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Ordering coffee in Italy: the 10 commandments

I’ve just read this hilarious article. Excerpts:

Thou shalt only drink cappuccino, caffé latte, latte macchiato or any milky form of coffee in the morning, and never after a meal. Italians cringe at the thought of all that hot milk hitting a full stomach. 

Thou shalt not use the word espresso. This a technical term in Italian, not an everyday one. As espresso is the default setting and single the default dose, a single espresso is simply known as un caffè.

I know @theconsultingtranslator concurs (and weeps when observing London’s coffee habits), but now I wonder if @iremscoffee also has a set of “Thou Shalt / Not” Rules. ;) Do you?

Human Thedosian Cuisine Part 1

Not all of Thedas’ nations are up here, as there’s either too little information on their culture or I haven’t decided on their system yet.

Ferelden is a country focused on very practical ways of making and eating food. While some Western parts of the country are still conforming to Orlesian types of dining (mostly nobility), the rest eats similar to this.

  • Morning’s Meal: Sometimes also dubbed breakfast, as it used to signify the break of the fast during the night the Chantry used to enforce on citizens. This meal is usually taken between 5 and 10, depending on the time of year, and is always taken after sunrise. Most workers do not eat their morning’s meal before sunrise, only when their work limits their available meal times.
  • Main Meal: This is the main meal of the day, taken between noon and before sunset as it is easier to cook with natural light (so think 12 AM to 4/5 PM). Only the nobility and higher-ups in the Chantry can afford to eat this meal by candlelight, as wax is expensive, but even they opt for practicality, a Fereldan mindset.
  • Evening’s Meal: Usually this is a meal only taken by those who can afford it, because of the candlelight used and the cost of a third meal. It’s always taken after sunset, and consists of either left-overs from the main meal or a light, new meal. For some this meal substitutes the main meal as their day’s work has left no place for the main meal.
  • Pudding: Sweets or dessert eaten during Evening’s Meal or as a snack. They are eaten during the main meal “à la orlaise”, meaning all the food gets put out at once, so no courses, just all the food on one table. Sometimes special sweet things are taken after the main meal or evening meal to show off wealth, as sugary goods are quite expensive.
  • Little Things: Are just little things taken throughout the day, such as cookies, salted herrings or cheese. They are often accompanied by a variety of alcoholic beverages, and served in taverns.

Orlais is a country defined by riches and extravagance. Due to its influence in surrounding countries because of colonization and trade, this is one of the most known ways to dine. Orlesian peasants tend to eat like Fereldans, however, in vote of practicality.

  • Déjeuner/Break of Night: Same as Ferelden’s morning meal, taken after sunrise and sometimes even after noon by the nobility. For commoners it usually consists out of a small meal to start the day, but for the nobility it often involves lavish meals and inviting over guests, to chat with during breakfast.
  • Luncheon: Small meal taken solely by the nobility between noon and afternoon. It is small, but often still elaborate in presentation. For peasants this is usually the main meal of the day.
  • Dîner/Dinner: The evening meal, or main meal. Taken around 7/11 PM or even later, it is most fashionable to dine by candlelight, and dining can go on forever at dinner parties.
  • Dessert: The same principle pudding has in Ferelden, Orlais has. In fact, the creation of pudding in Ferelden was a product of the Orlesian occupation, during which it was still referred to as dessert.
  • Grignotine: Little snacks, either sweet or savoury, mostly eaten by the nobility. Commoners opt to eat their main meal throughout the day, by reheating or rehydrating only parts of their food.

Free Marches
The Free Marches is influenced by Orlesian occupation, Fereldan migration, Tevinter, Dwarven and Antivan trade with a multitude of diasporas. Even though the Free Marches adapt systems of countries they’re affiliated/close to, there most peasants generally follow Ferelden custom, due to practicality and low cost. Usually the nobility eats Orlesian, yet some nobility do refer to their own customs. The Free Marches have been divided in different districts which generally adhere to the same customs regarding meal times.

