“She can’t be the devil and the antichrist”

She can’t, can she? 

Who do we normally associate with the Devil? In TAB, we have this little conversation between Lestrade and Mrs Hudson

and we know that here Sherlock’s waiting for Moriarty. So great, we know Moriarty’s the devil (btw, the song playing when he’s taken to court in TGG also indicates this).

So… who’s the Antichrist? It can’t be Moriarty as well, because “[you] can’t be the devil and the antichrist”. But don’t we know who Christ in this series is? Well, in TEH we have this helpful shot of Sherlock

but you can check out this post for more info about it.

Sherlock is Christ. And who’s the Antichrist? Well, it would be his opposite. 

It would be John’s other love interest.

Someone who isn’t willing to sacrifice themselves for others like Sherlock did in TRF.

Someone who opposes Sherlock - who even puts him in danger.

I wonder who that could be…

And if the St. Catherine’s Island, Tenby, is the prison for Sherrinford!

Remember this scene in The Reichenbach Fall when John said that to Mycroft?

Talks of things that only someone close to Sherlock would know

And if this person is not Mycroft? If the person is Sherrinford?
Maybe that’s the reason why Moriarty is there, he’s there for meet the third Holmes brother

Sherlock is being DRUGGED

Thesis: One of Moriarty’s players has drugged Sherlock with a “dangerous new drug” that doesn’t come up on any current testing. Sherlock is not consciously aware of this and it’s being done without his consent.

Mycroft’s body language in this scene suggests he thinks Sherlock may actually be high. He knows what a case-high looks like for his baby brother and this is not it. It feels wrong.

I was on board with “it’s a case high” until the rest of TST ended up being fucking crazyballs.

We get lots of weird water effects (slosh, slosh) at times when we know there’s no water in the room. We know water represents emotion, but the effects are meant to feel unsettling, out-of-place. It happens in the Welsborough family’s study:

(lol I didn’t tamper with these subtitles)

We get distortion effects in other stuff, too, like pretty much everything is fucking nuts?! I’m not even convinced John actually moo’d at this point. But mostly the skull portrait being ten kinds of wrong at all times is a big giveaway. You don’t need a picture of that from me, it’s everywhere.

Right after this distortion moment, Sherlock is looking at the creepy tory Thatcher shrine explaining to John that he’s giving it special attention due to his intuition (which is that smashed Thatcher busts smell like Moriarty’s work):

“They represent data processed too fast for the conscious mind to comprehend.”

^ This is really fucking important. Sherlock is explicitly saying that his intuitions are vital in figuring out what Moriarty’s going to do next. IF ONLY he’d listen to the solid intuitions he had in his gay Victorian fever dream… ::eyeroll::

So later, when Sherlock says this:

^ Hey, bud. You should really listen to yourself. First off, your “joke” deduction is clearly everything-you-believe-about-Mary and if you’d take that intuition seriously, you might feel better-equipped to protect John and Rosie. But maybe you also remember someone drugging you out of your mind? I don’t know how it’s administered or who did it, just that it’s Moriarty who ultimately pulls the strings at the top of the terrible puppet show pyramid. For our purposes, let’s say his Belstaff is laced with “a dangerous new drug” like the totally-made-up-and-utterly-bonkers poisoned dress France sent to Elizabeth I in that Cate Blanchett movie. So whatever, it’s either long-lasting or they’re administering it to him repeatedly.

(The Moriarty stuff is based on M-theory basics, go read it if you haven’t– @loudest-subtext-in-tv does not claim to be omniscient but I think the core of it is so thoroughly laid out that I find it difficult to argue with. Moriarty is controlling peeps and it helps me understand the show because I know it doesn’t matter what pieces he moves in what ways as long as some means get him to his end.)

Sherlock is super-duper drugged and not by choice. Remember this from HLV?:

He doesn’t like to have his mind impaired when he’s working. Stopping Moriarty is our boy’s top priority so he’s not trying to fuck around. Someone else is drugging him, Scarecrow fear toxin-style.

Back to the Thatcher busts. The Thatcher-smashing scene transitions look cool but they’re meant to be fucking weird, too. Thatcher’s face superimposed on Sherlock’s?! NO. That’s the definition of this feels wrong. And then there’s the original TST write-up with Pietro and Beppo on John’s blog.

