mori x honey

Otp prompt

A: name! Catch meeeee *flies into piggyback ride*

B: get off me you overgrown baby! *catches A on back nonetheless*

A: *sniffles* you… you think I’m overgrown?

B: *sighs and lets A go only to turn around and catch him/her a split second later* you know I didn’t mean that… besides… *nuzzles into crook of A’s neck* you’ll always be my baby

A: *spontaneously combusts and dies*

I finished reading the manga to Ouran High School Host Club and I’m full of feels. I never was the biggest shōjo fan but goodness I loved this manga from beginning to end. It was so funny. I watched the anime first and was unsatisfied with the lack of season 2 and read the manga from start to finish - it is much better.

The characters are explained better. The panels are well organized. Their personalities just flew off the page. So great. Usually you have a few characters you like and a few you dislike but I can’t single out any of these characters as superior to the others or vice versa. They’re all so kawaii in their own way. It really was just such a cute story and it made me sad that it had to end. However the writer brilliantly allows you to imagine what the future will be like for these characters - as presented in the omake. So, it doesn’t actually feel like it’s over.

Manga: Ouran high school host club

Story & Artwork: Bisco Hatori

Imagine being a sketch artist and doodling The Host club...

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Tamaki: Oh this is absolutely beautiful! Thank you (y/n)

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Kyoya: Hm? Is this me? The details or striking, very realistic…

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Mori: …… 


Thats very sweet of you, (y/n). Thank you. 

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Honey: OHMYGOSH this is so good. I love it (y/n). *Hugs you tightly*

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Hikaru & Karuo: Woooooow, thats amazing! We must have more of these!

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Haruhi: You… drew this for me? I’m amazed, thank you. You have amazing talent. 

Honey and Mori x Guest

This is part of a one-time-only series of host x guest dates - Admin 

Mori:  Welcome, princess.  

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Honey:  Oh boy!  I love it when we have pretty princesses with us during tea, don’t you, Takashi?

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Mori:  Mmm.  

Guest:  Oh dear!  I don’t know what to do with all this attention!  

Honey:  Don’t be shy!  Here, you can sit next to Usa-chan if it makes you more comfortable.  Usa-chan is always there for me when I’m feeling bashful.  

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Guest:  Ohhhhh this is so cute!!!!! 

Mori:  Shall I cut the cake?  

Honey:  It’s super yummy!  It’s strawberry shortcake, which is my favorite!  We even have a chocolate drizzle if you want!  *proceeds to eat the cake whole* 

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Guest:  Uhhh… oops!  I guess I didn’t get my cake fast enough

Mori:  Mitsukuni.  Let our princess have some first.  

Honey:  *gasp*  I’m so sorry, princess!  I didn’t mean to be a meanie!  *chin wobble*  

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Guest:  Oh Honey senpai!  It’s not a problem, I’m glad you got to enjoy the cake!  There’s plenty of others I’m sure.  I’m not even hungry anyway!  Please don’t cry!!!  

Mori:  *Brings out separate cake and some candy.*  It’s ok, Mitsukuni.  We all make mistakes.    

Honey:  *dries tears*  You’re the best, Takashi!

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Guest:  *OMG this is too cute how can they have this effect on me?!*

Kiss kiss fall in… playing cards with your friends so you can cry together on how there’s no season 2 and it’s been over 10 years since ouran first came out.

Suddenly Shy

A Wattpad request. I do not own Kasanoda or any of the hosts. They belong to Bisco Hatori. 

Warnings: awkward fluff

Pairings: Ritsu Kasanoda x fem!Suoh reader x Host Club

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Kasanoda walked into the Music Room #3 with his head hung low. “Bossanova!” Tamaki cried when he saw the frightening-looking redhead. Kasanoda looked up at the blond prince of the Host Club. “Hello, Suoh-Senpai.” Tamaki instantly took notice of the young man’s melancholic demeanor. “What’s wrong, Casanova?” Honey asked, making Kasanoda glance down at the small boy.

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