  • Hasmal and surroundings: Takes its style of eating from Nevarra. If enforced, they refer to Orlesian ways of eating.
  • Tantervale: While Tantervale used to dine in Nevarran custom like Hasmal, due to Chantry enforcement their meals are similar to the ways people eat in Orlesian chantries. Breakfast at sunrise, small meal once in the day, large meal just after nightfall (cooking requires sunlight, dining uses candlelight).
  • Starkhaven: While the nobility dines in a weird mixture of Orlesian and Fereldan Coastlands style of dining (due to Orlesian occupation and the dual Alamarri nature of Starkhaven’s citizens) proximity to Tevinter leads Starkhaven citizens to take aspects of all three to their liking. Starkhaven is incredibly diverse in styles of meals. (More information on Starkhaven’s history will come soon enough)
  • Ansburg and surroundings: Antivan in custom, yet less elaborate.
  • Wycome and surroundings: Almost completely Antivan in custom.
  • Hercinia: Due to its population of raiders and traders Hercinia rivals Starkhaven’s multicultural environment and this shows in their style of eating. There are no set customs of dining and people do as they choose.
  • Markham: Somehow strangely Anders in style of dining. Is similar to Ostwick as well.
  • Ostwick and surroundings: Due to proximity like Kirkwall its cuisine is categorised by a hybrid of Fereldan and Orlesian cuisine. Due to the large Rivaini population it also contains elements from there, just used by nobility on occasions due to high spice prices.
  • Kirkwall and surroundings: Similar to Ostwick. Has a large Fereldan population due to the Fereldan Occupation and the Fifth Blight.

Like the Free Marches Nevarra’s nobility is accustomed to Orlesian styles of dining. While this might be, Nevarra, south Tevinter and eastern Antiva share customs in ways of handling and preparing food. Official names for meals are in Orlesian however. Their food is also very much influenced by that of elves of the region.

  • Wajubbat Futur/Denuit: Taken at sunrise, this meal is similar to morning’s meal or break of night. It’s often a quick meal for higher classes, accompanied by lots of dairy. For the common folk meals are a lot larger, as this is the only meal they’ll get for a long period of time in between working. (The name itself is a bastardisation of break of night)
  • Ghada’/Luncheon: Taken at midday (1-3 PM), usually the largest meal of the day. It is often taken with the entire family and guests. As this is the most important meal, and in cases of visitors often elaborate, luncheon can sometimes go on until dinner (in which case the latter is scrapped).
  • Easha’/Dinner: Typically the lightest meal, taken after sundown. Workers tend to eat luncheon just before as work requires them not to take a lot of breaks.
  • Halwaa/Desserts: See Orlesian desserts. Nevarran desserts often contain nuts, honey as sweetener, and dairy.
  • Wajubat Khafifa/Grignotine: See Orlesian grignotine. Like any Nevarran food, most of the grignotine are based on foods around the area.

Tevinter (and territories/colonies)
As Tevinter is incredibly culturally diverse three major regions can be distinguished when it comes to culture and cuisine. Minrathous style of dining is the standard, yet soporati and most laetans tend to dine according to their own customs.

  • Minrathous
    • Jentaculum: Similar to morning’s meal, taken around sunrise, preferably after (4-11 AM). Eaten either after a long party or as the first meal of the day, it consists of mostly left-overs from the Cena.
    • Prandium: A light meal eaten at mid-day (±1 PM).
    • Cena: Taken around 2-11 PM or later, a habit of the old Tevinter Emperium. The main meal is eaten throughout the day and in excess (becoming more elaborate with the amount of guests attending).
    • Dessert: Similar to Orlesian desserts.
    • Grignotine: Similar to Orlesian grignotine, usually taken with or after cena.
  • Neromenian: Similar to Nevarran customs, just with different terms (Most used dialect: Kahvaltı; Öğle Yemeği; Akşam Yemegi; Tatlı; Küçük Yemek).
  • Qarinus
    • Subah Ka Nashta: As Qarinus’ eating schedule is closely tied to religious beliefs of the area Qarinus citizens eat their first meal around sunrise, providing being outside any months requiring a different approach.
    • Dopahar Ka Bhojan: Similar to the main meals around Tevinter, this meal is taken afternoon/midday. It is usually the largest meal of the day, yet the altus class seems to take their largest meal more often at the end of the day.
    • Raat Ka Khaana: Usually a small meal may the one taking it afford it, it is taken during and after sunset. Oil lamps are less expensive than in the south, so even soporati can afford to dine by unnatural light.
    • Mithai: Sweets. Sometimes they accompany a meal, sometimes they don’t.

