The 100 Stars Reveal What’s Next for Bellamy and Clarke in Season 5

The 100 cast on interviews: a summary
  • Bob: Cute/shy as hell. Smiles a lot. Sweaty. Answers Bellamy questions only. Accent.
  • Eliza: Pls no more bellarke. Also accent. Loves kids/motherhood. Can't contain her excitement on Maddie.
  • Lindsay: Laughs a lot/really loud. Sexy. Loves answering all questions. Is pumped 24/7.
  • Richard: Resting bitch face. Laughs at everything Bob says. Pays zero attention to the interview.
  • Marie: Sassy af. Doesn't care about giving spoilers. Gives always the same answers.
  • Chris: Speaks only once to say something incredibly funny/clever. Observer. Looks like he's about to cry 99% of the time.

The 100 Interview | Comic-Con 2017 | TVLine

I’m pretty sure everyone who has watched the cast interviews at this point have noticed that Bob starts giggling to himself everytime Marie talks about Octavia’s new role in s5…

I am just awfully curious about this

anonymous asked:

Hey April Bellarke is totally happening next season but people is still like no,whatever happens in space is still in space once he is in earth all change,but you see Bobby's interviews are really confusing,i know he doesn't know to much,and so clear that bellarke is on the list that Jason said to no spoil,but it's me or Bellamy is gonna change more than what we expected.I need you wise and understanding words here,than you.

No, its not you. Based on everything I head in Bob and JRoth’s interviews we should expect to see big changes for almost every character who has been in space. We’ve only ever known them while they were at war, so it makes sense that Bellamy, after 6 years of peace would have a new feel to him. 

However, (and I mentioned this in a previous post) they’re still going to have to make these characters who’ve grown and changed over 6 years feel the same so we (as the audience) aren’t confused/lost/don’t understand why these characters are behaving they way they do (this is something JRoth confirmed in SDCC interviews)!

So basically, expect change, but know that you’ll still see the Bellamy we all know and love. Believe in Bob’s ability.