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surrogate snazz time go

Who cooks normally? 
I’d say they trade off usually, except Parsee doesn’t think she’s very good at cooking, and Yuugi isn’t very good at food that isn’t more traditional Japanese fare. (They end up going out to restaurants more often than they’d like to admit.)

How often do they fight? …Good question.  I think in terms of serious fights, they’d happen from time to time, because LET’S FACE IT Parsee can get pretty spiteful without meaning to be
playful fighting happens a lot though because yuugi gets a kick out of it

What do they do when they’re away from each other? 
Parsee sits and guards her bridge (so basically nothing) and Yuugi strolls about the town drinking and fixing any problems people ask her to fix.  I think she’s called in to clear any cave-ins that might happen being underground and all, since she’s the strongest so the job’d get done the fastest…

Nicknames for each other?
DOES “STUPID ONI” COUNT?  seriously tho i think the most that would happen is Yuugi calling Parsee “Par” and maybe occasionally throwing in a “darlin’” or something because A CERTAIN SOMEONE mentioned it to snazz once and it’s my headcanon now

Who is more likely to pay for dinner?
and basically all she does is make parsee feel bad that she always foots the bill without realizing she’s making her feel bad

Who steals the covers at night?
yuugi again
but then she pulls parsee towards her at night rather like a stuffed animal so they both end up under this huge mass of covers 
and parsee pretends like she’s annoyed but she’s totally not

What would they get each other for gifts? 
i swear to god parsee would buy yuugi a rug because she’s like a crazy cat lady except with persian decor instead of cats
and yuugi would buy parsee sake unless she had some other brilliant idea.  parsee wouldn’t end up drinking it and it would just sit in parsee’s house for emergency supply whenever yuugi came over. 

Who kissed who first? 
Yuugi totally wanted to be the one to kiss Parsee, but Parsee decided to surprise her for once instead of vice-versa and she just SMOOCHED HER RIGHT ON THE LIPS and yuugi just kind of went into shock like “DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN GOD PARSEE’S SO CUTE” for a few minutes, while parsee was more like “DID I REALLY JUST DO THAT”

Who made the first move?
Parsee, probably because she slipped up and admitted some things and ended up having to confess because Yuugi kept coaxing her towards the truth

Who remembers things?
Parsee honestly would probably be really good at remembering dates and things.  She just acts really nonchalant about it but IF YUUGI IS LIKE “WOW YOU REMEMBERED MY BIRTHDAY” she just goes “O…OF COURSE I DID…” and basically just tsuntsuntsunderetsun

Who started the relationship?
again, probably parsee with coaxing from yuugi

Who cusses more?
Yuugi.  she sees no problem at all with it.  Parsee’d probably use a few minor cuss words here and there when she’s frustrated, but that’s really it.

What would they do if the other one was hurt?
OK so like.  Parsee would freak the fuck out and like.  Fuss over Yuugi a lot, even though she’d later DENY ANY OF THAT HAPPENED.
and if parsee was hurt yuugi’d find out how parsee’d been hurt and if anyone had hurt her
and if it had indeed been someone who hurt her they’d wind up hospitalized or worse themselves because Yuugi’d take revenge tenfold on anyone who hurt Parsee.

i like being surrogate snazz it’s fun