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i fucking love moriarty as a character and while i don't ship sheriarty (since i'm a fan of mormor) i'm astounded at the "moriarty is a feminist" thing. also, sherlolly shippers are... sad, honestly. blind, at best. willfully ignorant, at worst. they have no basis for their ship and johnlock is nearly 130 years in the making. just. people are astounding. and comparing being invested in a majority ship to white privilege is both immature, ignorant and horrible. just sayin.

you are a good egg my friend. a good egg.

My Two Cents

Overused introduction about how I never make waves but I just need to clarify a few things so please bear with me

So this is about the rising hate between Johnlock and Sherlolly (and other minority ships) shippers within the Sherlock fandom. Those uninterested in my short rant, please take your leave, I shall harbor no hard feelings. :)

This goes for every single ship in every fandom. You have the right to ship who you want with whomever you want. That is the beauty of free choice! You have the right to hate on other ships. Also, free choice, just not quite as beautiful, in my opinion. 

But the point of this note is for those who are offended by ship hate.

It sucks, but it’s going to happen. People are going to be intolerant of things that they don’t agree with. But our reaction needs to be better than their hate. We’ve taught our society that we should expect tolerance from those who have different opinions than us, yet in turn, we have such a hard time being tolerant of opinions that differ from ours.

We cannot hold them accountable for their intolerance of our ship, because by being hateful in return, we’re being the epitome of hypocritical. 

Our reaction to their intolerance can either end the cycle of ship hate or fuel it. 

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AAHH uhmmmm soo Mormor, obviously, and maybe some Sebastian taking care of Jim after he was hurt? And Jim is kinda like "I can do it myself >:/" and Sebastian refuses to not help Jim?? Idk, it sounds cute in my head ^^

Well, I done my best! Also read it here on AO3

“Fuck off." 

"Jim for the love of god please just let me help." 

"I’m not a child, I can do it myself, I’m more than capable and I’m not relying on anyone for something so simple. I want to do this and go to bed.”

“That’s exactly why you need to let me! It’s too late and you’re tired and might…” Sebastian wanted to say he might fuck it up, might do something wrong but he knew he would be the one who needed help if he dared say that to the man sitting before him.

“You might not be working at your full potential. Just let me help and you can go to bed." 

"SEBASTIAN!” The shout had the sniper still, freeze in place because that shout made anyone’s blood freeze in their veins, or at least anyone with half a brain and he watched with caution as Jim continued to speak. 

“Sebaaaastiann.” This time his name was a drawl but still he didn’t move, Jim was temperamental at the best of times never mind when he was wounded and tired. 

“What have I told you about try to contradict me? You don’t. Why is that so fucking hard to grasp? Is it so difficult to get through your thick skull you stupid MORON! I can manage fine myself, now be a dear and go and get the whiskey~.” Sebastian nodded slowly and left the bathroom, sighing heavily as he picked up the decanter from the kitchen and wordlessly took it back in for Jim, watching in silence as he took a long drink from the bottle and placed it on the edge of the sink. 

He might insist he didn’t want Sebastian help but he could at least supervise, he hadn’t been told to leave which in itself spoke volumes. It was a very subtle way of Jim letting Sebastian know he was needed though he would never admit it. 

Jim stitched the relatively deep cut on his bicep slowly but neatly though by the end of it his breathing was ragged and he was pointedly ignoring Sebastian, pretending he wasn’t in the room as he took another long drink from the decanter. 

“It’s nothing more than a scratch.” Jim just sounded tired now, drained. Annoyed that a small fuck up had caused him an injury and finally, finally he looked up at Sebastian. The skin stretched pale and slightly stumbled over his throat as he looked up at the still silent sniper with tired eyes, opening his hands and resting the palm up on his knees. 

“Take me to bed.” Sebastian finally softened and his shoulders slumped slightly as he saw Jim finally give in and let Sebastian give him what he needs. He wouldn’t say sorry for refusing help, Jim never did apologise but letting Sebastian take care of him for at least one night, well that was apology enough. 

