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What do you think would be the hosts' morning routines? :)

 Thank you for requesting! This is such an interesting request~ I’m so excited!! Morning routines!! It’s the little things, amirite?(Also, I’m putting the twins together for this one, just because they are going to have very similar morning routines, as they do live together)


-Wakes up just late enough to where he has to rush just a bit, which is the reason he takes showers at night

-Maybe he wouldn’t have to rush (even if he wakes up a bit late) if he wouldn’t spend so. Much. Time on his hair

-Legit, 15 minute, at least on his hair every morning

-Also, he always makes sure he smells nice

-Puts on his shoes very last minute, because he prefers to walk around barefoot until he absolutely couldn’t

-Sometimes, if he has time, he’ll call Kyoya to gossip make sure he’s up

-Definitely music playing while he goes about his morning


-Wakes up super late, but it’s okay, because his routine is short to accommodate that

-Legit, just brush hair, brush teeth, change, out the door

-Takes a shower the night before for this exact reason

-Very irritable when he accepts Tamaki’s calls, but he always does accept them

-During the ride to school, there is no speaking in the car

-Dead silent, or someone will die

-But the days Tamaki calls, it’s less of a tense silence, and there are no silent death threats, because if he can deal with Tamaki’s ramblings, he can deal with anything

-By the time he gets to school, he’s composed and ready for people

  The Twins:

-Kaoru always wakes Hikaru up

-Usually, Kaoru takes about ten minutes before he wakes Hikaru up, just to gather himself, and maybe get some coffee together for the two of them

-Hikaru would sleep forever if he was allowed to honestly

-Unfortunately, that isn’t allowed, so he begrudgingly gets up every morning

-He takes showers in the morning in order to wake him up, and Kaoru will sit on the floor and talk to him sometimes, getting dressed while his brother showers

-Kaoru showers during the night time, with Hikaru doing the same sitting and talking sometimes

-Usually, the one who is sitting will play some music, and they’ll have dramatic sing alongs

-They usually do their hair together, so that they get the parts just right~

-On weekends, when they don’t have school uniforms, they have fun coordinating their outfits


-Wakes up mad (if the alarm woke him up)

-He takes a shower in the morning so that he’ll wake up more and calm down

-Comes out of the showers bubbly and pumped for the day

-He usually gets dressed pretty fast, but he wears it messily until it’s time to go. Once it’s time, he’ll straighten the shirt, fix the tie, etc.

-His hair is taken care of after he gets dressed, but it takes very little effort to get it falling perfectly

-Spends his extra time in the morning getting his sugar fix for the morning~


-Up at the crack of dawn to train/practice

-He showers in the morning, because who wants to spend the day drenched in sweat?

-I firmly believe he brushes his teeth in the shower. Don’t ask me why, I could just see it

-He doesn’t get dressed until the very last minute, preferring to walk around his towel and get ready in just a towel

-Minimal effort into his hair. Seriously. Like, maybe he’ll brush it for the day

-Almost forgets deodorant every day, but remembers last minute when he sees it on the dresser

-(He puts the deodorant there because he knows he’ll forget)

-Usually wears his glasses until he has to go, he thinks they’re more comfortable


  I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to send me more requests like this! It’s a lot of fun to write~


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Hey can I ask for Yakulev and the one with the kitchen cabinet from the dorky otp prompt? Cause Im like 1000000% that Yaku is an absolute neat freak

Thank you for requesting! I love this ship!! There isn’t enough content for them >:( I hope you like this!!!

“I found you in the kitchen at 3am taking apart our cabinets with a crazed look in your eye cause apparently you thought you heard a mouse are you insane what was tHAT” 

Lev woke up with a start. He heard strange noises coming from the kitchen and clutched the blankets to his chest in fear. His heart was pounding and he turned to his side to wake Yaku, frowning when he realised his boyfriend wasn’t there.

Slowly, he crept out of bed and inched towards the kitchen, taking a deep breath before he leapt into the doorway, shouting, as if to scare the intruder.

Yaku shouted back, almost falling off his perch on the counter.

