wonderful… as beautiful, as you.”

Arian instantly frowned as she urged him to raise his head and look her in the eyes.

“Cullen,” she chided slightly, her hands settling on his cheeks.

Instead, Cullen bent forward and kissed her again. “I am so in love with you, Arian,” he breathed against her lips, “But I fear that at any moment I’m going to wake, and none of this will be real. You… you are everything I could have ever wanted… and part of me, the part that scrutinizes all of my past mistakes, constantly wonders why it is that you chose me. I of all people do not deserve to be loved by such an incredible woman.”

Arian felt her heart sink in her chest as she pulled him down to her again, her heated, desperate kiss silently ushering him to quell every nagging doubt in his mind.

“Cullen Rutherford you are more than worthy of my love,” she whispered fiercely. “My heart chose you because it knows you are a good man with a beautiful soul. It chose you because you are strong, and brave, and honest. And if I have to remind you every morning of this until you understand, then I will. I love you, Cullen. I love you, I love you, I love-”

She was cut off when Cullen’s mouth urgently found hers again, one of his hands snaking under her back and the other pulling her leg around his waist.

“Then allow me to make sure it doesn’t go to waste, my lady,“ he rumbled huskily into her mouth, his length teasingly brushing her center.

One of these days I’ll write actual smut but today is not that day.

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Morning After

Request for this scenario:

The morning after with my bae rapmon please. Something naughty yet fluffy haha. Love you.

Group: BTS

Pairing: Namjoon (Rap Mon) x Reader

Genre: Suggestive Fluff

As soon as you opened your eyes, you yawned and looked around. The space where Namjoon was supposed to be was empty. You sat up with a dreamy sigh, your hair bearing a perfect resemblance to a bird’s nest. You could hear the shower running from where you were.

You stretched your arms above your head and winced immediately. The blanket slid down your torso, exposing your bare breasts, and bunch around your waist. You looked down at your chest and your eyes widened as you stared at the marks. Each one of your breasts had at least two medium-sized bruises. In the distance, you heard the water from the shower shut off.

You put your arms out in front of you, wincing again, and looked down to find more purple marks. “Goddammit, Namjoon” you mumbled, brushing your fingers lightly over your right arm.

“What?” he asked, walking into the bedroom. He wore a towel around his waist as he dug into his drawer. You got out of the bed, revealing more hickies on your stomach, hips, and thighs. Did he really have to bite and suck so hard last night?

“I am covered in spots!” you exclaimed. Namjoon grinned and looked at all of the marks covering your body.

“You said that you wanted it rough” he said, sliding his underwear on.

“That wasn’t an okay for you to leave marks everywhere! What am I supposed to wear?” you asked. Namjoon shrugged, looking at your body. The look on his face was completely transparent, showing how proud he was to see your spotted body.

“At least I left your neck alone! No one will see the rest unless you wear shorts or short sleeves” he explained. Even though fall season was right around the corner, it was still pretty hot outside. Now you’d have to wear long-sleeved outfits.

You just looked at him and he laughed. Namjoon slid a pair of shorts over his underwear, his towel around his ankles. He walked to your naked body and wrapped his arms around your waist before pulling you against him. He tenderly kissed your lips and smiled as he pulled back.

“At least I know that you’ll be thinking about me all day. Every time you move, you’ll think about last night” he grinned. You narrowed your eyes despite the broadened smile on your face. This was so not funny.

“What time are you going to work?” you asked, changing the subject.

“1:30. So the answer is ’yes’” he responded in a lower, cockier tone.

Confusion swept over your face and Namjoon kissed your lips again. “Yes…we have enough time…to make…some more bruises” he said, breaking his sentence with kisses. You smiled and pushed him back, forcing him to laugh.

“I’m so done with this conversation” you said, unable to remove the smile from your face. Namjoon’s laugh faded into a smile as he cocked his head to the side. “Don’t pretend like you didn’t love last night” he said.

You just shook your head and walked to the bed, crawling back under the sheets.  “I know that you loved it” he said again.

You didn’t say anything, smiling and looking at him as you lied back against the pillows.

