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If Dazai and Chuuya are Soukoku, and Akutagawa and Atsushi are Shin Soukoku, then how do we call Fukuzawa and Mori??

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Top 5 OTP's in Bungou Stray Dogs?

I’ve received tons of messages with this same request, let’s do it then!

1. Soukoku (Chuuya/Dazai). WELL. This doesn’t come as a surprise at all, isn’t it? I already ranted a lot about them in the Top 5 Soukoku moments, but to me Soukoku is one of those ships that instantly drags you in hell and makes it impossible to leave. The chemistry, the angst past, the banter, the tension, THE TRUST…everything is there. This is one of my all time favorite ships, ever. 

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The thing that made my realize they truly are my favorite, is the fact that they inspired me to write about them, bringing to life what is now the piece of writing I’m the proudest of: For Love And Revolution

2. Shin Soukoku (Akutagawa/Atsuhi). Ah, my babies. I love their relationship and how they still don’t understand how much they are influencing and helping each other grow. Their destinies are seared together, but in a completely different way than their infamous predecessors. They have the potential to be the greatest and strongest team that the world has ever seen. They already live depending on each other…I can’t wait to see what the future would bring them. They deserve nothing but happiness and some peace, but I guess they have a long way to go, still. 

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3. Fukumori (Fukuzawa/Mori). I’m so weak for the dads honestly. When they were younger their banter was the best and the most amazing thing is that the connection is still there, and it shows. I need to know everything about their past together, ASAP. (just the fact that Fukuzawa was his bodyguard is enough to fill everyone’s fantasies for ages HONESTLY)

4. Ranpoe (Ranpo/Poe). The definition of PURE. Poe is so in love with him it almost hurts to watch, while our great detective is the most oblivious person on this planet like always. It’s the slowest slow burn to ever slow, but they are so cute together it’s impossible not to be a little bit fond of them! 

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5. Yosapo (Yosano/Ranpo). There’s something about this ship that squeezes my heart every time I see them interacting. We all cried a little in the scene Yosano dies in his arms and seeing his reaction to it (angry and badass Ranpo is my favorite Ranpo). I wouldn’t mind the slightest if the creators ever decided to make them canon. They are perfect together.

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- bonus: you know my passion for shipping characters that never met even once in canon, so of course my bonus ship is and forever will be Fyoya (Fyodor/Chuuya). I may or may not be in the process of writing something for them in the sequel of FLAR…but…who knows…(Fyoya is very much tied with Rachuu too, just for the record)

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Kouyou Ozaki~
Her character design is beautiful so I enjoyed drawing her a lot
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@fy-soukoku CONGRATS ON 1K FOLLOWERS BUD! So as promised have some doodles of the siren!AU! ft. tiger shark!Atsushi and eel!Akutagawa, shin soukoku angst, soukoku fluff, shin skk being the clueless dorks they are, queen Kouyou and a piece of garbage-I mean Mori (also chuuya is probably showing Beyoncé to the kids)

There lived a certain man, in Russia long ago
He was hot and sexy, his eyes were burning cold,

Most people in BSD fandom would look at him with terror and fear,
But to some FanChicks he was such a lovely dear.
He could kill you like serial killer, full of ecstasy and power
But he also was the kind of character, women would desire.

Horror of BSD
There was a rat that really was gone

BSD fandom ’s greatest killer machine
It was shame that how hot he looked.

—  Chuuya Sexual being high on Ra Ra Rasputin and spreading hate on Fyodor.

Tumblr is filled with CHUUYA today and that means…..

Happy birthday Hat rack.!!!!!!!!!(also to his hat, wine and not to mention his hips)

All I can say is he is beauty he is grace. He can slap bitches on their face (or just dazai’s ass)


Ok this is completly unnecesary but me and my friend are laughthing so hard that I had to post them. so here we go (needless to say this is some sort of AU were the mafia and the agency  kinda get along).

-First of all, Dazai as the best man! Just imagine, him making the toast with all the embarassing information he has on both Atsushi and Akutagawa, just imagine!!! 

- Chuuya and Kunikida plaNING THE WEDDING!!! Chuuya being super strict with wich wine has to be served and Kunikida because there’s a schedule to follow people!!! Most stressing wedding planers ever!!

-Somebody please watch Ranpo so he can eat anything before the banquet!!!

- The last big fight between Akutagawa and Atsushi is about who is Dazai going to take to the altar. It was a big one… the wedding almost got canceled…

- Elise and Q as the flower girls

- Kyouka, Gin, Higuichi and Lucy as the bridemaids. Higuchi crying the whole time, but she is actually really happy for her sempai. She alredy drowned her sorrows in boze the night before with Yosano.

- Fukuzawa is the one who officiates the ceremony.

- Chuuya being the crying emotional drunk because there’s alway one in every wedding.

- Mori is not invited

- For the soukoku bit just imagine Dazai flirting with every waitress at the banquet to get Chuuya angry. They get at it angrily in a corner. One they are done they are full of marks, everybody knows what they did, Atsushi is going to die of embarassment and Akutagawa just wants to kill his superiors.