there’s a glitch in my speaker system where the next song on the queue starts playing a few seconds before the current one ends. my sister was playing music through the speakers, and she queued “making things up again” from tbom after “you gotta die sometime” from falsettos. so the damn thing ends with, “you gotta die some time…what with all your aids and everything”

hey guys! i’m jared, and i’m doing art commissions!

the prices are as above, with a couple additions: if you want more than one character, add half the price per character. prices are flexible, though! 

i’ll also do pixel art at 5 pounds a piece, with the same stipulation as above for more characters- but these can also have a simple bounce and blink animation for an extra pound! seen below:

if you can’t buy, reblogs are appreciated!!

contact me through my ask box or the messenger, and we’ll talk!

Did I ever tell you guys that I personally know somebody who was in the cast of the Book of Mormon bootleg with Ben Platt and Nic Rouleau