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I knew this year’s Valentine’s Day comic had to be Euriarty-related, and this seemed very funny at 3 a.m.

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Miss Me?

So “Miss me?” isn’t a message from Moriarty, it’s a message from Euros.  “Do you miss me, your own sister who you pretend doesn’t even exist?”  I’ll admit, I love that – it’s a very reasonable question for her to be asking. 

At the very least, she’s manipulating Moriarty’s image, but I’m inclined to believe she’s done more than that - her handling of Culverton Smith is precisely in line with Moriarty’s MO: find a baddie, pretend to help them, actually use them to mess with Sherlock, and let them die/get arrested when Sherlock defeats them.  

So, questions:

- Was she involved with Moriarty before his death, or is she just using his image now?  Hell, maybe she is Moriarty, and the Andrew Scott character really was just Richard Brook.  I don’t love retconning “everything was really the work of this character we’ve introduced at the last minute” but at least they’ve laid a bit of the groundwork.

- I really can’t tell what’s up with Mary, her characterization and arc is so damn incoherent, but I’m inclined to believe she was working for/with Euros too.  The writers have given themselves an out by having Mary say ‘thought that’d get your attention’ w/r/t the “Miss me?” on her post-mortem dvd but a conspiracy of women fits well with TAB-as-decoder-ring – maybe with the twist that none of the women in the TAB conspiracy are part of the actual conspiracy.  (So: Euros, Mary, and oh let’s go with Lady Smallwood.)

- How long ago were Sherlock and Euros separated?  Presumably childhood, because of the beach and “I’m not a child anymore, Mycroft” but also Sherlock not recognizing his own sister.  Even high as a kite, he’s the most observant man in the world and he had a whole evening with her.  But: was Euros a part of Sherlock’s life when Carl Powers died and Moriarty and Sherlock’s paths first crossed?  How young was she when she was locked away?

- Speaking of… why does Euros seem to have it out for Sherlock in particular? Especially when she says he’s nicer than “anyone”?  It makes sense for her to be going after Mycroft, and it makes sense for her to go after Sherlock to get to Mycroft, but shooting John Watson seems like “burn the heart out of you” territory.

I am eagerly looking forward to the fandom meta machine’s input on this one.

THIS ^^^^^^

Andrew Scott : They are absolutely obsessed with each other. There has to be a line. I love to hate you.

Me : *heavy breathing” THERE HAS TO BE LINE. YES. Andrew you are my God. XD

Sherlock special
  • Sherlock & John: *has a special moment while John points a gun at Moriarty*
  • Moriarty: *inbetween sherlock and john* ugh why don't you two just make love for God's sake

I am on a dating app (not really actively looking I just like to have it in the background and rack up those likes to boost my pathetically small self esteem) when I got this cringy pickup line. Literally, that’s how he starts a conversation with me? Really? I’m not even going to respond to him. 😂😂 (I put a baguette over his name and face for privacy reasons.)

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Finding “The End XX”?

Because of The Lost Special update, with the header saying “The End- XX”, I decided to do a quick word search of all the times ‘end’ appears in The Final Problem:

“Kills you in the end.”- the security guard about Eurus’s violin playing, and Sherlock replies that it’s “still beautiful, though.”

“What advantage did your moral code grant you? Is it not, in the end, selfish to keep one’s hands clean at the expense of another’s life?”- Eurus to John after she’s killed the governor’s wife.

“And here we are, the end of the line.”- Moriarty’s video message playing while Sherlock aims the gun at Mycroft.

And then, why not do the rest of the s4 eps for completeness ;):

The Six Thatchers:

“I mean, we were at the top of our game for years. And then it all ended.”- Mary about her time in ‘A.G.R.A’

I don’t like loose ends. Not on my watch.”- so says Mycroft ;)

Oh. I knew it wouldn’t end like this. I knew Moriarty made plans.”- just before Sherlock watches Mary’s DVD.

The Lying Detective:

By the end of this, you’ll be free to go, and don’t worry, by the time you’re back in the outside world, you will not remember any of what you’ve heard.”- Culverton during his “TD 12 meeting.”

“Presumably you downsized when you… when you left your job and maybe when you ended your relationship.”- Sherlock to the woman he believes is Faith.

So, when I tell you that this is the most dangerous, the most despicable human being that I have ever encountered, when I tell you that this, this monster must be ended, please remember where you are standing, because you’re standing exactly where I said you would be two weeks ago.”- Sherlock to John after interrupting his therapy appointment.

“We’re going to have endless fun, Mr Holmes, aren’t we?”/  “Oh, no. No, not endless.”- conversation between Culverton Smith and Sherlock.

I think you slightly gave away the ending.”- John to Sherlock after Sherlock describes the ‘Blessington the Poisoner’ case.

“The third, of course, will be the end of a walking cane.”- Sherlock boasting to Culverton about the number of impacts in the footsteps he will hear as Faith approaches.

Funnily enough, you know where ‘the end’ doesn’t appear? At the ‘end’ of The Final Problem, the ‘end’ of series 4. Because it’s not the end. ;)

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The top 10 pick-up lines of 2014.

Happy new year from bbcsherlockpickuplines!