Antiva, due to its proximity to Tevinter tends to dine in similar custom around the bordering areas. Antiva, just like most parts is bilingual. The nobility tend to use Orlesian names for dining, while merchants use the King’s Tongue. Anyone else just uses Antivan.

  • North-East: Similar to Nevarran and Neromenian customs. Goes by Neromenian names.
  • West (and rest of Antiva)
    • Comida Matinal/Quickling: First meal of the day, usually a very quick and small meal just to start the day. Taken after sunrise (6-11 AM). For commoners, the meal tends to grow in size.
    • Pranzo/Luncheon: A hangover of the Exalted March, the Antivan nobility and rich merchants eat around midday (11 AM - 2 PM). Usually it consists out of leftovers from last night’s dinner or main meal.
    • Cena/Main Meal: Interlinked with Tevinter names, yet different in dining style. This is the largest meal taken anywhere from 2 to 10 PM. Often elaborate during parties.
    • Postre/Dolci/Dessert: Sweets, taken during or after the main meal.
    • Quickling: Small bits of food sold by street peddlers or taken at home during dinner times.

This is part of my Dragon Age meta series. Frankly I could care less about semantics so I’m calling it meta while I’ve made up most of the stuff. This stuff mostly draws from real life, but I’ve made alignments for them I guess. Don’t take these ideas and claim them as your own. If you want to use aspects, just ask me.

Gangster Love

Part 7

Shifting myself off Bobby immediately I heard the band of deep voices carry on into the lounge room. I looked over at Bobby who was now sitting up next to me, his eyes focused on the door.

“Fuck.” I whispered half angry that they’d stopped us from having sex, half worried that B.I would come in to my room and ask why Bobby was in here.

“Stay here.” Bobby whispered looking back at me as he leaned in and kissed my lips urgently. But before I got too into the kiss he was already over by the door opening it slowly. All he had to do was sneak far enough down the hallway to seem as if he were in his room.

When he’d closed my door behind him I laid back on the bed thinking contently to myself about the future Bobby had planned for us. I had to admit, at times I’d have my doubts about how committed to the relationship Bobby was. I mean, it wasn’t like I didn’t trust him, but for how long would he be willing to lie to his brothers? I knew it was best for us to tell B.I before anyone else did, especially Jimin.

The knock at the door interrupted my thoughts as Junhoe appeared with a weak smile on his face. “B.I’s called a house meeting.” He said softly.

After the meeting I stood up to go back to my room, trying to get the thoughts of Bobby out of my head. It didn’t help that he was sitting directly opposite me through B.I’s boring talk, licking his lips and flashing his sharp jawline in my direction.

“Y/N,” B.I’s voice shook my thoughts as I looked down to where he was sitting in his chair. He gestured for me to sit on his lap as he pulled me down and hugged me tightly. “What the fuck were you thinking.” He mumbled softly but he wasn’t mad.

I looked up at him in confusion as he looked around at the other boys who were chatting amongst themselves, getting eyed by Bobby way too often to be subtle.

“Rap Mon called me.” He looked back at me as he leaned his head back against the headrest. I looked down and fiddled with my fingers as I waited for him to continue. “He told me you went to BTS’ house. You fucking shot Jimin in the leg.” He chuckled slightly with his last sentence. “I know you wanna be tough princess, but I can’t protect you if you do shit like that can I?” He spoke sweetly and I nodded in agreement, pouting slightly. “It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me where you’re going, I get it, you’re growing up. But, at least take one of the boys with you okay? Like Junhoe, you trust him huh? I know he admires you.” He rubbed my cheek fatherly as the words came out. I nodded agreeingly again and listened to what he had to say. But was he really trying to set me up with Junhoe?

“Just promise me you won’t go alone again.” I knew that these words meant the end of the discussion, so I complied and nodded.

“I promise.” I smiled softly to reassure him. It seemed to be enough for him as he smiled back at me before taking out his phone.

“I’m gunna order us chicken for dinner, go take a bath and I’ll call you when it’s ready.” He sat up and kissed my cheek before nudging me off his lap. I smiled contently and wandered into my room, getting some pyjamas and a towel before walking to the bathroom to run myself a bath.

