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I made some gifs for JUMP <3 just a little something for their 10th year anniversary :D I’m no the best at making gifs but please be kind lol xD

As everyone can see because of my blogs and everything I have on my journals and social media, Ultra Music Power is a very special song for me, and is my favorite song from JUMP and favorite single ever, so it means THE WORLD to me, that today it turns 10 years old :,) Let’s hope more years to come <3

Happy 10 year Anniversary Debut JUMP
~ Ultra Music Power ~


Unlucky Yama-chan lol 🌶

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hey! say! jump + text posts (6/??)

sort-of pairings edition??? I dunno I have a bunch of random ones like these so here!
sorry that the only one with yuto is a pic of his butt, I’ll do better next time