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I'm looking for some tumblr friends

Okay, so Tumblr should be about making friends, right? Well, I want some.

If you love/like any of these things and wanna be friends, dm me!

Music: The Neighbourhood, Halsey, Melanie, Emily Kinney, Twenty One Pilots, Marina and The Diamonds, Sabrina Carpenter.

TV Shows: Riverdale, Fear/The Walking Dead, Scream: The TV series, Gravity Falls, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Conviction, Over the Garden Wall, Steven Universe, Girl/Boy Meets World, The 100, Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, Preacher, Shameless, Skam, Eyewitness, Humans, etc.

Favorite Fictional Characters: Bellamy Blake, Beth Greene, Jughead Jones, Mickey Milkovich, Elliot Alderson, Maya Hart, etc.

Favorite Celebrities: Sabrina Carpenter, Emily Kinney, Bob Morley, Alycia Debnam Carey, Sabrina Carpenter, Rami Malek, Cameron Monaghan, Carlson Young, Katelyn Nacon, etc.

The only ships I ship: Bellarke, Bethyl, Normily, Starco, Gallavich, Evak, Barchie, Stalia (i barely watch tw)


walking in on Bellamy getting changed in his tent.

“Hey Bell, Clarke’s- holy shit.” Upon seeing Bellamy in only his boxers, you curse at yourself for being so awkward and stupid. No wonder Clarke insisted only you go get Bellamy for her; she had been trying to set the two of you up since forever. 

“Clarkes holy shit?” He repeats back, looking at you with a smirk and you find your eyes trailing the defined lines of his abs. God, is he beautiful and god, he knows it. 

“What? No, Clarke’s, um, looking for you.” You reply, averting your eyes from him as he dares to walk closer to you. You swallow the lump in your throat as you look him in the eyes. 

“And what are you looking for?” He teases and you look at him with a raised eyebrow. 

“You.” You try to remain cool but you laugh loudly at yourself and try to ignore the soft, fond way Bellamys looking at you. Your breath hitches when he places a hand on your cheek, his other hand holding his shirt. When he leans in and places his lips on your neck you start to think that maybe Clarke does know what she’s doing.

tbh it’s so funny to me when pictures or gif sets of attractive guys/girls show up on my dash and everyone’s fallin over themselves talking abt sitting on faces etc and i’m just like ya ok their hair’s nice but do they tell lame jokes?? do they like cats? would they stay up all night w me for netflix marathons?? how do they take their coffee? i need to kno their sign and favorite avenger before i develop a crush


genre swap →  the 100 ●  zombie apocalypse (part one)

the world we know is gone but keeping our humanity? that’s a choice

  • Hey, instead of trying to cancel the 100, how about you just get the fuck out??? Some of us still enjoy the show. Sorry your favorite character died, it sucked and her death was pointless.that doesn't mean you need to actively try to get the show canceled. You also have no right to lash out and say nasty things to anyone that disagrees with you. So just stop, enough is enough. Kindly leave our fandom and go to ftwd.
With Christ, success is not performance; it’s surrender.
To succeed is to surrender your motives, ambitions, and priorities to Christ.
Seek to know Him more personally.  Measure your worth and gain your identity by faithfulness to Christ, not by production.
Let your service come from the overflow of a vital daily communion with the living Lord.

Patrick Morley 

Walking with Christ in the Details of LIfe


Favorite Instagram posts + Alycia Debnam Carey (pt.1) (pt.3) (pt.4)


Favorite Instagram posts + Alycia Debnam Carey (pt.2) (pt.3) (pt.4)