1. morij said: What do you think of a white/blond color? I really like your short hair or I love your side bangs in the first pic.

I was thinking about leaving it that colour, or maybe dying it silver (Ion has a Titanium that I LOVEEE). But I’m not sure with my skin tone?? Hmm. Thanks for your input, morij!

You can help me pick a new hair colour by commenting here!

morij replied to your post: There’s nothing wrong with studying the art within yourself. Maybe you can’t have what you wanted once, but I bet you can have quite a lot of great things you’ve never seen. I don’t know; maybe I’m imposing, but that’s how I see the world.

If you find a way to focus on just one or two things. Please teach me….I have this problem as well. I just want to do everything!

It’s a work in progress, believe me! Also–on that note, I have beginner’s calligraphy stuff–brush set and ink stone, rice paper, etc. While I would love to get into it…. I don’t know if I will get around to it before I get out of an apartment and into a house (where I will have more room for such things!). If you’re interested, let me know, and I’ll be more than happy to ship ‘em to ya.

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There is a theory within physics that states there are an infinite # of universes, and that every time you make a decision another universe comes into being with all possible outcomes. This isn’t science fiction! I take comfort in thinking about this.

I am familiar with this theory–it makes for interesting postulations. My only problem is wanting to know them! Hmmm…. That gives me and idea for a good Odds and Ends story…

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Happyyyyyy birthdayyyyyy!!!! 

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 Thanks for all the love, you guys.  :)   You rock.  My birthday has been spectacular so far.

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Keep it. You never know when the urge to paint will come! I will still post thinks to cool sumie paintings for you. Now that I know how to tag posts! I feel embarrassed at how new I am at tumblr. Thank your thinking of me!

Hanging on to all this stuff is what got me in trouble with clutter in the first place! But….. you are right. I will get the urge to paint sooner or later again, and will regret it if I give all my supplies away.

Ah, yes! I’m thinking instead of trying to get into calligraphy, I will slowly ease my way into the sumie painting instead. That way I will have more flexibility, since I don’t really know Japanese at all. Thanks! Maybe one day I’ll get my butt in gear and do some paintings and run into you at a con!