The blog is meant to be canon. We’ve seen word-for-word text on screen match up with the blog content in past series. TheImprobableOne’s comments are important clues into Moriarty’s mentality. The main argument that the blogs no longer have to be considered canon is that “John Watson is no longer updating this blog.” per the notice at the top of every page. I would take that idea more seriously were it not for the fact that…

Papa Lestrade’s over here begging the audience to go check out John’s blog write-ups repeatedly. So they want the audience to see the original TST post and question Sherlock’s perception in S04E01 TST. Perhaps he’s in a waking dream state due to being drugged by Culverton. A state which will persist into TLD and result in the trippy long walk through London. Regardless, right now, Sherlock is a bit obsessed with Thatcher-smashing. John calls it:

Ella, and presumably Sherlock before her, call it:

There’s a good chance bustin’ Thatchers has nothing to do with his recurring dream–we’ll find out next week. ;) Maybe it has to do with kissing John! xxxxx

Onto mirror imagery–the three Sherlocks:

Follow the link above to read a little more detail into what I think each Sherlock represents. Basically? I think foreground Sherlock is our logical detective (with a great heart). Level One Distortion Sherlock is his brain running on fear, when he suppresses important intuitions like the knowledge of how Moriarty could have faked his death or the danger “Mary” poses to John. Level Two Distortion Sherlock represents Sherlock’s mind when he’s drugged and afraid. Shit goes crazy, as we’ve seen all throughout TST. And it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

Case meta that could be clues about Sherlock being drugged:

The Cardiac Arrest: Sherlock may end up physically attacking Mycroft while he’s perceiving something completely different/doesn’t know he’s doing that.

Fresh paint to disguise another smell could = some fragrance (or anything, really) being used to cover up the smell or some other property of the drug that would make Sherlock suspicious enough to detect it. Moriarty’s burn-Sherlock plans are meant to demoralize Sherlock as much as inhumanly possible, so they don’t want him to discover the drug and get sober until after he’s adequately mindfucked.

Oh, and Moriarty’s player may have done a test run of the “dangerous new drug” on Charlie.

My recap/meta of The Six Thatchers! Please read :)

Okay, I’ll write down my thoughts about the new Sherlock episode and it’s the first time I’m really attempting to do so. I haven’t read or seen anything on tumblr yet to just speak my mind about the things I thought about. It’s not going to be a masterpiece but maybe someone will find this kind of interesting. I tried to include a few quotes that maybe will help to express my thoughts. There will be a lot wonderful well-thought-out entries about it on tumblr but anyways…here it goes. Don’t mind my English. I wrote this down rather quickly and it’s not my mother tongue. (!Spoiler!)

Actually the “Previously” part kind of had nothing to do with the new episode. Of course it is talked about Magnussen and the Codename “Antarctica” (don’t know if this is important). Only very few people know about what really happened. What I found strange was that Sherlock actually was excited about food (gingernuts biscuits). He seemed really hyper about the post death game Moriarty probably has planned. Mycroft stares Sherlock down when he talks about it, so I wonder if he knows anything we don’t. Well, of course he does but what!? “targets wait”, Sherlock tells us and this is what he does by solving crimes via twitter. He later mentions to John that “It’s never twins”. Of course we know this phrase from TAB but it seems useless just now.

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I know that my heart denies sincere, but for the scenario, Jim is dead and it works very well. A game after his death. A great game. There is not much to say about it. If this is the fact that this is our favorite character and we want to see it again, there is no need for it to be alive. And I hate to think without my hopes, but I still look at the episode today with the sub-title, and shit. I just want Jim back, I don’t want to move on to something else. Or so Sebastian. In season 5, if the game continues, if the game is only beginning, I see very well Seb’ able to take care of all that.

I think that 3 Years

Waiting for this sherlock episode totally ruined the episode for me. I think that i got my expectations too high. After 3 years making theory’s about Mary and Moriarty the episode just looks so….unfinished? Idk but it seems like they didn’t even bother to give Mary an actually storyline. I hope that in the next episode they actually explain all the missing points in this one…

What do we say about coincidences? The Thatcher bust and the Welsborough’s case.

It seems pretty strange that a case about a boy magically leads Sherlock to the 6 Thatchers and therefore to Mary, doesn’t it? Well, what do we say about coincidences?

Following this theorythe mirror seems too perfect to be ignored. The boy was poisoned, but by whom? Moriarty, of course, or someone who was following his orders. Why?

Imagine this. Moriarty has a plan: he has to burn Sherlock’s heart. To do this, he has to drive John away from Sherlock, and John’s pressure point is his wife, Mary. If Mary dies because of Sherlock, John blames Sherlock, Sherlock becomes the sociopath he has always claimed to be and drives towards the sunset with Moriarty. So Moriarty has to put Mary in danger - or, if you believe Mary is Moriarty’s spy, then she has to do everything she can to put herself in danger (I wonder why she has suddenly started assisting Sherlock in his cases…).

So Moriarty knows the AGRA flash drive is in one of the Thatcher busts, and he knows Ajay is looking for it, which could put Mary in danger, so he needs to lead Sherlock on the case. He also knows that David Welsborough has one of the busts. All he has to do is create the perfect weird case that could grab Sherlock’s attention. He poisons the boy, and a week later he hires someone to crash their car into the son’s, so as to draw attention to the corpse inside it.

Too elaborate?

I am even upset over the fact that Old Secretary Agent Lady™ anwered Mary’s question as to why she succumbed to a sudden act of cruelty with “Why does anyone do anything?”, just like Moriarty did via his hostage in TGG when he murdered people bc Why the fuck not and the answer was that he likes to watch him dance and wow the parallels are truly cracking me