Whilst I was waiting for the water level to rise, I looked down at my hand and found myself smiling at Bobby’s ring on my thumb. I left it on the side before beginning to undress. I turned towards the mirror and looked down at my naked form. As the self doubt and hatred began flooding into my mind, I remembered Bobby’s words from earlier. All the compliments he’d given me. It was at that moment I realised that if he loved me as much as I loved him, then looks wouldn’t matter. I know that Bobby struggles with a lot of self hate for his looks, but I think he’s the most gorgeous man in the world.

I stepped into the tub and covered myself in the bubbles. I leaned my head back against the bath and my eyes immediately fell shut in relaxation. My mouth hung open slightly as I breathed in the steamy air of the bathroom. I hadn’t been this relaxed in a long time.

As time went by, I felt the water temperature drop and become luke warm. A knock on the door made my eyes open and realise that the bubbles has dissolved. Before I had time to respond, the door cracked open and Bobby stood there with a shameless smirk on his face.

“Dinner’s here.” He bit his bottom lip as he stared at my body under the water.

“Yah get out.” I chuckled not attempting to move at all.

“B.I told me to tell you.” He said acting innocent as he leaned against the door, letting it open a little wider.

“You’ve told me, now go.” I smiled widely at his cheekiness.

“The chicken is getting cold.” He warned me licking his lips.

“Thank you Bobby.” I chuckled shaking my head as he gave me a content smile.

“I’ll save you a seat.” He smiled and shut the door, finally leaving me to get out.

Once I’d changed into a singlet and booty shorts, not seeing any point getting dressed up just to sit around the house, I made my way to the living room to sit with the boys.

I noticed Bobby’s eyes not leaving me as I sat down next to Junhoe and Jinhwan.

“Eat.” Junhoe said before quickly shoving some chicken into my mouth making me laugh as I chewed. It was good to know that there was no hard feelings between us after what happened. The last thing I needed was to fall out with one of the boys. But the longer I thought about it, the more I wanted to sit next to Bobby. To hold his hand and feed him chicken. To cuddle him on the sofa at night and wake up next to him in the morning.

After the meal, I took the used plates and cutlery into the kitchen and began washing up. I wasn’t even half way through when an all too familiar body pressed itself against my back, wrapping his muscular arms around my waist under the thin material of my tank top.

“Baby,” Bobby whispered huskily in my ear, his cold hands against my warm stomach sent shivers down my spine. “You’re gunna kill me.”

I licked my lips and dried my hands on the tea towel before turning to face him. “What do you mean?” I asked innocently, tilting my head.

“Look at you, wearing a top so see through I can see your tits as if you had nothing on.” His eyes focused on my chest as I arched my back, letting my boobs press against his chest. “Shorts so short that you might as well just be wearing the panties you’ve got on underneath.”

“But I’m not wearing panties.” I said sweetly, running my hand up and down his chest, letting it run over his muscles.

Bobby smirked and shook his head. “Fuck baby I need you.” He whispered as he leaned his lips against mine.
“I need you too.” I whimpered as I felt the pool of wetness between my thighs get bigger at the thought of how desperate we both were for each other. How long it had been. How much love and passion it would include.

I felt Bobby’s hand run behind my back and into my shorts, squeezing my ass. I let out a little yelp and bucked towards him when he slapped my ass cheek harshly.

“Would you let me fuck you right here if I could?” He whispered against my neck, letting me feel the tiny amount of stubble that had grown. “In the kitchen where any of the boys could walk in. You know it would feel so good baby. Hearing you moan as we cum everywhere. Watching your beautiful tits bounce as I fuck hard into you. Seeing how your body arches itself towards me and feeling your pussy clench around me when you’re close. Having you-“

I cut him off by attaching my lips to his. My hand held his jaw as I tilted my head to deepen the kiss. I couldn’t care if B.I was to walk in and catch us right now, all I knew is that I needed Bobby. He walked us so my back was against the kitchen worktop. His body pressed against mine as I felt the huge bulge in his pants. He ran his tongue along my bottom lip and into my mouth as I moaned onto his tongue. His hand moved up my torso and squeezed my boob as I whimpered softly, feeling his palm rub over my nipple.

The only thing that made me pull away was the sound of footsteps coming towards us. I pushed Bobby away and quickly turned around and carried on with the dishes.

“Are you two serious?” Junhoe whispered with wide eyes, obviously aware of what was going on. “I could’ve been B.I, you two need to be more careful.”

