091815// I started writing way back in elementary, and I have held editorial positions both in our high school paper and in our college journal back at uni. I’m very used to editing, be it news articles or short stories, and at one point, a novel. I’m used to crossing out chunks of paragraphs. Putting comments and suggestions. Correcting punctuation and grammar. I still know most of the copyediting symbols. I guess this is why I like printing out my reading materials – I’ve become so accustomed to holding paper in one hand and a pen on the other, scribbling corrections or notes. And it’s a good feeling.

Who Killed Markiplier Theory

Alright, so to be completely honest, I suck at these but I have a lot of thoughts on Chapter Two.

1.) The Colonel and the Chef obviously know each other. During the gun show down the Chef called Colonel “private” and telling him he “didn’t work for him anymore”. From that it can be assumed the the two were in the army together. But what significance that has, I have no idea.

2.) My thoughts are that Pamela is probably going to play the part of Mark’s grieving widow, the obvious morive being whatever Mark may have left her in his will.

3.) Call me crazy, but I think Mark and the Colonel are brothers. For one, Tyler says that he “thought they were the same age”, leading one the believe their twins. And most importantly, at the very end Colonel says that “he will not be called a murderer in his own home”. It also makes sense at to why he might hate Mark. Perhaps they grew up together and were close, but when they grew up the Colonel went to the army and Mark became famous, and when the Colonel came back, Mark treated him badly because the fame went to his head. Alternatively, Colonel could be jealous because if Mark is the older brother, customarily HE would get the largest amount of inheritance (i.e. the house, a majority of the money, etc.).

Like I said, I’m sucky when it comes to good theories so this is all probably garbage, but feel free to share your thoughts :)

ma ci pensate a tutte le cose, piccole e grandi, che avete superato senza nemmeno rendervene conto?
ci pensate a quanto eravate preoccupati la sera prima degli esami di terza media?
a quando dovevate incontrare il ragazzo che vi piaceva e morivate dall'ansia?
a quando vi preoccupavate se per il giorno dopo avevate interrogazioni o compiti in classe e non avevate studiato niente?
ad affrontare un giorno di scuola consapevole che avrebbe fatto schifo, come i precedenti e quelli che sarebbero passati?
alle discussioni con i vostri genitori che sembravano irrimediabili?
alle litigate con la vostra migliore amica e alla paura di perderla?
pensate a questo e pensate che inconsapevolmente voi riuscite a superare tutto ciò senza nemmeno accorgervene.
voi siete persone forti e le persone forti non si arrendono alla prima difficoltà.
—  tralanotteilcuore