Last week, I spent most of my days and nights running around Austin non-stop, taking in a seemingly infinite array of incredible music sets. While many people who attend SXSW like to sleep in and take their time making their way out to shows, I like to do the opposite. This is the reason why I was fortunate enough to catch Morly at an early afternoon event when the crowd was thin and there was plenty of space to breath and really appreciate the true beauty of the incredible singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer’s music. Today, the Minneapolis based artist premiered a brand new single named Plucky. The hypnotic indie pop piece boasts a subtle hip hop beat on top of which her pristine vocals glide. Morly weaves a rhythmic web of agile drums and nimble synths, entrapping me in her song. I fall deeper and deeper into Plucky as its loops and layers wrap their spiraling tendrils around me. Plucky will be on Morly’s forthcoming EP, Something More Holy, out April 8th on Cascine. 

Be careful you don’t forget to breath while we listen to The Choir, a starkly haunting song from Minneapolis’ Morly. Though sparsely minimalist, the exquisite song reverberates and echoes within a somber atmospheric expanse that reaches far and wide. Morly’s voice is stunning on the song, floating elegantly yet ghostly over the song’s deep and guttural pit of despair. The Choir is pure magic, a song you have to put everything down for as it draws every molecule of your being into into its flickering shadows. The more you listen to it, the more you notice its nuanced detail… that gossamer horn, those muted beats. FKA Twigs like sensuality meets Lapsley deliberateness on the striking song from a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer full of creativity and talent. The Choir is available now on iTunes via Cascine.

A couple of weeks back, lo-fi composer Morly shared “And Sooner Than We Know It…”, a stirring, wordless hymnal that utilized distant vocal coos, simple piano lines, and delicate percussion to convey an understated sense of optimism. “Drone Poem (In Defense of My Muse),” a new track which you can stream below, employs a similar palette (and a few choice words) to a much more disquieting effect. Both songs are featured on Morly’s debut EP, In Defense of My Muse, which is slated for an August 14 release via Cascine.


Morly Grey - Peace Officer

introducing: MORLY

There’s very few (popular) female producers, and barely any that capture both femininity and bass at the exact same time - MORLY however found the perfect balance. On her debut Seraphese the Minnesota-based producer flirts up the piano with some aaah’s and a really warm, complementing but subtle bass. It very much feels like a “hello, there’s much more to come, you ain’t seen nothing yet” kind of track - a bit like that amazing press pic of hers.

Last month, I made it a point to get out early on my final day at SXSW to catch Morly at the Hype Hotel, despite my exhaustion from the week’s jam packed schedule. Her stunning performance during that intimate set made it well worth the while, and I can’t wait to see her again when she makes her way out to San Francisco someday, particularly after listening to the Minneapolis based singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer’s forthcoming EP, Something More Holy. The title track from the EP is an exquisite example of how arresting her beautiful voice and her dark minimalist electronic pop can be. That delicate yet flawless voice floats across Something More Holy’s intricately textured soundscape, its gospel imbued ambient indietronica swallowing me whole into its cavernous depth. Please don’t miss this incredible artist’s music if you’re at all fond of acts like Lapsley, James Blake, and WET. Preview the Something More Holy EP in full on Soundcloud. The EP will be available April 8th on iTunes or on limited edition vinyl from Cascine.

Audio Disclosure Podcast - Episode 03

Hey everybody, Audio Disclosure Podcast Episode 03 is now available over at SoundCloud or in iTunes and Stitcher.  This podcast was born out of episode 02 when I had a bunch of great electronic songs I wanted to use, but they didn’t fit the format of that episode.  So, I decided to make a podcast focusing on electronic music.  You will find various styles of electronic music in this podcast.  Styles like Drum and Bass, experimental, which some people may refer to as art house or avant-garde.  You’ll also find styles like electronica, synth-pop, and alternative electronic.  There are a lot of styles of electronic music and I designed this podcast to share a lot of the songs I have been hooked on, while recognizing that not all styles of electronic music are presented here, but I think you’ll find its a good blend of styles.  As a reminder, all the music you are going to hear has either been purchased by me or in some cases donated by the artists themselves.  Thank you all for listening and let me know what you think either in the comments or by sending me an email at or over on twitter.  Enjoy :-)

Delta Heavy
Reborn Single
Nov 02, 2014
Ram Records

I wanted to lead off with a track that just captivated me when I heard it and Reborn is it.  This track is so powerful and just makes me want to move when I hear it.  Delta Heavy is the project of Simon James and Ben Hall.  They met in 2003 and aligned their similar interests in music and released their first song on Viper Recording’s ‘Acts Of Mad Men’ compilation in June 2009.  Then in 2010 they signed to Ram Records.  They have released a bunch of great EPs and singles like Down the Rabbit Hole and Punish my love.  Their first LP, ‘Paradise Lost’, is coming on March 18th this year.  Be sure to check that one out.  You can pick this track up where all major music is sold.