  • Mary: I care about Sherlocks life enough to give mine for his even though I shot him that one time
  • Mary: I care about this more then my child's wellbeing and the grieving of my husband
  • Mary: Also though I'm going to tell Sherlock to fuck himself up so much that he only has weeks left to live and do so on this dvd that I wrote Moriarty's "miss me?" line on
  • Mary: Oh and I'm also going to tell him to put his life in extreme danger and ask him to tell a serial killer to murder him
  • Mary: Why? Because I'm just really worried about my husbands emotional wellbeing
  • Everyone: Mary suspicious? More going on here? What could you possibly be talking about? What an amazing redemption arch
A Note of Faith - A Leap of Faith

pic from @finalproblem

I doubt Faith/LiR/Eurus exist. I think this is all in Sherlock’s head. Therefore, this note isn’t real either. But Sherlock sees it in his head while he dreams / is in a coma. There, he produced it, kind of wrote it in his mind. A note of faith.

Why? What does it say: The words we see are:

Police Officer - Judge - Broadcaster - Me - I Need To Kill Someone - Who?

And, of course, the ominous MISS ME, Moriarty’s tag line, in secret ink.

Forget Faith writing this after that board meeting where they were hooked up on a memory inhibitor called TD12 while CS made his confession. This never happened. We are told that TD12 is used in hospitals - where Sherlock lies in a bed, dreaming in his coma.

So, why would Sherlock write such a note in his head? He explains us when people leave notes: when they are dying. Sherlock is dying. He tries to solve the final problem - staying alive - but it becomes harder and harder. Yet, as he says in TLD, he doesn’t want to die. But his mind fractures, deteriorates. To get some control back, he leaves this note, like a trail of breadcrumbs to get him out of the dark labyrinth. He makes a list. Because, Sherlock misses someone - not Moriarty, but John (light, life and love). That’s the secret reason behind everything.

What does it mean?

Broadcaster: I can see two points in the series when Sherlock could have started dying and sought refuge in his MP: Barts and CAM Tower. He died at both places. And why? Because of the media. They harassed him in TRF, and CAM threatened his friends in HLV. So, the starting point of all of this could be The Fall or Mary shooting Sherlock - both connected to the media, the Broadcaster.

And what did the media do? They judged Sherlock, his public appearance, made him the clever detective in the funny hat, a public persona, cohabiting with confirmed bachelor John Watson. And then they turned on him. We see that in Kitty Riley and CAM: They attack people who are different and prey on their secrets. That is the reason Sherlock is in this state. He has to remember this.

Police Officer: An Officer who polices - controls, guards. Perhaps there’s even a connection the the Greek polis (as we had so much Latin in TST), which means state. That’s Mycroft. And he is listed at the top of the note because he’s Sherlock’s most dangerous enemy.

And now, look how I Need To Kill is written - somehow as if ‘Me’ and ‘Someone’ and ‘Who?’ are alternative endings to the sentence.

Sherlock has to kill someone to solve the final problem, to stay alive and wake up. Who? He tried someone else - he killed Magnussen in his dream. Got him send to exile, seperated from John, brought up his fears again (Moriarty), led him even deeper in his MP (TAB).

Therefore, now Sherlcok tries to kill himself in his dream. It’s a bit like Amy’s Choice or The Angels in Manhatten in Doctor Who. If you kill yourself in one reality, you might wake up in another.

And Sherlock really tried in TST and TLD. But at the aquarium Mary jumped in front of him (and this would mean it was no redemption, because if Mary in his mind prevents him from waking up she still seperates Sherlock from John. The same reason she insists on Sherlock wearing the hat - the hated public persona made and judged by the media). In TLD, he first tried drugs, but that didn’t work fast enough. So he offered himself up to a serial killer. And as CS copies H H Holmes - it’s Sherlock trying to kill himself! But again, someone interferes - John.

All this could mean that Sherlock is still not sure if this is the right way. Perhaps he’s not entirely sure that he’s in a dream. It’s been so long - he might think it’s actually real. He states that people stop after three (Norbury, drugs, CS) - but not Sherlock. He’ll try a fourth time.

And his mind sends him subtle hints - all those glithces in the episodes are intentional. The biggest hint is Eurus. She’s not real, there never was a sister, but Mycroft invented the East Wind to frighten Sherlock. The East Wind plucked Sherlock from the face of the Earth in that game they played as kids. But it never was a sister. So, morphing it into a sister is Sherlock’s way of reminding himself that this isn’t real - but that John is still in danger from Mary, Mycroft, Moriarty… and Eurus shooting John (again, a gun!) reminds Sherlock 1) how he got in his state 2) how to escape it.

It’s the only way out. Sherlock has to take a leap of faith. Therefore, I’m sure we’ll see Sherlock die in TFP. It will seem real - but it isn’t. It will probably be his fault. Perhaps he’ll save John or Rosie. But he will die.

Only to finally wake up in reality. I haven’t the faintest when… but I’m sure he has a lot to talk about when he awakes - with Mycroft and with John.

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“we changed the title at the last minute to the final problem we’d called it something else before but that’s a line moriarty says in reichenbach so we look retroactively clever haha, more clever than we actually are of course” 


“Don’t be jealous of your station master brother… I choo-choose you.”

Your laughter fills the air like gunshots,
not peels but machine gun clacks.
And your wit is bullet fast,
sharp as a knife.
Which is why it surprises me,
to see you soft.

(not soft and vulnerable, soft and bleeding, bruised, your insides out.
you are always hardest at those times)

But soft in the early hours
cursing the alarm and my inevitable absence
before seeking solace once again under the sheets.

Soft when you smile and think that I cannot see.

It jars.
Because soft is not who we are
it is not what the world has made us
and it will not get us anywhere.

So I do not acknowledge it
this vulnerability that you have planted in me.

And I kiss you with teeth because I cannot allow myself to be gentle.