mormons at the tonys!

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Robert Lopez Spooky Similarities

Lin-Manuel Miranda (In the Heights, Hamilton, Moana) and Bobby Lopez (The Book of Mormon, Avenue Q, Frozen) have both won the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album: Lin for In the Heights, Bobby for The Book of Mormon.

Both have worked as composers for Disney. Lopez for Frozen. Miranda for Moana.

Both have worked with Jonathan Groff

Both have worked with Andrew Rannells

Both are Tony Award winners

They even both went to the same high school. THE. SAME. HIGH. SCHOOL.

If this isn’t eerily awesome, I don’t know what is


My mother, for whatever reason.. I’m not sure why she did this, but she made me watch the Tonys one year. She was like, ‘I think you would like this’, and she turned on the Tonys. It was the 1990 Tony Awards. They all did these huge numbers, and I thought ‘that is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. That’s exactly what I want to do with my life.’
Andrew Rannells


I blame my friends for bullying me into making this

I’m sorry Andrew

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: Gavin Creel lost the 2009 Tony for best performance by an actor in a musical to three prepubescent boys that played Billy Elliot. Like sure they were good, but Gavin Creel is a national treasure forward slash 3rd degree hottie who deserved it. I'm frustrated by the politics that govern the Tony awards like giving one of the highest honors in American performing arts to a slew of infants is such a publicity stunt and it drove Gavin away. He had to go to London to get any kind of recognition bc the brits could see he earned an Olivier even though its like a widely known fact that the west end doesn't receive american works as well as we take their ALW bull crap. He JUST got back to NYC and I'm sure he's gonna be in some award winning piece of theatre real soon and I'm nervous the Tony overlords are gonna be dick wads again.

Killer Couples
The Murder Of Michaela Costanzo

On the 3rd of November 2011 in Nevada, Michaela Costanzo was lured into Kody Patten’s suv, where she was bound and shoved in the boot. Patten’s girlfriend Toni Fratto then joined them for a drive to “The Gravel Pits” section of the desert. Once there Costanzo was pulled out, Fratto sat on her legs whilst Patten slashed her throat. Afterwards Fratto beat her with a shovel before burying.

Toni Fratto and Kody Patten pled guilty to avoid a death sentence and received life sentences

The Doomed Relationship

18 year old Toni Fratto was a devout Mormon, quiet and a high achiever until she met Kody Patten, he had severe anger issues and took them out on Fratto. School footage captured Patten strangle Fratto but as she had the mental maturity of a 15 year old she didn’t realise she was being abused.

Michaela Costanzo was a pretty and popular girl who was a longterm friend of Kody, the pair only dated once many years ago but remained friends. Fratto became obsessed with the thought of Patten leaving her for Costanzo and became jealous, possessive and isolating by making him cut contact. Fratto kept a diary expressing her disturbed hatred towards Michaela.


Ben Platt does not yet have a Tony Award.

Theatre Kid Truth #2

You know your all thespians in the car when you sing in harmony with every song on that comes on the radio.