Breathe (Alternate) [feat. Dave Gibson]
DC Breaks
Ram Drum & Bass Annual 2016
Dec 11, 2015
Ram Records

This track is an alternate version of the original single released back in October 2nd, 2015.  DC Breaks is the project of Chris Page & Dan Havers.  This track is a great example of the type of music that DC Breaks puts out.  It hits both the radio friendly, dance floor vibe while retaining it’s underground roots.  Listening to their music it’s clear to see the appeal of this talented duo.  Just take a look at many of the tracks they have released to see what I mean.  Faithless in particular really shows the quality of their songwriting skills which is one thing that sets them apart from many Drum n Bass acts today.  There is also a lot of anticipation around their upcoming debut album, which still has an undetermined release date, but I and many others I am sure, are very much looking forward to it.  You can also pick this track up where all major music is sold.

Avec Sans
Resonate Single
Gravity Wins
Apr 27, 2015

Resonate was a track that came up in my SoundCloud feed and I just fell in love with it.  Avec Sans is the project of Alice Fox and Jack St. James.  After a remix of Bon Iver’s Perth generated a lot of buzz in Hype Machine the two decided to formerly become Avec Sans and have been performing live and making singles which have appeared in an episode of MTV’s Scream and they seem to be getting more and more exposure each month.  Currently, they have a four singles out now.  Resonate, which you just heard, as well as All of Time, Shiver and Hold On.  be sure to head over to their website where you can listen to music, watch some of their videos and see where they are playing next as well as connect on social media.

Leftfield & Channy Leaneagh
Alternative Light Source
Infectious Records
Jun 8, 2015

I have a strong nostalgic connection to Leftfield.  Their debut album Leftism released back in 1995 remains a staple in my electronic music collection and it is an album I just love revisiting.  Their first track was actually a collaboration with Sex Pistol’s John Lydon on a track called Open Up, which led to the album Leftism.  Then in 1999 they released Rhythm & Stealth, which served as a forward evolution of their sound while maintaining a similar style keeping familiar, but fresh.  For me a huge hole was left when Leftfield stopped making new music after their second album.  Then in 2010 I read they played a festival called Creamfields and it was very promising that they might return.  On March 25, 2015, the new single, ‘Universal Everything’, premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show. Shortly afterwards the new album was announced and I was just ecstatic.  The album is excellent as it continues that forward evolution I mentioned previously.  Be sure to check this one out.

Choir - Single
Jan 11, 2016
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Choir is another song that come up in my SoundCloud feed and as you can see it’s just beautiful.  Morly is the project of Katy Morley and according to an interview she did back on February 10th with Interview Magazine she spoke how this song, like many others she works on, was born out of a feeling and that feeling leads to a melody and I appreciate that insight as it adds to the depth of the song.  She goes into more detail on her music and what coming next.  It’s a really great interview and I will have a link to it in the post for this podcast so you can give it a read.  Morly does have a new EP that is available now for pre-order.  The EP is entitled ‘Something More Holy’ and it comes out on April 8th.  You can check out her previous EP, In Defense of My Muse, as well as this song over at Cascine’s BandCamp page,  You can also find her music in iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.

Snow Leopard
Tri Angle
Oct 30, 2015

Rabit is the project of Eric Burton who is based out of Texas.  This is his first full album and while his previous works were more associated with the grime genre, Communion seems like a departure from that in a very positive forward thinking way.  Snow Leopard is dark and has a pounding rhythm that permeates you when you listen to it.  This particular track I selected does not fully represent the general darkness, dread and violence you can feel in the majority of the tracks on the album, but this one just stuck with me.  For examples of what I am talking about, you have to check out the lead off track Advent, Artemis and Flesh Covers the Bone.  Burnerz is another really great track which brings in some really great 8-bit synth samples intermixed with that sense of dread coupled with grime-y assaulting beats.  Head over to Tri Angle records to hear more from Rabit or check out his music in iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.

