ll Closed Highschool AU with ask-the-2p-kirkland-duo ll

Morishige walked down to class 2-9, pushing his glasses up his nose and looking around.

His class had started to prepare for the school’s culture festival, some of the costumes his one friend - Mayu - had made in his hands as he hurried down to the classroom.

He saw a young woman that looked lost, going up to her and smiling a bit as he said, “You must be new here… Who are you?”

Continued Highschool AU damn tumblr is a dick


She nodded, plugging her ears and humming as he said.

Morishige quietly went downstairs, stopping and watching.

He saw a woman with jet black hair that was wearing a pink and teal uniform, lying on the floor and staring at something in horror.

“N-No… Please! Let me go!” She begged, pressing herself against the wall.


Otp Sprite Edit:  Copying the baes pose.  >w<

Kirizami: Tohko you little cutie.  Tbh it looks like a pose she could do naturally and I love it.

Ayushiki: Ayumi looks like she’s making fun of him and this pleases me.

Mayushige: Again imo it looks like Mayu could actually stand like this and lookie how cute.

Mitsukuroi: Probably more teasing ahaha.

Also as an aside:  I was all set to do one of these with Mitsuki/Kurosaki because ot3 with Fukuroi BUT LOOK AT THIS SHIT: