My vague childhood memories include this clip of hedgehogs crossing the road to “Stayin’ Alive”

Thankyou Great Britain

You prepared me for the Sherlock fandom from a very young age…

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Sherlock wakes up in a cold sweat. "Something wrong?" John asks him from the doorway before adding "you shouted in your sleep" in reply to Sherlock's unspoken question. "Bad dream, I'm fine now John." Sherlock tells him unconvincingly. "Moriarty?" John asks concerned because Sherlock isn't this rubbish of a liar. "No, not him" Sherlock says shaking his head. "Who then?" John asks and Sherlock replies 'the woman' and adds "I begged for mercy. Twice."

jesus you guys are trying to kill me

Jim Moriarty | Age: 35 | Evil Bitch | FC: Andrew Scott | Open

Like a modern day Hitler with less genocide, Jim Moriarty’s life goal is to be rid of Sherlock Holmes. Whether there be a specific reason hidden underneath the exterior of a damaged and deranged man or not, he will always be the villain. The villain who can change a person’s life so thoroughly that no detective, not even the great Sherlock Holmes, can identify it. No one, not Sherlock, not Scotland Yard, not a single man alive, knows who Moriarty really is, because the story has always been up to him to decide.