"If you go against Magnussen, then you’ll find yourself going against me"

Guys, can we calm down about Mycroft being in cahoots with Magnussen?

I’m not sure why people automatically jumped to the conclusion that Mycroft is suddenly an evil mastermind (evil? no. mastermind? yes). In season 1 and 2 Moritarty was Sherlock’s equal, just an evil version. Think of Magnussen as the evil, yet equal, version of Mycroft.

It’s been established several times in this season that Mycroft is intellectually superior to Sherlock– “I am the smart one”; “If you seem slow to me, imagine what normal people are like”;  the mind palace scene where Mycroft is coaching and directing Sherlock. Since Mycroft is smarter, it’s only natural that Sherlock is unable to beat him in intellectual games like their deductions. Sherlock was able to beat Moriarty, but only just. So just imagine what an Evil Mycroft, or Magnussen, would do to Sherlock. Absolutely destroy him.

Mycroft is warning Sherlock about the dangers of Magnussen. Sherlock will need to be at his peak when dealing with him and may even need to enlist the help of others (which he does anyway).

So why doesn’t Mycroft just take care of Magnussen himself? I think he will. Magnussen and Mycroft are both in high positions of power and there’s no way Magnussen will only go after Sherlock.

We’ll just have to wait and see!


My vague childhood memories include this clip of hedgehogs crossing the road to “Stayin’ Alive”

Thankyou Great Britain

You prepared me for the Sherlock fandom from a very young age…

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Sherlock wakes up in a cold sweat. "Something wrong?" John asks him from the doorway before adding "you shouted in your sleep" in reply to Sherlock's unspoken question. "Bad dream, I'm fine now John." Sherlock tells him unconvincingly. "Moriarty?" John asks concerned because Sherlock isn't this rubbish of a liar. "No, not him" Sherlock says shaking his head. "Who then?" John asks and Sherlock replies 'the woman' and adds "I begged for mercy. Twice."

jesus you guys are trying to kill me

Jim Moriarty | Age: 35 | Evil Bitch | FC: Andrew Scott | Open

Like a modern day Hitler with less genocide, Jim Moriarty’s life goal is to be rid of Sherlock Holmes. Whether there be a specific reason hidden underneath the exterior of a damaged and deranged man or not, he will always be the villain. The villain who can change a person’s life so thoroughly that no detective, not even the great Sherlock Holmes, can identify it. No one, not Sherlock, not Scotland Yard, not a single man alive, knows who Moriarty really is, because the story has always been up to him to decide.


playing with omegle 6
  • Stranger: Jawn?
  • You: Sherlock? -JW
  • You: what on earth have you been doing? -JW
  • Stranger: Oh, you know... pretending to be dead-SH
  • You: yes....HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME! -JW
  • Stranger: Im kidding, its not really Sherlock - JM
  • You: shouldnt you be dead too -JW
  • Stranger: Oh, the look of excitement you got on your face when you thought it was really /him/
  • And no, Im not as stupid as your boyfriend... I didnt /really/ kill myself. Obviously - JM
  • You: I could help you with that, you know make sure you stayed dead -JW
  • Stranger: Not if I kill you first - JM
  • You: as if -JW
  • You: if you're alive, so must be Sherlock -JW
  • You: do you know where he is? -JW
  • Stranger: You are clever, arent you? Why would I tell you... I need you-JM
  • You: i wont be your hostage anymore -JW
  • Stranger: Oh, but you will be. I dont know where Sherlock is and Ill use you to get to him - JM
  • You: I could kill you right away, since you're no use to me -JW
  • You: That could bring Sherlock back to me -JW
  • Stranger: Whats the point in killing me? You really think that would bring him back?
  • My snipers would have you gone in a flash if I were to die like that you know... youd definitely never see him again-JM
  • You: would you like to bet on that? -JW
  • Stranger: I dont need to- JM
  • Stranger: What makes you so sure of yourself? - JM
  • You: Meeting Sherlock? Oh i dont know, maybe he set this up just to get you -JW
  • You: Mycroft has been helping -JW
  • Stranger: Even so, you just told me his plan. I can still kill you, youll still be dead and Sherlock with have to live himself with his little pet dead - JM
  • You: And end it with me? Do you really think I'd be here unarmed? -JW
  • You: *pull's out a gun*
  • Stranger: I have snipers. Theyll kill you and you wont even know where they came from - JM
  • You: are you sure your snipers are there anymore? -JW
  • Stranger: I...what do you mean? - JM
  • Stranger: Youre trying to trick me out are you? -JM
  • You: what do you think i meant -JW *smirks*
  • You: they already got moran -JW
  • Stranger: What do you mean /they/-JM
  • Stranger: Sebs strong... he can fight his way out... - JM
  • You: not this time, oh he did fight alright. But there was too many. Tell me Jim how does it feel to lose someone you love? -JW
  • Stranger: I dont love... I didnt... what do you mean by lose? -JM
  • You: he struggled he tried to run, he got shot -JW
  • Stranger: -aims gun at you-
  • I will kill you. -JM
  • You: *aims gun at moriarty* *shoots* and runs
  • You: NOW!! *he yells and the shooting begins*
  • Stranger: -with the last of his energy he shoots john-
  • You: *John fells down behind barrels*
  • Stranger: -realises he only got shot in the leg and tries to pull self up to get to john-
  • Stranger: I will.... kill you! -JM
  • You: *Sherlock appears behind Jim and shoots him in the head*
  • You: No one simply threats my loved ones -SH
  • I just killed Moriarty, i cant believe it FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!
  • My Moriarty was Thank you for this great act

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this is foreshadowing. you will also cry. B\

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i hope you’re ready

WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE YOU TO SAY THINGS LIKE THIS. oh dear maybe i should do as vita suggests and get some tissues.