“___, you can stay quiet all you want. I already have enough proof. Your neighbors came over this morning to complain about all of the screaming” he said. Your head snapped up to look at his semi-serious face.

“No they didn’t-”

Namjoon didn’t say anything, giving you a taste of your own medicine.

“Namjoon, that’s so embarrassing! You’re lying, right? They didn’t really come over here” you said seriously. Namjoon just smiled as he walked toward the bedroom door. You sat up, watching him leave, and waited for an answer.

“Namjoon! Did they really come over here?” you asked. This was your apartment! You didn’t want to deal with their looks and stares. That would be too embarrassing.

Namjoon turned his head with a smile and you asked him again. He shook his head ‘no’ before laughing.

“You’re such a liar!” you yelled, tossing a pillow at his retreating figure. You smiled and rolled your eyes as you rested your head back against the pillows. 

Morning After - Yuta (M)

Requested: can you make yuta morning after too?? i know tht request is currently closed but ill wait ^^ thank u!!

A/N: Thank you~ I loved writing this so much^^ This was so short damn!!
Me: Okay, I’m not going to make any of the “Morning After”s smut-
Also Me: *makes the Yuta one smut-ish bc Yuta*


Word Count: 393

He snuggled closer, his soft breathing warming your exposed back. You opened your dreary eyes, letting them focus on the bedside clock.

“Yuta” you whispered.

He shifted, the hand that lay innocently on your hip lazily pulling you closer. You looked at the clock again, breaking free of his caress. He let his arm fall limply to the bed, a sigh leaving his lips.

“Get some more rest” you cooed, lovingly running your hand over his lax arm, giving a reassuring squeeze before you stood up.

You basked in the steaming shower, an unconscious sigh leaving your plump lips as you ran your hands over your sore body under the hot water. You heard a groan from outside the bathroom door. You grew worried and reached to turn off the water. However, curiosity got the better of you. You left the water on, quickly stepping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around yourself. Quietly, you snuck to the bathroom door, cautiously sliding it ajar.
You brought your hand up to your mouth quickly, stunned by the scene before you. He moaned breathily, pumping faster. He chanted your name quietly, knitting his eyebrows together as he came. His white seed landed on his chest, his hand soon covered. His chest heaved, your gaze trained on the sticky substance that trailed down his broad chest.
You tore yourself away from the door, quickly turning off the shower. You grinned to yourself before biting your bottom lip softly.

You didn’t want to tell him you had watched-

“Is something burning?”

You looked down at the eggs before you and gasped.

“Are you alright?” Yuta asked, a small chuckle escaping his lips as he eyed you.

You nodded, giving him a warm smile. He smiled back before glancing at his watch.

“Ah- I should go pick them up…” he murmured, referring to his parents who were coming over for the holidays.

He stood from his seat, sliding his phone into his back pocket. He made his way over to you, affectionately grasping your hips, leisurely pulling you close. His silky lips met your own in a slow, but passionate kiss, catching you off guard. You clutched the spatula tightly, deflating as he pulled away.

“Minty fresh” he chimed, making you giggle as he placed a kiss on your nose.

“I’ll be back soon.”

Morning After

Originally posted by parkjaebums

Morning After

Jay smiled watching you sleep soundly against his chest. His fingers gently grazing up and down your bare shoulder. The two of you only recently started dating but he was falling hard. The two of you hadn’t had an official discussion of what this was, but he loved it. The companionship, and support that he got from you was exactly what he needed

He lost track of just how long he’d been watching you and he didn’t regret a single moment. It was a beautiful sight, your hair messily splayed against the pillow, your mouth slightly open as you took in shallow breaths, and the way your chest would rise and fall in rhythm with his breathing.

Everything was so fast paced with him. He was a get up and start moving, make choices and get things done type of man. But with you, he could take things slower. Stop for just long enough to appreciate the beauty around him. Which he had no problem doing this morning.

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Imagine having a snowball fight with Woozi and Seventeen.

BONUS: After an hour of playing, everyone is exhausted but you and Woozi are still throwing snowballs at each other. Seeing this, the other members of Seventeen end up leaving you two to be in your world as they go back indoor to warm up.

