mork and mindy

Chapter 7 of Legion- Two For the Price of One (Warning....spoilers)

Tonight’s episode of Legion was AMAZING. This show never disappoints.

Noah Hawley took it to a whole new level though when we got not one David Haller, but two. 

While David’s in the coffin that the Shadow King put him in at the end of Chapter 6 freaking out, his subconscious creates a rational version of himself that happens to be British…..

With a British accent….

With Dan Stevens’ British accent…

That’s right boys and girls. Tonight we got David Haller talking to Dan Stevens. 

Noah Hawley, thank you. I haven’t encountered something this utterly meta since the Mork and Mindy episode Mork Meets Robin Williams.


I miss you these days.

There is a non-zero chance that this is just because that hairstyle was A Thing during that era, but I can’t help but think that, in the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Peter Quill’s Real Dad, 1980 version, looks more than a bit like Robin Williams as Mork from Ork.

(no pictures of Fabulous 80s Hair Dad, because the internet is failing me)

last night, i woke up in the middle of the night, grabbed my phone and jotted down three notes about thizzee in part ii that i was convinced i needed to share with you all when awake so here goes:

- the yellow brick road: when thor and dizzee run away from the cops in the animation in the club scene, the road that dizzee creates to the opera is literally a yellow brick road.

this seems like a pretty obvious reference to the wizard of oz, where dorothy and her friends walk it to find the wizard in the emerald city. for those who don’t know, after wwii it was very common for gay and queer men to refer to themselves as friends of dorothy (hilariously leading the navy, while investigating homosexuality in their ranks in the 80s, to think there was some gay mastermind called dorothy that every gay person knew, but i digress). and while in the film, the wizard turns out to be a fraud, the ‘queer friends’ (that’s what they’re literally called in the book, i’m not kidding) learn to accept themselves as they are.

- mork in an afro: when little wolf calls dizzee ‘mork in an afro’ at the club after their first performance it’s kind of shrugged off lightly (for dumb non-americans like me, mork refers to a tv-series called mork & mindy where robin williams played an alien called mork). but later, when dizzee is making the comic for thor, it comes out a lot more hateful and dizzee is visibly stricken.

once again, someone is pointing out how he doesn’t fit in and is actually hitting all of his insecurities bang on by calling him an alien, the same thing he has come to see himself as. like, ouch, my heart

- finally, the third note i’m pretty sure is related to The Painting Scene, and specifically dizzee painting on thor. i had to screenshot it because this is all it says:

so there’s that