Not pulling his leg
EDMONTON — Canadian actor Ryan Bondy, who plays the lead role of Elder Price in the Broadway Across Canada production of The Book of Mormon, can be authentically called a Broadway veteran after the performing the role on the Great White Way for 10 shows. Make that 10 and a quarter.

Serving as a standby for actor Nic Rouleau on the Broadway stage, Bondy had understood that if the show passed the intermission point, the likelihood of performing as Elder Price — an innocent Mormon missionary who finds himself knee-deep in the horrors of war-torn Uganda — was practically non-existent.

“Nic Rouleau is just a powerhouse of a performer and he hardly ever called out,” Bondy recalls over coffee at in downtown Edmonton the morning after his northern Alberta debut in the touring show.

“So there’s a part in the show, (Elder Price’s second-act song I Believe) where there really isn’t much singing left to be doing. So as a standby you’re thinking, ‘OK, I’m not going to go on. My night’s over.’ And then there was a knock on the door.”

Bondy recalls the following exchange:

“You need to find your costume, you’re going to be going on.”


“Nic pulled his leg.”


“I couldn’t believe this was happening. They couldn’t find my costume at one point. I’m standing in the hallway, and I had like a song-and-a-half to get ready to go on and make my Broadway debut,” Bondy says.

Omg I just remembered that when my humps was charting my cousin did a performance with her friends to the song in a Mormon church event in Portugal and it was amazing cause no one knew what the lyrics meant but there was an apostle visiting from America and he was mortified and I loved it.

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