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~*Tea tasting you*~

O, I really hope you like my realisation of your prompt including [Tea, touching hands and kissing in pyjamas after a dangerous case], mori-tarty. 
At first I thought of a scene in the kitchen, John’s sitting next to the fridge on the counter and Sherlock is pushing him towards the window while kissing him… maybe next time. ;>
So this one’s a little story behind it including your whole prompt - interpreted by me.

[Both has returned from a case in the late evening, already changed clothes to comfortable pyjamas. John’s made tea for both of them, then they are arguing]
‘That was pretty cruel of you, Sherlock.’
'What? Why? I just can’t see the point in hiding one’s feelings as the victim did to his boyfriend. You have to let it go.’
'Oh, do you?’
'Sure. Always. But you don’t.’
'Not in front of others and not publicly, Sherlock. And you shouldn’t either.’
'Not seeing a point in-’
*got snogged by John*
'Isn’t it enough…mmmh… to not have to hide it.. hng… in our bedroom…?’
'Yes.’ *lick* 'But sometimes…’
'I’ll say so when I’m ready for it, Sherlock.’
'And by the way… you taste so deliciously - Assam?’
'Good deduction, John…’]

… yes, that’s it.
Just hope my English is not too poor and you can understand everything >_<
It’s the first time I try to use this focused effect with the blurred front and the sharp conturing in the part where both are kissing. Love that effect in photographs and tried to transfer it into this piece…

A close up can be seen here…

External image

mori-tarty replied to your post “animal crossing is fucking gross as shit. it’s a kids game about fucking animals lmao…“

what the heckie???? i’m so confused??? how can you hate such a harmless and fab game this much??/ like because it’s about animals like shit sorry let me never look at an animal ever again cause apparently thats gross literally goodbye x

yeaH I DON’T GET IT EITHER???? i don’t know why this

maybe when they said ‘fucking animals’ they meant actually fucking animals–

i think anon may have accidentally stumbled into the uhh… "wrong” part of the fandom

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