I’m not sure what time it was when I heard my bedroom door click open, someone entering the darkness that surrounded me. Everyone was in bed and asleep, apart from now me and as the light showed the intruders face, it was Bobby.

“Baby?” I whispered sweetly and sat up slightly as he shhhed me, crawling under the covers of my bed and on top of me.

“You’re mine.” He growled softly, holding my hip with one hand as he positioned himself between my legs. His lips crashed onto mine desperately as I moaned softly, kissing him back as my hand ran to the back of his head.

I felt his hands tugging on my shorts before pulling them down, desperately pushing up my singlet to let me tits free. My nipples instantly hardened in the cold air as Bobby moaned into the kiss, letting his hand trail over my bare skin.

I sucked on his tongue as I wrapped my legs around him, only parting to pull his shirt over his head, revealing his hard toned abs and cut that was still open and deep. My hand went for his pants but was stopped by his. Bobby began trailing kisses down my neck, my chest, flicking his tongue over my nipples before making his way down my tummy. He got closer to my centre and used his hands to push my thighs apart. I moaned loudly as he left a kiss on my pussy. His tongue soon followed and licked around to collect my juices.

“Bobby, I need you.” I whined, too impatient to play his little power games. By the way he immediately pushed down his pants and hovered himself at my entrance, I could tell he was just as desperate.

“Mine.” He growled again and thrusted into me as his lips fell onto mine. I kept kissing him as he fucked me hard. The built up tension and love was what guided his thrusts. They were deep and hard, making me almost scream out with every thrust.

It wasn’t long before my head was thrown back, leaving me wiggling in pleasure beneath him as he fucked us good.

“Mine.” He repeated as I screamed out from the amount of pleasure I was getting from his cock pounding into me. I didn’t care who heard, Bobby’s pleasure was worth any consequence. 

My nails dug into his back as he quickened his pace, still going as hard and deep as before. I pushed my hips up to meet his, clenching around his cock from time to time.

“Only. Mine.” Bobby claimed me between each thrust, making me moan out like some kind of porn star. Bobby’s lips came crashing down onto mine again as I began coming close to my release.

“Cum baby.” I pleaded to him, making his thrusts faster as he felt himself almost cum. I clenched around him once more and with one thrust, I was screaming through my orgasm for him.

Bobby grunted and carried on fucking me, the pulsing of my pussy proving to be too much as I felt him twitch inside me, releasing his load into me. He carried on thrusting as we both recovered from the amazing sex we’d just experienced.

“Mine.” He breathed shakily and slowly moved his hips in and out of me, both of us not wanting to stop until finally, he collapsed on top of me.

“You okay?” I whispered and kissed his lips softly, wondering what was on his mind to have made him so dominant.

He kissed me back and nodded with his eyes shut. “I just couldn’t wait any longer.”

“Me neither.” I whispered and smiled softly as our breathing slowly came back to normal.

“I love you Y/N.” Bobby whispered as he fell asleep.

“I love you too.” I whispered and closed my eyes, falling asleep too.

Italian coffee culture: a guide

If you don’t want to be taken for a tourist in Italy, you should drink coffee as and when the locals do.

Here are the Ten Commandments of Il Culto del Caffè.

1. Thou shalt only drink cappuccino, caffé latte, latte macchiato or any milky form of coffee in the morning, and never after a meal. Italians cringe at the thought of all that hot milk hitting a full stomach. An American friend of mine who has lived in Rome for many years continues, knowingly, to break this rule. But she has learnt, at least, to apologise to the barman.

2. Thou shalt not muck around with coffee. Requesting a mint frappuccino in Italy is like asking for a single malt whisky and lemonade with a swizzle stick in a Glasgow pub. There are but one or two regional exceptions to this rule that have met with the blessing of the general coffee synod. In Naples, thou mayst order un caffè alla nocciola – a frothy espresso with hazelnut cream. In Milan thou can impress the locals by asking for un marocchino, a sort of upside-down cappuccino, served in a small glass which is first sprinkled with cocoa powder, then hit with a blob of frothed milk, then spiked with a shot of espresso.

3. Which reminds me, thou shalt not use the word espresso. This a technical term in Italian, not an everyday one. As espresso is the default setting and single the default dose, a single espresso is simply known as un caffè.

4. Thou can order un caffè doppio (a double espresso) if thou likest, but be aware that this is not an Italian habit. Italians do drink a lot of coffee, but they do so in small, steady doses.

