introducing: MORLY

There’s very few (popular) female producers, and barely any that capture both femininity and bass at the exact same time - MORLY however found the perfect balance. On her debut Seraphese the Minnesota-based producer flirts up the piano with some aaah’s and a really warm, complementing but subtle bass. It very much feels like a “hello, there’s much more to come, you ain’t seen nothing yet” kind of track - a bit like that amazing press pic of hers.

stream: Morly - Maelstrom

Morly brings this thing we dubbed female bass to a *whole* new level on her new track Maelstrom, which actually feels somewhat like being dragged into a whirlpool - one we’d love to drown in, though It basically 2k15’s version of post-rock, slowly building towards nothing in particular but bringing you into this higher spirit thanks to its atmospheric basics whilst 100 things are happening at the same time. Incredibly beautiful.


Um som suave, leve e sereno. Assim é Seraphese, gravado há alguns meses atrás.

Em graves profundos e um discreto vocal, o destaque vai para o lindo piano que Morly, uma misteriosa produtora de Minneapolis com apenas 3 singles, propõe. 

Em seus outros dois singles, Morly conta com a participação de Banks em um e de Ryan Hemsworth, noutro. Vale conferir!

Molliarty (morly, whichever you prefer) <3

So! I need some help, O wonderful and knowledgeable followers.
I cosplayed as Molly for animazement, and it was a ridiculous amount of fun! There was even a Jim (kibachi) who is amazing and took lots of pictures with me. :3 But now I have a dilemma. I’m really attached to Molly, and I want a nice Molliarty fic to read, but I cannot find any. :( I dont want her to be the mastermind, or for Jim to scar her mentally (that was a creepy fic!). Preferably something where Jim just really loves Molly.
Okay, no. Anything is fine, just make it fluffy please. I’ll try any fic you send my way!

So PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE recommend me a fic if you know of a good one! I’d love you forever