“Lev! What the hell?!”

Lev stood there in shock, mouth hanging open. “Me what the hell? You what the hell! It’s three in the morning Mori.” He whisper-shouted.

Yaku was standing on the kitchen counter in his boxer briefs and one of Lev’s t-shirts, which hit the middle of his thighs and made Lev’s heart fluttery despite the situation. His hair was a mess and he had a crazy look in his eyes as he stood there with a screwdriver in his hand.

Lev crossed his arms over his chest and looked at his boyfriend expectantly.

“There’s a mouse.” Was all Yaku offered as explanation.

Lev just looked at him like he was crazy. Eventually, he sighed and moved to hold the hand with the screwdriver in it. “Mori-chan, baby, sweetie, angel. I love you, but you’re insane. You’re too obsessed with neatness. Come to bed, hm? I’ll tire you out if that’s what you – what the hell was that?!” He shrieked before clambering onto the counter.

“No – no! You’re too tall!” Yaku chided as he smacked Lev’s shoulders.

“Yaku Morisuke you let me up there this second or come down so we can both face this together!” He ordered, though it sounded more like a plea. “And why do you have a screwdriver?” He asked.

“I was unscrewing the cabinet doors to find it but I heard it and realised it wasn’t worth it and got scared and climbed up here.” He explained, clutching his screwdriver with both hands.

“…But why at three in the morning?” Was all Lev could respond with.

Yaku looked down and shrugged, looking slightly ashamed. “Dunno…Didn’t want to worry you.” He mumbled.

Lev’s heart swelled at that. Yaku was so sweet and thoughtful. He leaned in to hug him and lift him off the counter.

Kissing his cheek, he carried him to their room before laying him down and tucking him in.

Pressing a kiss to his hairline, Lev took the screwdriver from him and put it in the drawer.

He got into bed with Yaku and pulled him into his chest. “I’ll go buy and set up a trap tomorrow okay? The nice one, the one that doesn’t kill them so we can release it.” He said, smiling when Yaku nodded sleepily. “Aren’t you a cat? You should have offered to do it with your reflexes.” He mumbled sleepily.

Lev muffled a laugh and kissed his boyfriend’s forehead. “Goodnight Mori-chan.”


I just wanted to thank all of you for your support up until this moment. Come Monday, I’ll be working twice as hard to make content as good as this, because you all clearly seem to like it!

Night 3

Ango tends to his wounds. 

Fukuzawa receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. 

Yosano, Dazai, and Akutagawa discuss the games and what might happen in the morning.

Mori wonders if he is a good person.

Oda receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.

in honor of mori’s birthday today i wanna take a moment to appreciate some of the greatest hits like 

- that time he carried haruhi through the jungle with one arm what a man honestly

- when he caught AN ENTIRE WILD BOAR with his bare hands

- “haruhi i didn’t know you carried a sewing kit” “actually mori lent this to me” 

- *chopping wood for some reason* 

- “sock, sock, shoe, sock..” 

- honey: kyoya sure is grumpy in the morning                                                       mori: you have no room to talk 

- that time he rejected a girl without even saying anything i am laughing how savage can you be

- befriending literally every animal 

- the way he wears his tie loose….and doesn’t button his collar all the way..hel p. m e


-”i know mitskuni well…..there’s no way he would let something like this get in the way of his relationship with his brother” 

- or whatever he said


- i love him so much 

- mori dressed as alice from alice in wonderland 

- mori dressed as a policeman 

- mori dressed as a doctor 

- that time when they were stalking haruhi and hikaru on their date and his disguise was a do-rag

- *swimming briskly against the current*

- he doesn’t like strawberries how cute honestly 

- i’ll eat your strawberries 

- he turns into a GIANT FLIRT when he’s sleep deprived 

- he beat honey in a fight just to tell him not to bring his stuffed rabbit to college 

- and then he ended up letting him bring it anyway 



- i love mori i love him


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The host club coming back to find their S/O asleep on the couch in the middle of their movie marathon

I LIKE THIS A LOT MORE THAN NECESSARY! okay so I’m going to do this as a little story thing, just because I can. (Ps. I’m on my phone so I’m going to have to go back and bold this later xD)

Tamaki: after leaving for a minute to go use the restroom, he would come back to find his s/o lying on the couch with their head exactly where he should have been sitting. Sighing, he would walk over and gently shake them awake, smiling at their drowsy expression.

