morinozuka takeshi

Which Ouran High School Host Club Member would most likely be your boyfriend?

I think it would have to be Mori-senpai.

He reminds me of my boyfriend. The strong and silent type right? I don’t know, they give off that feeling that they will listen, protect and treasure you. Don’t you think? LOL

“(Hello! This is my confession. And I love this blog) I love making my boyfriend cosplay with me. He hates it, but it shows how much he loves me and will do anything to make me smile. Like being the Mori to my Honey.”

( Can I just say first I have no idea who these cosplayers are and I do not relate them to the situation, only in that they are Hunny and Mori -so I don’t get yelled at again-. Okay, now that that’s out of the way- And can I just say that that’s adorable! haha I wish I could get a boy to cosplay with me- I be iz ma jelly cat XD you two sound so adorable! I need to expand my vocabulary but I’m tired and gaahhhh! I love OHSHC cosplay XD haha and my blog/ me loves you too! thanks :D as always I’ll be happy to change the picture upon request, there are so many adorable Mori and Hunny cosplayers it was hard to find a picture to use haha but I really liked the angles in this :) whoever these two are- they’re brilliant. much love <3)