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It’s just a common phrase, especially in England. If one of my friends walks out of a room they’re likely to say ‘catch you later’. :)

Thank you so much!!!! That is exactly what I needed! (your exact words are going in the worksheet!)

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Your students will watch Hot Fuzz, you’re an awesome teacher!

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If I didn’t love you for Sherlock fandom already, Hot Fuzz would bring us together.

Awww stop it you two!

I am actually taking all the fun from it. This is what I am planning:

  • They are going to pay attention to register, the reasons why Nicholas and Danny say the same things in such different ways. Also, the notion of “politically correct” term.
  • We are going to talk about the importance of images in conveying an idea (the shots of Nicholas’ mobile without a signal, for example).The editing of this films is superb.
  • We are going to talk about the preconceived ideas we have of certain jobs, and how there is a lot more to every job than meets the eye.
  • We are going to use that to explain the gruesome and over-the-top gore of the film. And the fact that this is made on purpose, and how in other films it’s even worse, and it’s intended to show something resembling reality.
  • We are going to pick on Sanford people’s use of grammar. Or lack thereof.
  • We are going to use the first lines of the film (those telling Nicholas’ achievements) to work on defining and non-defining relative clauses the next class.

That’s what I have so far. And I’m 18 minutes into the film.