moriarty dance

my aesthetic: moriarty dancing to i want to break free


Imagine dancing with James Moriarty

“I shouldn’t do this.” You murmured looking at James Moriarty. “I know who you are.”

James smirked at you. “It’s just a dance darling. I won’t eat you.” He held out his hand to you again, tempting you to take it. “Come on. It’s a dance. And I won’t disapoint.”

By this point the dancefloor around you was filled with dancing couples. And it was starting to be awkward not to be dancing like them. And James was right, what harm was there in one dance? Well, that was yet for you to find out.

“One dance.”You said as you accepted his hand.

“One dance, to begin with.” He smiled as you started to dance.

Homage to Imagine dancing with the smartest people in the universe

I still can’t decide whether Moriarty dancing along to Queen or Vader casually killing all those guys in the hallway was the best “THE VILLAIN HAS RETURNED WITH A VENGEANCE AND THIS IS WHY YOU WERE ALWAYS SHIT-SCARED OF HIM” moment ever.

Then, again: Could Vader ever jazz along to Freddie Mercury?

The ballet dancer and the tap dancer

A/N: the second dance related Jimstrade fic of the day 😁 again this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for my wonderfully talented @jim-notdead-moriarty


They were the complete opposite yet they shared one thing in common.

Stolen glances.

From the changing room to catching a glimpse of the other while they were practicing or taking a breather, their practice rooms were directly across from each other. Jim danced as if it was going out of fashion however he wasn’t as hard pushed as Greg. The tap dancer could see how far the ballet dancer was willing to push himself to get something perfect.

But Jim could also see the tiny cracks of pressure scattered over Greg’s face and the bags that were beginning to form under his eyes, no wonder, Greg would be there practicing from five in the morning until half ten at night.

Greg was lucky if he got a ten minute break. He was practicing for an upcoming recital. Jim sent Greg a thin lipped smile and Greg sent one in return before pirouetting his heart out. Jim was always impressed with Greg’s determination and passion for ballet. Jim went back to practicing his tap dancing just as Greg stopped spinning.

Greg bit down gently on his lip, he wished he had taken tap just to be in that class with him but instead here he was with tired feet practicing classical and contemporary ballet.

Jim finished up for the night, Greg still had a few hours to go. Jim changed and was about to leave the complex when a poster caught his eye. He narrowed his eyes slightly before talking to the woman at reception and buying a ticket.

Jim managed to catch a glimpse of Greg before he left mouthing a ‘bye’ to him. This was the first time they had officially acknowledged each other. Sure they had nodded at each other or longingly stared glanced at each other but never had they made an attempt to talk. They were always incredibly shy when it came to things like that. Greg nodded as a response and gently waved goodbye, Jim left with an ecstatic smile on his face.

A week later it was the recital and Greg shook off the last of his nerves backstage and quickly warmed up before taking his place on stage. Jim slid into the back of the hall, he was lucky to get a seat since he left it to the last minute to buy a ticket, he was stuck up at the very back, nevertheless he still had a good view of the stage.

The lights dimmed and the two exhaled a deep breath as the curtain rose. Greg’s breath hitched when his eyes caught onto Jim’s, he didn’t expect the tap dancer to be interested in ballet. Greg put everything into his performance, not only did he want to impress the crowd he wanted to make sure he left Jim stunned and took his breath away as a thank you for going to the show.

Jim was moved to tears from the performance and the performers took a bow, Jim even gave Greg a standing ovation frantically clapping his hands and wiping away the tears with the back of his hand. Greg nervously bit his lip and bowed before leaving the stage.

Jim waited behind at the stage door for Greg. The tall silver haired dancer came out, drenched in exhaustion with his ballet shoes tied around his neck he stopped walking when he spotted Jim.

“Hey…” Jim nervously smiled with a small wave “I uh…wanted to tell you how beautiful you were-the performance! The performance was beautiful!” Jim quickly corrected himself “Simply stunning…” His voice lowered but his eyes remained firmly on Greg’s.