5. Thou shalt head confidently for the bar, call out thine order even if the barista has his back to you, and pay afterwards at the till.

6. If it’s an airport or station bar or a tourist place where the barista screams “ticket” at thee, thou shalt, if thou can bear the ignominy, pay before thou consumest.

7. Thou shalt not sit down unless thou hast a very good reason. Coffee is a pleasurable drug, but a drug nevertheless, and should be downed in one, standing. Would thou sit down at a pavement table to take thy daily Viagra?

8. Thou shouldst expect thy coffee to arrive at a temperature at which it can be downed immediately as per the previous commandment. If thou preferest burning thy lips and tongue or blowing the froth off thy cappuccino in a vain attempt to cool it down thou shouldst ask for un caffè bollente.

9. Thou shall be allowed the following variations, and these only, from the Holy Trinity of caffè, cappuccino and caffé latte: caffè macchiato or latte macchiato – an espresso with a dash of milk or a hot milk with a dash of coffee (remember, mornings only); caffè corretto: the Italian builder’s early morning pick-me-up, an espresso “corrected” with a slug of brandy or grappa; and caffè freddo or cappuccino freddo (iced espresso or cappuccino) – but beware, this usually comes pre-sugared. Thou mayst also ask for un caffè lungo or un caffè ristretto if thou desirest more or less water in thine espresso.

10. Anything else you may have heard is heresy.

written by Lee Marshall for The Telegraph

Type 1 diabetes

Makes you appreciate small things in life…
Like waking up in the morning
After a nice meal checking and finding out that your sugar level is in the range
Having an energetic day
Having a good night sleep
Injecting or pricking without too much pain
Waiting in the endocrinologist waiting room for your appointment less than five hours….
The list can go on for ever…☕️☕️☕️

-Raise a Glass-

Inspired by this ask for the lovely @dorothywonderland! Sorry I couldn’t figure out a way to make the song Empty Chairs at Empty Tables (it felt more like a Lafayette song??? I dunno). And thank you to the Anon who gave me permission to use their idea!

Anyway, I’m so sorry.

The bell above the door had been wrapped to muffle its usually cheerful chiming. Outside, church bells across the city mirrored the subdued song, as sounds of hushed voices and ratting carts sloshed through the muck dredged up in the streets from the latest rain. The intermittent gasps of those learning the news spread across the city, one house then another, men and women alike all whispering and wailing as they heard of what had occurred.

For now, as he closed the door behind him, he was surrounded by quiet, so, so much quiet, and Hercules Mulligan was glad for it. He nodded to the proprietor of the tavern, grateful for these doors, remaining open on such a day. Without a word, a pint of dark ale was placed at Mulligan’s table, free of charge yet followed by mumbled condolences. He nodded at these too, but did nothing to mask the grimace that settled across his face. He was not the one who needed condoling, and yet all at once, he very much was.

“Knocked down and I get the fuck back up again, huh?” Mulligan whispered as he took up the mug of frothing beer. He saw nothing in it, only remembering everything that had been the cacophony of these last—his friend’s last—few hours. “Right…”

He downed the glass in one go. If there were eyes on him, he did not notice. Or better stated, he did not care. On this night, he was going to forget.

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Arranged {L.H.} Part Five

Yay it’s finally here and my exams are over so I can update a lot more often now! I really liked this chapter, I hope you did too!
-Megan xx

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four

Emma pov

It was a characteristically overcast day when the doctor pronounced my ankle well enough to walk on again. To my surprise, Luke was awake by 8 in the morning and decided to actually come down to breakfast. I still couldn’t support all of my weight, so I clung to Luke’s arm as we walked to the dining hall. Luke chuckled a bit at my struggle, but gladly helped me. The expression on Luke’s family’s faces were full of confusion and surprise as they saw Luke and I getting along so nicely. The king was missing from his seat at the head of the table; but Queen Elizabeth, Ben, and Jack were present around the grand breakfast.

“It’s so good to see you again, dear!” the queen exclaims once she recovers from shock.

“It’s good to see you too Your Majesty,” I smile genuinely, sitting down next to Luke. He scooted his chair an inch away from me. I furrowed my eyebrows together and tried to ignore the hurt I felt. I thought we were past this, I thought we were friends now. This was a normal occurrence before, but just yesterday his chair was pulled as close as it could be to my spot on the bed, both of us hovering over the chessboard.  

