Black Orchid - Fredclarkeara Black Lace ‘Baker’s Dark Angel’ 

In nature, black flowers are rare. The reality is that there is almost no plant in the world that is truly black in color. Most are shades of deep blue or reds or purples. This is also true about orchid flowers. Growers and hybridizers have tried many different orchid plants and hybrid orchid varieties to try to get to a truly black flower.

Among the most notable hybrids (since 2010) with truly black flowers (currently commercially available from Sunset Valley Orchids) you can find Fredclarkeara (Asparagales - Orchidaceae), an intergeneric hybrid between the orchid genera Catasetum, Clowesia and Mormodes. (Ctsm. x Cl. x Morm.).

The Fredclarkeara breeding produces flowers that are fragrant, have lots of color and are long lasting. As you can see on this one in the photo, the Fredclarkeara Black Lace 'Baker’s Dark Angel’ is indeed black.

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Photo credit: ©Brent Baker | Locality: cultivated (2013)

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Magnus showing concern for Cleo

Magnus would not admit to anyone, but the idea of the rebels capturing the princess disturbed him greatly. He didn’t want to care what horrors she might be experiencing at this very moment. Besides, the princess death would put an end to this ridiculous betrothal his father has insisted upon. It would be for the best. But, still…it bothered him.

Rebel Spring, p. 142

“Father, stop it,” Magnus said

“Be quiet boy. I need to make the princess aware of a couple of important things.” His cold gaze sank into her like death itself, drawing her deeper into his darkness. “If you ever underestimate my desire to hold on to this throne, my dear, you will deeply regret it. Consider today a small demonstration of this.”

Magnus paced angrily in a circle. “Father. this isn’t necesarry. You’re killing her.”

Rebel Spring, p. 253

But she didn’t fall. Someone was there, reaching an arm around her waist to steady her. She looked up expecting to see Nic, but it was Magnus.

His dark eyebrows were drawn tightly together. “Problem, princess?”

“Is there something wrong?” Magnus asked “You look upset”

Cleo wiped away a tear and didn’t bother looking directly at him. “Do you care?”

Rebel Spring, p.307-308

Magnus lunged and thrust his arm out, catching Cleo across her chest as he shoved her back. She fell hard on the ground. 

“That son of a bitch shoved you.” Nic whispered to Cleo. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” But confusion still clouded her thoughts and not only about the boys claims. Magnus had acted instinctively at the sight of the dagger, He hadn’t shoved her to be cruel. He’d done to…protect her

Rebel Spring, p.313-314

Was she really so certain he wouldn’t tell his father everything she’d said? Everything she’d overheard? “Be careful princess.”

“I always am.”

“Always? Or starting today?”

Gathering Darkness p.123

What truth about Cleo? There was no truth. She was merely a girl he’d been forced to marry. But if he felt nothing for her, why did he continue to protect her? He hadn’t even realized that’s what he’d been doing until she brought it to his attention, but she was right. Time and time again, he’d chosen to keep her safe.

Gathering Darkness, p.210

“Trouble with your shoes? Are they too tight for the long walk?” he asked, eyeing the fine golden sandals that peeked out from beneath her skirts.

Her jaw clenched. “Not at all.”

“Good. I’d hate to think you were in constant pain due to your poor choices.”

They continued on in silence. Magnus tried to ignore the uncomfortable heat and resisted the urge to remove his jacket. And frankly, his boots were rather uncomfortable as well.

Gathering Darkness, p.266

But before Cronus could send the blade through Cleo’s heart, he halted for a mere fraction of a second.

Because another blade found his heart first.

Cronus gasped, looking down at the tip of the sword impaling him from behind. He dropped his weapon and fell to his knees on the dungeon cell floor.

Magnus yanked his weapon back, letting Cronus drop fully to the ground and he hissed out his last breath.

Gathering Darkness, p. 319 (all that scene but i won’t write it all)

He struck her hard across the face, causing her to shirk and stagger backward. She fell against the altar, striking her head on it’s edge. It tool all the willpower Magnus had not to move from his spot.

Gathering Darkness, p.394

He caught her arm and she brushed past him “Is everything all right, princess?”

“Everything is fine.”

“Look at me.”

Cleo gritted her teeth before forcing herself to meet his dark gaze. As soon as she did a thousand different emotions hit her all at once and her eyes began to sting.

No, not here. I won’t cry in front of him.

Magnus drew his brows together. “Tell me why you’re so upset.”

“As if you care.” She looked down at his large hand gripping her upper arm. “You’re hurting me.”

He let her go immediately and she felt his gaze hot on her back as she walked away.

Frozen Tides, p.144

Cleo cried out, pressing her palms to her temples as blood began to trickle from her nose. Magnus watched in horror.

She turned toward Kyan, and Cleo fell to the ground. Magnus rushed to her side, helping her back up to her feet, and swept her golden hair away from her face.

Frozen Tides, p.162

He knew he had to fight for his people, to destroy his father and Amara, to take back his kingdom before it was too late.

But right now, at this very moment, all he could think of was Cleo.

Frozen Tides, p.351

The whole chapter 31 until he finds her.

Frozen Tides. p.369-376

Just as Cleo’s hand slipped, Magnus grabbed her wrist and hauled her up over the side, crushing her against his chest as he pushed them backward and away from damage.

“Are you hurt?” he demanded

All she could do was shake her head.

Frozen Tides, p.406

Despite the extremely awful quality of this picture, I still want to post it, just because I felt so good about myself this morming, when I took the picture. I had just returned from an 8km run with my mother and it was a beautiful day outside. A few months ago, when I would’ve looked at this picture, I would’ve only seen my flaws. I would’ve seen my long upper body, my short and thick legs, my broad shoulders… Now I see the fact that I fit into an XS t-shirt and that it looks good on me, I see my muscular, strong legs and my graceful upperbody. This past few months I have learned to love myself and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me.