The Blind
Owt Kri
From A to U -
Exclusive to The Wire magazine as part of their Below The Radar series
Alrealon Musique
Dec 4, 2015

Owt Kri is the project of Kenneth Kovasin’s and he has been making music under that moniker since 2005.  His music is experimental with a dark ambiance using avant-garde sounds to build a very unique sound.  This particular song really stuck out to me for it’s eeriness.  it almost feels like it belongs in a John Carpenter film and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.  Owt Kri put out his debut album The New Seed, which was given to me by Philippe Gerber and it very impressive.  To give you more of an example of the type of music you’d get from Owt Kri let me read you a quote from the albums description,

 "The New Seed where elements old and new clash and light a path towards the future, creating a brave new world. A world where ambiance, melody and noise are bound together in a polyamorist marriage of disharmony and ethereal atmospheres, walking hand in hand.“  

It truly is an album to experience.  Be sure to head over to Alrealon Musique’s site to hear more and pick up a copy of the album.

Martian Spaghetti Western
Pas Musique
From A to U -
Exclusive to The Wire magazine as part of their Below The Radar series
Alrealon Musique
Dec 4, 2015

That song is aptly named as it really does blend both science fiction and old west atmospheres.  The term ‘Pas Musique’ translates to ‘not music’ in french, metaphorically negating everything that is established in music and thus starts from a clean perspective. It’s a conception fueled by the love of life and art. It’s a desire for honest artistic self-expression. Pas Musique started in 1995 out of Brooklyn, NY, USA by Robert Pepper.  Since then Pas Musique has evolved into a collective with many different instrumentations and lineups. Permanent members include Amber Brien, Jon “Vomit” Worthley, Michael Durek, and Robert Pepper.  They have also had many other guest contributions form artists like Cathy Heyden, Anthony Donovan and Philippe Petit just to name a few.  Their most current album is called Inside the Spectrum and you can listen to it and pickup a copy for just $7 over at the Alrealon  Musqiue BandCamp page, which I will link in the blog.

No Good
Txufo Wilson
Joaquin Soundtrack
Txufo Wilson
Jun 21, 2015

Txufo Wilson, as you may recall from episode 02, is the founder of the band Empty Files and he sent me a link to this soundtrack a few weeks ago and it is just outstanding.  The music was made as part of a false trailer, which is just a micro film showcasing the idea for a film, but isn’t a full film.  While making music for the project Txufo created more music which is an extension of the original theme created for the trailer.  Now, Txufo did mention that the company who did the trailer, Fuzzfan Producciones, hopes that they could actually film this in full sometime down the road both time and funding depending.  I hope they do because it seems like a fun idea.  The soundtrack, which is available for free at Txufo’s BandCamp page, which I'e done a write up for in the blog, is as I stated before outstanding.  When I first heard this I had not seen the trailer yet so I knew absolutely nothing about the film, but with the music Txufo has created and the song titles i just kept imagining all of these potential scenarios and what it could be about.  I feel that is a testament to the atmosphere and emotion in the music on this release.  be sure to head over to get the soundtrack.

Trying to Hold Every Little Second That Flies Away
Tympanik Audio
June 23, 2015
Lugano, Switzerland

This is the 5th studio album from Stendeck and comes after a 4 year hiatus.  Stendeck is the project of Alessandro Zampieri who started making music under the moniker Stendeck back in 1999 with his first demo album coming out in 2002.  Over the years his sound has evolved in to what we hear now, which is a collection of ambience, distorted beats and noisy keys with acoustic instruments.  The album is excellent as Stendeck finds a harmonious balance of varying styles of electronic music like ambient, electronica, IDM and industrial woven into a beautiful tapestry known as Folgor.  Definitely add this one to your playlist if you haven’t heard it already.

Winter Linn
Warp Records
Nov 03, 2014
St Albans, Hertfordshire, England

Chris Clark has been actively making music since 2001, but my first introduction to Chris Clark was with his 2006 release Body Riddle and his sound has really evolved since then in very good ways.  That’s not to say the previous music wasn’t good, quite the contrary I feel, but to see the evolution of his sounds over time has been really awesome.  Clark is the 7th studio album for Chris Clark.  The self titled album is a great collection of melodic piano loops with abrasive synths, pummeling techno and eerie ambiance.  Clark as an album is emotional and powerful while also menacing and pulsating.  So if you like music that is engaging and can really grab hold of you, you must check this out.  Head over to Warp Records or to Clark’s website, to hear more.  I should also point out that he recently did the score for the film, ‘The Last Panthers’ which will be released by Warp Records on March 18th.  So check that also.

