moria chappell


Moria Chappell, Kami Liddle, Samantha Hasthorpe, Colleen

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Tips


“Homework! I have thought about this. Here is a little, 100 hip ups, followed by 100 hip downs while floating the arm from Tribal first through shoulder extension to Scorpian arms. Then 100 chest lifts, followed by 100 chest drops, 2 solid minutes of glute squeezed while in side splits and then bellyrolls up to down and then down to up 100 times each. Mayas with leves changes to the ground and up through releve again while moving arms through Tribal first through shoulder extension to Scorpian arms. Anusara yoga. Meditate on your heart as you drills snake arms and follow with 100 ummies to the left and then 100 ummies to the right. Age means nothing, only your life experiences can help deepen your dance and expression. Take joy in all the days you’ve lived and know that muscles can only build and become more graceful, more flexible, and stronger…you lose nothing over time, you may just forget and need to be reminded.” - Moria Chappell


Moria Chappell & Wild Saffron, TF14!