Morita-san wa mukuchi...

I recommend. It’s about this silent high school girl and her daily life.
It was a 4-koma manga, but turned into an anime (ノ´∀`*)
it’s separated into 2 seasons, both 13 episodes long…
and apparently there’s a third season coming out…. sometime? LOL

how can you resist these high school gals?

I think the reason I liked Morita-san wa Mukuchi so much is because I can relate to Mayu a bit. She’s so quiet and shy around people, that while she thinks of the appropriate way to respond in a conversation, she completely misses the opportunity to actually respond.

Each episode was only three minutes long, which is poopy because after watching the OVA, I was hoping the TV show would be longer. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying it. Also, apparently there’s a second season that starts right after this one. I’m not really sure you can call them different seasons BUT WHATEVER. I enjoyed Morita-san and this makes me very happy.