Greg scratched the back of his neck with a bashful smile “Thanks, I’ve got to admit I didn’t think I’d see you here tonight” Greg walked forward a little “I thought you were always more into tap and not into ballet at all”.

“Well you make it interesting, I’ve noticed you practicing constantly. I had to see it, you put in such an incredible amount of effort. It certainly paid off tonight, maybe you could teach me a few moves?” Jim asked with a hint of flirtation in his voice which Greg raised a brow at.

“I’d be more than happy to” Greg winked which sent shivers up Jim’s spine. “You get the train home don’t you?” He asked and Jim nodded “I’ll get you home” Greg smiled and the pair walked along discussing dance moves. They even did a few moves in the street, laughing and dancing the entire way to the train station. Greg took Jim’s hand and spun him around until he became so dizzy he ended up crashing into Greg’s arms in a fit of giggles.

They got onto the same train, Jim’s stop was one before Greg’s. “I’m starving” Greg complained clutching his stomach. “Do you know I’ve went almost a year without a Chinese takeaway and I could murder someone for one” Greg joked and Jim laughed along with him before an idea popped into his head.

“There’s a great Chinese right underneath my flat of you want to….come back to mine for one?” Jim asked with a slightly pitchy voice.

“I’d love that” Greg smiled and the two went back to Jim’s, grabbing a Chinese before heading up to his flat.

They sat on the couch sharing their dancing stories and a little bit about themselves. Greg even taught Jim a few moves, Greg held onto Jim’s waist as he taught Jim how to preform an arabesque but Greg had to support Jim by holding his extended leg before he kicked the lamp by his couch.

They two ended up on the couch laughing their heads off after Jim lost his footing from feeling Greg’s hand so far up his inner thigh. The laughter died around them as Greg moved his hand up to brush over Jim’s cheek “I don’t think you know how talented you really are” he told him. Their mouths had their own gravitational pull and they tenderly pressed together.

They two pulled away after a few minutes, long enough to have the other persons mouth tattooed onto their lips. They smiled before Greg checked the time. It was late and he was exhausted. Jim phoned a taxi for him and walked him to the front door “Thanks” Greg smiled before pecking Jim’s lips again “I’ll see you on Monday?”

“Course, I’ll see you then”

“I won’t be practicing as late, maybe we could go for dinner afterwards?” Greg suggested and Jim screamed a yes that was dripping with enthusiasm.

“Maybe you can show me some of your other moves afterwards” Jim shot Greg a flirtatious wink.

“Well,” Greg whispered and told Jim before entering his cab “I’ll be more than happy to show you how far I can spread my legs”.

“Oh I already know from seeing you tonight”


Hydrogen in our veins, it cannot hold itself, our blood boiling

And the pressure in our bodies that echoes up above, it is exploding


Irene Adler + James Moriarty + Sherlock Holmes

I danced a tango with my hubris high on youth;
we swept across the dance floor to subjective truth.

But there was no harmony there,
no reason for coexistence…
Nothing to span the distance, now.

I tried a shanty with the fool to find my pace,
anything from puns to jests to intertwine our ways…

But there was no loyalty to hope
and funny the need for mercy,
how it makes us bleed all mercy, now…

Now the melody’s void of sympathy
cause that shit’s in byte size bits on YouTube,
so tell me: what am I supposed to do?

When the malady’s no remedy
till we reach the lowest absolute
and necessity will finally force something through what’s walling you…

Do we even know who we are?
Living like all life is forfeit,
like we can just go redefine it
regardless what we broke.

Who died and made us stars?
With our intellectual gambits,
our millionaire flair and our antics,
we’re like mirrors seen through smoke. x

  • What we got from the 4th season : main character death, family problems, unsatisfing scenes and dissapointing ending.
  • What I wanted : Moriarty coming back.
  • Moriarty introducing Sebastian Moran.
  • Moriarty explaing Sherlock how he drugged him in T6T, and maybe in TRF.
  • Moriarty explaing how he survived.
  • thankfully we had Moriarty dancing and flirting