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Yeah I mean there's a difference between saying you hate a ship and being total dicks to the people that ship it. Like I really hate sherl*lly but I don't shit on people who do. It's like calm down dudes. Calm down.

i hate any ship that ships sherlock with a woman, that doesn’t mean i’m gonna go onto sherlolololly blogs and start sending them hate- but personally i think if i reblog a post that’s a bit of a laugh at that ship’s expense then i don’t think it’s right that people start loosing their shit. it’s just not a big deal?? like i’m careful with my tagging and i’m a johnlock blog so just ignore me

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Mormor, "things you didn't say at all". Also, please be more in the fandom and tag, because I miss you there?

It took too long for everything to happen the way it did.  Sebastian, standing in a quiet hotel room, lit up a cigarette in the dark of the room.  In the window, London sprawled, city lights twinkling and casting shadows, stretching lampposts like fingers across the city streets.  He watched the few cars slip their ways down the roads in the dead of night; few out at this time of morning.  Cheeks hollowing, the Tiger sucked in the smoke to fill his lungs, feeling the warmth, the burn, mist deep in his chest. 

James wanted to say something.  Stomach-down on the bed, the sheets were drawn around his waist.  He wanted to scorn the sniper for smoking, especially in a non-smoking room, but the Langham didn’t care, not when it was Moriarty footing the bill.  Rolling slowly over onto his side, he stared at the blond’s back - riddled with scars, dragged with strawberry-red lines from the magpie’s claws.  Yes, he wanted to say something, because smoking would kill the man, eventually, he knew. 

And Jim wanted to keep Sebastian Moran around as long as he could.

Looking over his shoulder, Moran wanted to say something.  He wanted to comment on how beautiful Jim looked in the dim lighting from the city outside.  He wanted to tell him how ridiculous he looked with muffled hair and pink cheeks.  But he didn’t.  Instead, he turned back to look out.

James wanted to say something.  His brown eyes tracing the hues of light on Moran’s body, catching bits of sweat with a glisten.  He wanted to tell him how important he was, how he was more than just a hired hand, more than just a sniper.  That he was a lover, a companion, a friend.

But he didn’t.  Instead, he rolled over, facing away from Moran, to check his watch on the nightstand for the time.

Sebastian wanted to speak.  He wanted to ask Jim to stay, to tell him that he could keep him warmer than any detective or plot could.  But he didn’t.  Smoke left his nostrils and billowed in the room, and he heard the rustle of sheets as Jim rose from the bed, and gathered his clothes, scattered like forgotten relics on the carpet. 

As the criminal dressed, the sniper finished his cigarette, leaving it in an empty whiskey glass on the beside table, a tender hiss leaving as a few drops of liquor touched the burning tip.  Crawling back into bed, Sebastian figured it would be a good place to sleep for the night.

And he wanted to ask James not to leave, but as the criminal toed on his shoes and glanced back, the room stayed silent.  Moriarty, grabbing his jacket, shut the door on his way out.

In the hallway, with the door to his back, James grinned, and shook his head, making his way to the elevator.

In the room, with the sheets drawn around him, Sebastian smiled, and shook his head, rolling over to sleep soundly.

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fact: Jim gets really anxious when he travels, not because of any one aspect but because he can't stop imagining all the things that could go wrong like losing his bags or missing his connecting flight and he overthinks to the point of stressing himself out so much he feels sick and it's not as bad when he travels with seb but when he's not there Jim's a bit of a wreck so to help seb will send Jim text and picture messages all day, usually ft. the dogs to give him something better to think about

hell yeah

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I was tagged by fuck-off-watson, thanks so much dude! i’m in spain so we’ll see whether the wifi’s good enough to post or nah.

Name? Ada

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Some mormor fic recs for RJ

I was requested by rj-abacura to make a little list of fic recs. Now, because I mainly read short fics, most tend to fall into one of two categories: shameless porn or angst overload, so I decided to pick a few of my favorites from those two categories. This is by no means a definitive list of my favorites but it’s a few. Warnings etc. are found in the fics’ tags.

Thunder by Senket

Short, sad, mortal injury. What more do you need?

Snap. by GameandWolf

Power play. It’s perfect. I have no more to say


Don’t even get me going on this one d o  n O t even

Work by Dragonstomper

Sebastian competing with Jim’s phone for attention, a scenario that is not used nearly enough in fic in my personal opinion

Again at Philippi by paisley-pie

Same scenario as Thunder, but with a different outcome can you tell I love fics where Seb is grieviously injured way too much

Dirty Talk by therecognitionscene

This is literally everything good and one of the best depictions of Jim talking dirty (in my opinon) that I’ve read