Better Together

Bucky x reader

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Bucky is just happy to have you in his life (note: so much fluff) 

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Bucky stared happily down at your sleeping figure, twirling a strand of your hair between his fingers. 

He was always one to wake before everyone else, even before he met you. Except, without you, he didn’t wake happily and refreshed. He woke in a cold sweat with his chest heaving up and down and a strange urge to scream until his voice had disappeared. 

However, with you, he couldn’t help but smile anytime he saw you. He woke up without hesitation because he wanted to be awake. He wanted to see you and have breakfast with you, watch you dance around the kitchen as you made eggs and toast. 

His favorite part of the day was the morning, when he knew you would be there. 

You stirred in your sleep, pushing your hair out of your eyes as you looked up to Bucky. “Mornin’, my lovely darling.” 

“Someone’s in a good mood today.” You smirked, kissing your boyfriend’s lips softly. 

“Of course,” he murmured, “I get to see your beautiful face. Any day with that is a good day in my book.” 

You scrunched your nose up, “Too cheesy.” 

It was true, though, you calmed him. His anxiety and worry seemed to dissipate into thin air when you walked into the room. When he was with Steve he couldn’t wait to get home to you. 

Bucky never would have thought that sitting in a living room with tons of blankets and a movie on in the back round would be enough to keep him content his entire life. So long as you were curled up by his side, that is. 

The way you glanced at him through your eyelashes made his breath catch in his throat. He loved you more than anything, and he didn’t know he was capable of that. 

You stood from your spot on the bed, stretching and allowing the fabric of your shirt to rise slightly above your hips. Bucky coughed, staring at the curve of your back and admiring your beauty from behind. 

“Get up, we’ve got lots to do today.” You whispered, coaxing him out of bed with your finger. 

So he did. 

He followed you out of bed and showered, then watched you make breakfast while music blasted in your shared kitchen. 

He smiled, sipping on his coffee and forgetting about everything that once haunted him. Because, he had you. You had him, and everything was perfect. 

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This sign seems harmless enough. But it’s part of a scheme by an anti-choice crisis pregnancy center (CPC) to trick women seeking abortion services. Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) pose as legitimate reproductive health centers. They have a track record of outright lying to women and work to dissuade people from exercising the right to choose.

Here’s what happening: this particular CPC sits right next to a legitimate abortion clinic (called EMW). That’s one way they cause confusion. Check out the “parking permit” gimmick. That’s how the CPC is luring women to the parking lot and getting them to come inside for a parking permit. Once a woman goes into a CPC, an anti-choice volunteer may try to get the woman to miss her appointment or use shame or scare tactics to pressure the woman not to access abortion.

Sketchy and so wrong.