Intelligent Benign (2014)
For No One In Particular
Oct. 1, 2014
Chicago, Illinois

I stumbled on Teig’s music while browsing the electronic section of BandCamp.  Teig has a total of 10 releases out now over at his BandCamp site,, eight of which are EPs and this album is his second full LP.  'For No One In Particular’ is very emotive album.  Using delicate piano work, glitchy synths and captivating beats Teig is able to create a truly immersive album that tells an emotional story.   'Intelligent Benign’ to me is a great example of the type of music you are in store for.  It has all the elements I mentioned previously woven together superbly that builds up to a stunning conclusion.  It’s definitely one of many tracks that will stay with you after you have heard them.  Teig is currently, working on his next LP entitled 'A Guilty Existence’ which is due out on March 21st, 2016.  You can pre-order the album now over at BandCamp for just $7 in digital or $15 for the limited edition CD.  I should also point out that right now Teig has an outstanding deal going on where you can get all 10 current releases including the upcoming LP for just $13!  That is a steal and a-half so definitely head over and check it out.  I am really happy I stumbled on his music and have pre-ordered the new LP and am very excited for it to come out.

Ghostly International
Feb 5, 2016
Brooklyn, New York

Beacon is Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett and this is their second album.  Their first album 'The Ways We Separate’, which was released in 2013, is more ambient and laid back than the sophomore album.  I like this album more than their first one as they have taken their sound from the first album and built off of that while exploring new areas and taken their music to a new level, which results in a very engaging and invigorating album.  Taken directly from their BandCamp page, Escapements is about time, to put it simply, and all of the baggage it brings. The title is taken from clock mechanics; escapements are timekeeping regulators designed to transfer energy at a constant pace.  Thomas Mullarney was quoted in saying, 

"I was attracted to this concept because of the entropy it implies.  Friction and changes in amplitude over time mean every escapement, no matter how well crafted, will lose its accuracy and effectively slow down time via its own decay.”

This theme is delicately explored through Beacon’s music and lyrics, which engages ideas of loss and pain using a surreal palette.

Midwest Collective
Jul. 1, 2014
Punta Gorda, FL

Home is the project of Randy Goffe and I also stumbled on this album on BandCamp while browsing the Electronic section.  Synth-wave or synth-pop seems to really be making a come back these past few years and Home’s music is a really great example of why it’s so popular.  It brings in synth elements that hearken back to the 80s synth-pop synth-wave era, but in an modern way.  The album is really excellent and you should check it out.  Randy also mentioned to me that his new album 'Falling Into Place’ which was released on February 26th, 2016 is available at Home’s BandCamp page,  Also, currently all of Home’s releases are available for $1 or more if you so choose at BandCamp.  Be sure to head over and check out Home’s music.

Kasaya / Seeking Blue Records
Feb. 15, 2016
Denver, Colorado

Illenium is the project of Nick Miller and Ashes is his debut album. I stumbled on the album on BandCamp so this is my first introduction to Illenium. The album is pretty diverse, which was surprising to me.  It really is a testament to the versatility that Nick has.  The album is really well balanced and you can find elements of dubstep, dance, hi-hop, R&B, trance and trap in their album.  Track 3, With You (feat. Quinn XCII) gave me pause and I thought I was listening to a completely different album.  There are a few more tracks like that on this album where you might ask yourself, “Am I listening to the same artist still?”, but I love that because it shows the range of the artist.  Ashes is an excellent album with high replay value, so definitely be sure to check this one out.  You can pick up a copy at Illenium’s BandCamp page, or other places where music is sold.  If you’re into vinyl, you can pick up a limited edition, 180g double LP version of the album for $35 at the BandCamp page that I mentioned.

Sometimes We Are - EP
Viper Recordings
Jul 24, 2015
London, England

Koven is Max Rowat and Katie Boyle and in December of 2011, the Koven project was sparked into life with the ‘Wake You Up EP’.  It instantly made an impact across the scene and their very first release saw support from some of the scene’s more important and influential curators at the time including UKF and Inspector Dubplate. Since that time they have out out solid tracks and are actively working towards their next full release. This song, 'Lasting’ just grab hold of me when I heard it over a month ago and it just hasn’t let go. I can’t listen to it just once because it is just so beautiful. This song is a prime example of why Koven is a force to be reckoned with in the scene right now. Just wait for the stunning crescendo in the last 50 seconds. It just floors me every time.

stream: Morly - Maelstrom

Morly brings this thing we dubbed female bass to a *whole* new level on her new track Maelstrom, which actually feels somewhat like being dragged into a whirlpool - one we’d love to drown in, though It basically 2k15’s version of post-rock, slowly building towards nothing in particular but bringing you into this higher spirit thanks to its atmospheric basics whilst 100 things are happening at the same time. Incredibly beautiful.