“So Lucas, you’re actually awake before we have to pry you from your sleeping quarters?” Jack remarks.

“This is why I never get up in the mornings,” Luke grumbles. His mood has drastically changed within minutes.

“Boys, no fighting! Let’s have a nice family breakfast now that Emma is well again,” Queen Liz commands, silencing the rowdy boys. The rest of the meal time was filled with pleasant small talk, but Luke didn’t speak a word to me.

Once I was finished, I excused myself, knowing I was behind on writing some letters to home. I more or less limped down the long corridor till I heard a voice call after me.

“Emma! Emma wait!” I turned to see Luke jogging to me then matching my pace.

“Hi,” he grins, showing off his bright smile.

“Hey,” I reply half heartedly.

“What’s wrong,” he asks, taking my arm and lending his support when he saw me struggling to walk properly. I accepted his arm, but only because my ankle was starting to hurt.

“Nothing… I just… I thought we were friends,” I mumble the last part.

“Of course we are. I don’t play chess with just anybody,” he winks.

“Luke you moved your chair away from mine the second I sat down and ignored me,” I sigh as I open the door to the study and Luke follows me in.

“I’m sorry, Emma. I just… I don’t want them to get the wrong idea. If they saw us close, they would assume we were romantically involved and start expecting you to become with child. I don’t want to disappoint them again,” he explains warily as we walk into the study.

“Oh,” I start simply, a bit taken back, “I understand what that’s like, to disappoint your family. Everyone wanted me to be a boy when my mother became pregnant and I’ve been a thorn in their side ever since,” I say, sitting at my desk.

“It’s too much pressure, being in next ruler of England. Especially because I’m the youngest. There’s no one for me to dump the line of succession on like my brothers did to me. I just wish I was normal. Peasants are fortunate. They’re free to wear what they please, do what they please, drink as much as they like, have whatever job suits them, be rude to whomever they want, befriend whomever they like…”

“Love whomever they fancy,” I add and he nods in agreement.

“Have you… have you ever been in love?” he asks after a moment of comfortable silence.

“I don’t know. I thought I was once, but I realize now it was only a childish interpretation of love,” I answer.

“What’s it like? To be in love with someone?” I ask, my curiosity getting the best of me.

“I haven’t the slightest clue, princess,” he chuckles. The fond nickname isn’t the only thing that surprises me.

“What? You can’t tell me the infamous lady’s man of England has never been in love! I’ve seen you win a girl’s affections within a minute of meeting her,” I tease him.

“Those girls meant nothing. They were just a game to keep me occupied,” he sighs.

We say nothing after that. There was nothing more to say about it. Luke changes the topic to something much lighter, something to make us both laugh and I began my tedious letter writing. I wrote the same thing every time; begging to come home, expressing my boredom here, and asking about France. But as I listen to the blonde boy tell me about how his horse threw him off it’s back, landing him in the mud yesterday, I start to wonder if I this

place is really so bad anymore.

September 14th was the first completely sunny day I’ve spent in London. It started like any other dreary day. Luke and I emerged from our separate chambers, and the drapes were closed. Luke understands that I don’t like to see the grey sky. After our morning meal, I usually sit in the study and read while Luke writes letters for his father. The king’s health has been deteriorating lately, and until he gets well again, a great deal of his work falls to Luke. He occasionally looks over my shoulder, reading a bit of a page then asking me what’s happening. I promptly suggest he read the book himself and find out, but he declines, reiterating his distaste for fiction books. It was when I looked up that I saw a small sliver of light between the drapes. When I pulled the cloth back to investigate, I was blinded by brilliant sunlight.

“Luke! The sun is out,” I exclaim, marveling at the way the light changes the dull landscape into green rolling hills and a cloudless blue sky.

“Can we go outside? I want to get some fresh air without getting drenched in rain!” I ask excitedly.

“You can, Em, but I have far too much work to do,” he says, putting a slight frown on my face.

“Take a break! Besides, you could use a little sun, Hemmings. You’re looking even paler than usual,” I remark. Luke rolls his eyes, but still scoots his chair out and accompanies me outside.

