moriartys sniper

Rating: K+/Fluff

“Let. Them. Go.” Jim’s face was neutral but his voice was as hard as ice.

“Sherlock.” John warned from behind the detective who currently has you in his arms. He was surprisingly strong, and had a high pain tolerance. You could tell because he still hadn’t released you despite the numerous kicks he’d gotten from you as you’d tried to get away. 

“Well. Jim Moriarty. The man who cares about nothing.” Sherlock quipped in a strained voice as you kicked him again. “Sorry that’s incorrect, almost nothing.” Jim clenched his teeth. “What do you think would happen if we took away the only thing he’s ever cared about.” Jim was silent.

“Answer me!”

“Sherlock!” John called again and Sherlock turned both of your bodies in annoyance.

“What?” John said nothing, but merely pointed. Sherlock went a little cross eyed but he managed to notice the little red laser dot that was aimed straight at him. He turned to Jim once more.

“You want an answer?” Moriarty smiled slyly. “Well your answer is you don’t. You don’t take away Y/n because you can’t. If you do, I’ll take away your Y/n.” Sherlock’s eyes widened as he saw the sniper dot had moved to John, who was staring at Moriarty, his eyes ablaze.

“Now, I’m going to say it nicely one last time. Let. Them. Go.” Sherlock slowly released you and took a step away. You stumbled out of his grasp and sent him the meanest look you could muster. Sherlock flinched.                                               Moriarty waved a hand and the sniper dot vanished. You stalked proudly over to your boyfriend. 

“I’ll make this up to you later.” Jim winked and gave you a cute smile, which you returned.

“Can’t wait.”

  • sherlock pre-fall: i, sherlock holmes, a high functioning sociopath, body is transport, caring doesn't help saving them, that is me, sherlock, a sociopathic person.
  • moriarty: lol got snipers on the people you care about the most. doofus
  • sherlock post-fall: john. you keep me right, my best friend, here is a vow and a speech, i'm here for you, always. the perfect man. sorry, forgot i'm not the bride. john watson. bravest. kindest. wisest. i forgot what we were talking about but the answer is john watson
  • magnussen: *squints* very hard to find a pressure point on you, mr. holmes