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Call Ended

Hiya everyone! Here’s a little mori scenario I came up with using a one sentence prompt. Hope y’all enjoy!

Hey- read 8:15am

Hope you’re having a good day!- read 1:37pm

Are you mad at me? You keep leaving me on read, whatever I did I’m sorry - read 6:24pm

haha sorry for acting like such an obsessive girlfriend/boyfriend earlier, It was uncalled for since we aren’t even dating haha- read 2:04am

KISS KISS FALL IN LO- groaning you looked over to your alarm clock to see its almost 7am, why is someone calling me right now? Grabbing your phone, seeing it’s Mori who’s calling you jumped up and answered.

“Hi!” maybe that was a little too enthusiastic. 

But then he just hung up, that’s when you got angry.

You pick up your phone and call him again, fuming. Once you know he picked up you started talking,

“Okay seriously, what is wrong with you?” All you got back was a confused ‘hm”.

“I realize you’re not one for talking and that’s fine but it doesn’t take much to reply to a text with a damn emoji!” Once again you got no reply.

“Why don’t you understand?” Your voice starts breaking as you start to tear up, “I have put so much effort into trying to stay ‘just friends’ with you because we used to be best friends!” The next ‘hm’ you got wasn’t confused, it was understanding. You found it weird you could even tell the difference.

“We stop talking for a week. Then you randomly call me like nothing ever happened. You get my hopes up and lead me on. Because you know that no matter how long you ignore me, I will always be waiting for you,” Stopping to think for a second you continue, “But, Takashi, I don’t think I can wait anymore.”

You go to hang up the phone and right as you press that red button you hear a faint;

“I’m sorr-”

Call Ended 7:23am

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