A Bit Much

Request: Can I pls have a bob x reader image in which they are both actors and in one scene reader gets a panic attack and he takes care of her. It can be a rly emotional scene or maybe sth like a torturing scene you can choose. Pls make it rly angsty 💕

Requested by: anonymous,

A/N: So I wasn’t sure if you meant the reader has the panic attack in the scene and like that’s why Bob supports her, or if she has it because of the scene. I went with the latter, so hopefully I was right :)

Pairing: Bob x Reader

Warnings: panic attack.

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“Hey, they’re calling for us.” You heard Bob say as he walked through the door to your trailer. “It’s time to shoot the scene.” 

Smiling up at your make-up artist, you stood up from the chair, straightening out your purposely ripped shirt. You were about to do, what was probably your trickiest scene yet with Bob, after your character had been captured by Ice Nation and tortured for information. Bob’s character, Bellamy, had just found you and it was meant to be a really emotional scene.

Normally you were fine, and though you worked hard to make sure every scene you were part of was well-acted, you never got nervous or anxious. But after the hundreds of times your director and producer and basically everyone had told you this was a pivotal moment for you and Bob’s character and it had to be perfect, you were starting to feel the pressure. It also didn’t help that this was the scene Bellamy finally confessed his feelings for Y/C/N and was a really intimate sweet moment that you didn’t wanna mess up.

Taking a deep breath, you tried your best at smiling at Bob, nodding. “As ready as i’ll ever be.”

Of course spending as much time with you as Bob had it wasn’t hard for him to tell that that was a complete lie and you weren’t ready. So he took a step closer to you, silently looking at the employees around you, asking with his eyes if they could give you two a minute. They easily complied, walking towards the door but not without your makeup artist and trusted friend offering a squeeze on the shoulder for support. 

Once they were gone, Bob walked until he was only just before you. You stared down, not daring to look up and meet his eyes, because you knew you’d only see pity and you already felt guilty enough for being this stupidly nervous. “Y/N.” Bob spoke, “look at me.”

You pouted, “no.” You grumbled, “this is embarrassing. I’m an actress, I shouldn’t be this nervous for one scene.”

“Hey,” a hand fell on your chin, pulling your gaze up at Bob. “It’s not odd for you too be nervous.” You didn’t respond, trying to even out your breathing. You noticed Bob’s lips curve into a small smile, as he laughed. “You know, i’m just as nervous.”

That shocked you; “really?”

“Yeah,” he shrugged, his cheeks flaming just slightly. “I mean this is a really intense, close scene and I have to do it with such a pretty amazing woman…” He trailed.

“Bob…” You whispered in bafflement, you never knew he felt that way.

“I’m a hundred percent positive this scene will come out amazing just because you’re in it.” He complimented, “not to mention your amazing acting skills.”

You felt your heart beat rapidly quick, and just as you were about to say something in return a loud banging echoed on the door to your trailer. Jumping, you held your hand against your chest; “time to shoot!”

“Coming!” You called back, pulling Bob’s attention back on you. Smiling brightly up at him, you brushed a strand of curly hair that had fallen into his eyes. “Ready to go?”

“As ready as i’ll ever be.”