moriarty is the joker

moriarty's role model
  • moriarty sitting on his couch watching the tv in the dark wrapped up in a ton of blankets: hehehehehehe go go go kill 'em kill 'em
  • moriarty giggling uncontrollably: WOOOOOO!!! DAMN, THAT BOY HAS A GOOD CATCH PHRASE
Why I love villains

Traits I like/identify with in a character:

● Dark sense of humor

● Will do almost anything to meet their goals

● Smarter than most

● Questionable morals/Makes people think about their own morality

● Unpredictable, keeps the audience guessing about their next move

● Emotional conflict gets hinted at rather than explained outright

● Charming and charismatic

Characters these traits are most commonly found in:

● Villains


I’m not personally saying that I like these actors (but I know other people do, and I’m acknowledging that)

Part 1


So a lot of people have been comparing Antisepticeye to the greatest Batman villain ever: Joker.

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Today, i found out that The Dark Knight’s Joker was written in a way that demonstrates what lengths you have to go to to get a seriously Chaotic Evil character; the several different writers of the movie all had their own ideas of the Joker’s motivation, character and backstory, but they decided not to discuss them with each other, and instead produced a script where different parts of the script are written with different character interpretations in mind, so that the Joker’s actions seem genuinely disordered and unpredictable.

Does that remind you of how, i don’t know, Jack incorporated as many Anti interpretations as possible into the character, so that at one point he has fangs, at one point he has gauges, at one point black eyes, etc?

But Jack had a different reason for portraying Anti in such a way: he tried keeping the character as fan-made as possible.

Oh, and i got into watching Sherlock a few days ago and i found this.

Jim Moriarty, giggling, mood-swinging Psychopathic Manchild who also happens to be one of the most intelligent and manipulative criminal masterminds in the world, for no other reason beyond his constant need to fend off boredom. He’s so dedicated to tormenting Sherlock that at the end of season two, he gleefully shoots himself in the head, just to prevent Sherlock from beating him at his own game.

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  • Person: omg he's my favourite psychopath!!!
  • Me: *eye twitches*
  • Person: omg I love that villain, he's such a psychopath!
  • Me: *neck turns slowly*
  • Person: this is my list of top 10 psychopaths-
  • Me: THAT VILLAIN IS NOT A PSYCHOPATH. DO YOU KNOW WHAT A PSYCHOPATH IS???? Half the "psychopaths" you love aren't psychopaths, they are sociopaths. Stop. Calling. Every. Villain. A. Psychopath. Research what a psychopath is before you start putting every villain that murders people under the label of a psychopath. Self educate.

Season 4 Countdown - Sherlock/Suicide Squad AU: Dr. Molly Hooper is a psychiatric intern at Arkham Asylum. A model student with high grades in college. While researching the lunatics at Arkham, she becomes fascinated with one particular inmate. Ambitiously volunteering to analyze him, she pleads with the doctors for three months before she can treat him. After he gains her sympathy during their sessions, he seduces her, causing her to fall madly in love with him. She becomes Harley Quinn, the sidekick of the King of Crime himself.