Make Outs and Mornings After - Jimin

Word Count:1736

Genre: Fluff/Implied Smut

A/N: WARNING!!! There is a bit of implied smut in this fic, so don’t read it if you’re not into that. As for all you thirsty Jimin-biased armys, enjoy(:

“Hey babe,” you say as you say as you stroll into Jimin’s dressing room, smirking when you see his eyes widen at what you’re wearing.

“Uhhh” he manages to get out as he takes in the short black cocktail dress that hugs your body in all the right places.

“Like what you see?” you ask cocking an eyebrow, mirth dancing in your eyes.

“Would I answer your question if I kissed you senseless right about now?” he deadpans, but you know him well enough to hear the underlying tones of desire in his voice.

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Morning After - Sicheng

Requested: i love your works omg!! can you please do a fluffy morning after for winwin? your winwin scenarios are seriously amazing aaaa

A/N: Shortest thing I’ve ever written…

Word Count: 190

You brushed Sicheng’s dark hair from his eyes, your soft fingertips brushing his smooth forehead gently.
You smiled, scooting closer, nuzzling into his warm chest affectionately. His lithe fingers wove through your thick, tangled hair.
Murmuring quietly, your lips brushed the smooth planes of his chest. He answered your quiet murmurs with a low grumble, his chest rumbling.

“What time is it?”

You whined lowly, not ready to leave the comfort of your bed.
Sensually, your pressed gentle kisses to his chest, nosing at his collar adorably. He relaxed against the warm sheets, embracing your petite figure.
He craned his neck, kissing your shoulder innocently. He chuckled lowly, making you squirm. Impatient, Sicheng embraced your waist, rolling over. He snuggled into the juncture of your neck, his frame melding against your own.
His breathing slowed, his long lashes brushing your warm skin as his eyes fluttered close.
You raked your hands through his thick locks gently before embracing his lean frame, lulling him to sleep.

“We overslept!” you cried, frantically pushing your boyfriend from your frame.

He groaned into the pillow, turning from your noisy cries.

“10 more minutes-”

Morning After With Namjoon
  • you roll over to see him smiling down at you
  • “hey baby”
  • “hi”
  • he’d grip your hips, pulling you closer to him
  • he’d rest his forehead on yours
    • leaning down to pepper your face with kisses
  • you laugh trying to push him away
  • you break free only for him to pull you back on the bed
  • the two of you wrestling until you fall off the bed
    • causing him to bust out laughing
  • you lay on the floor laughing at yourself
  • eventually….namjoon would come help you up
  • he’d kiss your head and you both would go into the kitchen to get something to eat
  • after eating you’d return to his room, getting dressed to start your day
  • “so….how was last night?”
  • jimin would walk in with a dumb smirk on his face
  • “out!”
  • namjoon would walk towards him glaring, jimin quickly turning and running
  • “you think they heard us?”
  • you would blush, embarrassed just thinking about what  the boys might have heard
  • “oh yeah, they definitely heard us”
  • you’d playfully punch his arm, leaving him to gather his stuff for practice
Morning After With Junhoe
  • “hey”
  • “hi”
  • you look up at Junhoe smiling, he’s been awake for awhile
  • your mind still collecting itself as you thought about last night
  • you look around the room at your clothes scattered on the floor
  • “yeah, um, was everything okay? like for you?”
  • you pull june in for a kiss
    • you loved how nervous he was that things weren’t good for you
  • he awkwardly laughs at himself
  • you two lay in his bed for awhile, just holding hands and talking about different things
  • you sit up and look down at Junehoe, who notices marks he left on your neck
  • “did i do that?”
  • you grab your phone to look, and just start laughing
  • june is now blushing pulling a pillow over his head
    • you cuddle close to him, reassuring him it’s okay
  • you both just laugh
    • you talk about the night before, you ask each other questions, not afraid or nervous about discussing things
    • you wonder if the others heard you two, what would they say if they did, or would they just pretend they hadn’t heard
    • were hickeys gonna be a regular thing from June?
    • he makes sure you know you can’t do that to him, or else he’d be in trouble
  • you both finally get up and decided to change to start the day