// reader death

Imagine walking around Heavenly Host, tired and nearing death. You lean back against a wall, slowly sliding down it when a small girl comes up to you. You look up at her, though its hard to see her face past her long black hair. Noticing her ripped dress you use what strength you have to ask her if shes hurt, only for her to shake her head and sit with you in your final moments.

ll Closed Highschool AU with ask-the-2p-kirkland-duo ll

Morishige walked down to class 2-9, pushing his glasses up his nose and looking around.

His class had started to prepare for the school’s culture festival, some of the costumes his one friend - Mayu - had made in his hands as he hurried down to the classroom.

He saw a young woman that looked lost, going up to her and smiling a bit as he said, “You must be new here… Who are you?”

Continued Highschool AU damn tumblr is a dick


She nodded, plugging her ears and humming as he said.

Morishige quietly went downstairs, stopping and watching.

He saw a woman with jet black hair that was wearing a pink and teal uniform, lying on the floor and staring at something in horror.

“N-No… Please! Let me go!” She begged, pressing herself against the wall.