Upon being introduced to people, you can only say their last name. Except your soul mate: you can only say their first name. Ever. Like, no matter how hard you try you just can’t say their last name. Can you imagine, like:

Person A: Good evening Mr. …?
Persona B: [last name]
Person A: [mouthing last name, trying to say it]
Persona B {frowning, bit insulted}: [repeats last name slower]
Person A {flustered now}: [still mouthing] [gives up, extremely embarrassed] 
Person B {glares, says sarcastically}: Just call me [first name]
Person A: [says name easily]
Person A&B {blinks}: Oh. Oh hell

Open For Commissions again!

Hello lovely followers! <3

Once again, I’m having a little trouble making ends meet thanks to recent events in my life. So I’m open for commissions again. 

Starting at 10$ an hour, I will write you 


-Work with your OCs

-Porn (Isn’t this fanfiction, though?) 

-Original Fiction

The 10$ an hour is my starting price. In order to get an accurate quote from me, I need to discuss things via email. There are some things that might cost extra, but I’m a pretty quick writer and though I don’t have a lot of extra time on my hands, I need these commissions at the moment. After I give an outline via email of what you want, we settle on a price.

Payments are made in full via paypal after my work is finished. 

If you can’t afford to commission me right now, I understand completely. By reblogging this post, you’re helping me out a lot. Seriously. Almost as much as a commission would help. 

You can find examples of my work and style here

If you have any questions, please ask away! My ask box is always open. 

From Russia With Love by moriartyisback​ (click to read)

Sebastian Moran is the best, also the most untamed agent of the British Government. He doesn’t like the mission he’s been sent to but that might change when he meets someone even more untamed than he is.