Everything was so vibrant out in the sunlight. The grass was a soft green, the flowers were vivid pastels, and the brooke bubbled with white foamy water. But the biggest difference I noticed was in Luke. His hair was no longer dark blonde, the sunlight transformed it to a golden color. His eyes were a deep, sparkling blue, the way the ocean looks during sunset. He no longer looked quite so pale and I even noticed tiny freckles on his face.

“Enjoying the view princess?” his pink lips form a cocky smirk.

“I don’t know, my eyes are still adjusting to the light,” I lie, trying to hide my blush. We walked along the gardens, stepping in a mud puddle every now and then. Our conversation varied from the flowers, politics, books, and childhood memories.

“Tell me your worst memory,” he requests. We were lying down in the mostly dry grass, eyes closed, and trying to enjoy the sunshine.

“I was five.  I wandered into a small cupboard while the governess wasn’t looking and I was trapped in there for hours. To this day I still avoid small spaces. What’s yours?” I ask.

“One winter when I was eight, I fell through the ice of the pond over that hill,” he gestures, “I almost drowned, then I was ill for almost a month afterwards.” We talked for almost two more hours. I braided wildflowers into my hair and Luke watched lazily, half asleep on the soft ground. Eventually, we had to go back inside due to the setting sun and the growing pile of work that Luke still had to do.

“I wish the sun would come out more often,” I sigh.

“So do I, it’s nice seeing you happy,” Luke replies. Today, the clear cut lines of our friendship were blurred. There were butterflies in my stomach and my heart beat just a little quicker.

As we turned the corner, I saw a familiar face, one I never expected to see here.


Part Six >>>

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So I went out last night! I had a fancy work party to go to. It was at a fancy hotel and had a theme of “Casino Night.” I don’t gamble so I didn’t participate in those festivities. But I watched. People get intense! It was a lot of fun!

The food choices were incredible. They had carrots, squash, salad, roast turkey, truffle tortellini, and butternut squash raviolis. I also had myself a piece of chocolate mousse cake (my freakin favorite!) and 3, yes THREE rum punches!! I had so much fun.

And moral of the story: these are my “morning after” abs. One “bad” meal is not going to completely ruin your progress! Just be ready and willing to jump back on that horse and put some more work in after. You’ll be fine!

week 31

I can no longer tie my own shoes, I can’t go anywhere without a jug of water by my side (holy thirst, batman!), I experienced my first bout with heartburn at 4:30 this morning, and I have about 2.76 outfits that will fit over my bump. 

I told Blake to hoist me up the pole yesterday because I looked like a giant pirate ship flag in my black and white stripes. If you ever wonder when stripes STOP being cute on a pregnant woman– apparently it’s week 31.

Baby H tap dances like a maniac first thing in the morning, immediately after every meal, and right when I climb into bed. She squirms around like an eel if she gets too hungry, still loves red meat but doesn’t care a thing for fish, and would be okay with me eating every slice of citrus in the state of North Carolina if only it weren’t for that pesky acid issue. Lemon Oreo cookies are my new craving and chocolate milkshakes are my after dinner drink of choice these days.

All joking aside, I do feel pretty good and am VERY grateful for every ache, pain, and twinge. Growing a human sure isn’t easy. But what a gift I’ve been blessed with. 

anonymous asked:

What's tiny tea teatox?

It’s a tea detox program from a company called your tea.

This is what it says on their website:

“My intricately balanced herbal blend will nourish and cleanse your digestive system, providing it the support it needs to replenish and restore back to its natural state. This cleanse will assist with reducing weight, easing bloating, increasing digestion functionality, improving skin clarity, increasing energy levels and alleviate issues associated with food intolerances.

Drink me 3 times a day, 30 minutes before or after meals: Morning, midday and early evening. Soak 1 bag in a cup of boiling water for 5-7 minutes at a time. Avoid drinking me with meals or late at night.”

I have been on their 14 day cleanse and have personally found that it lives up to all it’s promises. 

I really recommend that you give it a go. There are stores in the UK, the US, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Canada.

It’s quite expensive so don’t feel bad if it’s out of your price range. They’re actually running a competition at the moment where you can win a free box (click here to enter). 

OR there is actually a cheaper alternative. Tiny Tea’s main ingredient is oolong, and one of the ways that it makes your digestive system more efficient is by warming it up before you eat.

***So if you can’t afford the real deal, try drinking a cup of oolong tea 30 minutes before or after each meal.***