No More Cats! (Dean X Reader)

You sat across from Sam, occasionally taking small sips from your warm tea as you scrolled through the depths of the news for the day. It was one of those days in the bunker where you and the boys did nothing more but sit around in pajamas, finding interesting or funny stories to tell each other while drinking tea and coffee. This was a rare day to have, and you cherished every minute of it.

“Find anything?” Sam asked, looking up from his laptop. You shook your head, glancing at the older brother walking into the library, taking a seat next to you. “Mornin’ sleeping beauty!” you called out. Dean’s eyes were a light scarlet puffy, and the tip of his nose was a deep shade of red. He reached over your laptop, grabbed your cup of tea, taking a sip before gagging and spitting it back into the cup, placing it next to you.

“That’s disgusting!” he called out as you scoffed. “Because it’s tea, you don’t like tea!” you exclaimed as he leaned back in his chair and sneezed. “You feelin’ alright Dean? You don’t look too good” Sam spoke as Dean sneezed once more, groaning as he shook his head.

“I think I’m getting sick. Which is weird, because I never get sick! Dean Winchester never gets sick!” Dean shouted, as you frowned.

“We all need to get sick sometimes, Dean. C'mere, let me make sure you aren’t running a fever” you spoke, as he leaned towards you. You pressed your soft hand against his forehead, feeling his warm temperature radiate through the soft pads of your finger tips.

“You’re a little warm. Why don’t you lay down, and I'all get you some soup. Sound like a plan?” you smiled, watching him nod. Dean slowly got up from his chair, walking back to his room as your eyes met with Sam’s. “It’s not gone, right?” Sam angrily muttered as you bit your bottom lip. “W-What? Y-Yeah, it’s gone!” you exclaimed nervously, as Sam slammed his laptop shut.

Sam leaned forward, pressing his hands down on the mahogany table. “(Y/N), where is the cat?” Sam asked as you shrugged. “Somewhere.. In.. The bunker” you quietly spoke as Sam abruptly stood up and groaned. “Dean isn’t getting sick, he’s having an allergic reaction to.. to Snoopy!” Sam shouted.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” you shouted “The cats name is Schmoopy, Snoopy is a dog! Get your facts straight!” you shouted, before hearing a loud yell emerge from Dean’s room. You and Sam shot each other glares as you both rushed to Dean’s room, watching him poke Schmoopy with one of his shoes. “Get it out! Get that thing out!” Dean cried as you picked up your cat, and held it close to your chest.

The cat purred as he rubbed his head against your chest, feeling the comfort it was looking for as you camped out in the library with Sam. “Dean, I’m so sorry! I didn’t think Schmoopy would leave my room!” you exclaimed as Dean threw his head forward with a sneeze.

“H-How long was this thing in the bunker?” Dean asked. “Nine months, but only because he was hurt! I found him with Castiel, and Castiel can barely take care of a plant! I wasn’t gonna let this cat suffer and be fed hamburgers! I’m pretty sure we all know Cas would take a cat to a diner!” You said as Sam and Dean nodded in agreement.

“Just, let’s bring the cat to a shelter, and call it a day!” Dean exclaimed as you looked down at your feline friend with a saddened glare, as he continued to purr against your body. “Fine. Let me get dressed” You muttered, walking back to your room as Sam looked at his older brother. “Goddammit. All because (Y/N) likes animals, I had to.. to.. AHH-CHO!” Dean shouted as he released a groan. “I sneezed 30 times today, all because of a friggin’ cat!” Dean shouted as Sam crossed his arms and sighed.

“She really loves that cat, Dean. Are you sure you want her to give it away?” Sam asked. “Yes!” Dean scoffed, throwing himself onto his bed. “I will not sneeze every five seconds because of some fat fur-ball sneaking into my room! I don’t care how much she likes the damn thing, it’s going bye-bye!” Dean said, before Castiel suddenly appeared in the doorway, holding the cat.

“Cas!” Dean shouted as the angel flashed a small grin. “(Y/N) prayed to me, over a cat” Castiel spoke, as you stood on your tippy toes, peaking your head over Castiel’s shoulder as you stood behind him. “I don’t like shelters, and Cas is the next best thing!” you spoke as Castiel shifted his head towards you. “I never agreed to keeping this” He said as Dean groaned. “J-Just get th-this thing o-out of m-my r-r- AHH-CHOO!” Dean sneezed, shooting saliva and mucus all over Sam, as he groaned in disgust.

“I do not want this cat” Castiel looked at you as you scoffed. “Let’s be honest Cas, you want the cat. You could name him, Cat-iel! Haha! Get it, like Castiel but instead of Cas it’s-”

“I understand. Thank you for my cat, though I really, really-” Dean groaned, cutting the angel off. “Just take the damn cat!” Dean shouted, and in the blink of an eye, Castiel and the cat were gone, leaving the three of you all alone again. “(Y/N), you still owe me soup” Dean grumbled as you chuckled. “Alright, soup it is. I’ll be back in 20. Maybe I’ll pick up another cat on the way” You winked towards the eldest brother, hearing him yell as you walked away.

“No more cats!”

After Hours: Chapter 23

High School AU; Robin Locksley and Regina Mills are teachers in a high school and they absolutely dislike each other. Could they be any more obvious to the students? Outlaw Queen

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No one heard him.


Everyone still minded their own business.


“This is a cafeteria, Killian! Literally, everyone is loud!” David finally yelled, dropping his peanut butter sandwich on the table before him.

“Calm down, mate! What’s gotten you so pissy this mornin’?” Killian questioned before settling next to his friend. The cafeteria was indeed loud but Killian was too busy to join them. No, he watched his friends around the table, all having lunch –but he was way too busy to deal with insignificant things like food.

“It’s 1 pm… and I’m not pissy.” David said in a pissy voice. Mary Margaret reached over and put a comforting hand on her boyfriend’s arm. The couple smiled at each other and Gold tried not to throw up.

“Sure,” Killian scoffed and winked at Emma from across the lunch table who in return rolled her eyes and took a sip from her drink. “But alas, I did not come here for you. I have important business.”

“Is it lunch?” Ruby snorted from next to Emma and her and the blonde blurted into laughter.

“No,” He replied, a bit too annoyed. “My friends, two teachers have entrusted me with their great secret.”

“Are you sure it’s not two janitors entrusting you with the place they keep the trash?” Emma raised her eyebrows and dared him. Everyone around them snickered.

“Funny.” Killian looked up at her. “But, no.”

“What is it, Killian?”

He raised his head, looked around to see if anyone was watching. The two teachers who guarded the cafeteria seemed to mind their own business. He nodded before looking back to his friends again. The information was too important to risk. “Mr. Locksley and Ms. Mills are together.”

“Ah, not this shit again…” Emma rolled her eyes.

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