Do you ever just think of your otp and your chest gets physically tight and you can actually /feel/ your emotions. As in: your body is reacting to your thoughts and releasing hormones and chemicals and sparkles into your bloodstream to make you actually /feel/ your chest tighten because you’re that much in love with these characters?

gumbroz… since I can’t send you private message (ask disabled/no fanmail) I’m just going to write a post and I sincerly hope that you will take a minute or two to think about it.

All I am asking is that you, please… please remove and delete your latest fanart! Link: [x] (cw: pedophelia)
Yes, you tagged it with Age Difference AU and kid!Jim but that’s not… that’s not what this picture is. It’s showing an adult seducing a child. A child that can neither give consent nor understand what is happening. That’s not an AU, it’s not a kink, it’s not a liking that some people might have. It’s a sickness. It’s pedophelia. One doesn’t glorify it or even worse, turn it into some Alternative Universe and/or something that gives you, as the artist, recognition and notes.

It’s harmful and plain disgusting… 

Sebastian worked under JM for years before meeting her in person.
He had to guess for every bit of information he got. He guessed she was a woman by her texts and that she was Irish by her slang. The name Moriarty was going around, that’s how he guessed.
When they met, he wasn’t given any freebies, either. He became her live-in and lover without knowing her first name, taking to calling her boss, kitten, and J.
Any time he thought of a name beginning with J, he took a stab.
“Jenna? Jemma? Jennifer? Jane? Janice?” “No, nope, ew, not even close, are you even trying?”

Hey everyone!

You can take my word with a grain of salt, but I wouldn’t lie to you.

Go follow daillyxd2 and her art blog daillyxd.

She’s an amazing artist and loves Sherlock and doesn’t shiphate and is fucking hilarious and generally awesome. (Also, Mormor and Sheriarty people, you’ll REALLY like her.)

That is all. <3 you all