“Hey, come on, let’s go put you in bed.” He would pick them up bridal style as they drifted back off into sleep and carry them to his bedroom, where he would hold them close and enjoy their closeness for the rest of the night.

Kyoya: As the movie marathon his s/o had talked him into being a part of began to go into the late hours of the morning, a heavy weight would fall onto his shoulder. Looking over, he would see his s/o’s sleeping face resting happily on his shoulder, although it looked a little squished and uncomfortable. He would lift their head up slightly with one of his hands while swiveling around so that he was lying on his couch, his s/o’s head resting on his chest as they continued to sleep the night away peacefully.

Honey: As he went into the kitchen to grab his midnight helping of cake for himself and his love, he would hear a loud yawn coming through the doorway from the living room. He would laugh to himself as he walked back in and saw his s/o stretched out on the couch, clutching Usa-chan tightly in their arms. He would then grab a blanket and an extra pillow, covering them with the blanket and sitting on the floor, taking one of his s/o’s hands in his own and lying down on the floor with the pillow, would entwine their fingers and fall asleep with a smile on his face.

Kaoru: When Kaoru noticed his s/o was asleep on his lap, he would turn red as a tomato, not knowing what to do with how ‘intimate’ this moment was. Eventually, he would lean his head back on the back of the sofa and close his eyes as he played with his love’s hair, and hope they were still there in the morning and this wasn’t all a dream.

Hikaru: Being his usual smartalic self, when his s/o fell asleep in the middle of the 5th movie of the night, he would laugh and shake their shoulder.

“Come on, you can’t fall asleep in the middle of a movie marathon. Only whimps can’t make it through at least six movies.” His s/o would glare at him playfully and he would smile, kissing their forehead softly. “I guess if you want to go to sleep we can finish the movie in the morning.”

Mori: As he poured the popcorn in the bowl, he heard a small flop on the couch in the other room. He guessed his s/o had fallen asleep but he finished buttering the popcorn perfectly before walking in to check. Sure enough, he found them curled up in a ball on the sofa, snoring softly to themselves. He laughed and tried to pick them up to bring them into the bedroom but with the way they were curled he lost his balance and fell backwards onto the floor. His s/o did not wake up so he grabbed a blanket off the chair next to them and covered them both, preparing to laugh at the incident in the morning.


We’ll Be Fireproof Ch 4

(Chapter One) (Chapter Two) (Chapter Three) (Chapter Four)

It’s easy to get out of bed this morning. I go straight to my computer after I turn off my alarm. I send a quick good morning message to Oli and head down the hall.

“Good morning Mori,” I say, ruffling her hair as I walk into the bathroom.

“Morning Baz. Will you braid my hair today?” She asks, pulling a brush through her long black hair.

“Of course, my dear,” I smile, taking the brush from her fingers and running in through her hair, brushing it back into my hand. I pull chunks of her hair over one another, creating a thick braid down the center of her back.

“There you go, Mori. What do you want for breakfast?” I ask, taking a bottle off the counter and praying mousse into my hands, running it through my hair.

She smiles and swipes mascara onto her eyelashes, glancing at me in the mirror. “How about you make the eggs I make the bacon?”
She asks, standing straight and pulling her shirt down and pulling strands from her braid to frame her face.

“And the twins can help with toast.” I nod, doing up the top button of my red and black flannel. Mordelia shakes her head and leans over, undoing all of the buttons, revealing my white undershirt.

“It looks better undone, and your hair-” She reaches up and deliberately messes my hair, pulling strands into my face. “Looks better messy,” She tsk’s.

“I’ll keep it in mind,” I chuckle, walking past her out of the bathroom. “I’ll get started on the eggs. See you down there,” The twins rush past me giggling, and I catch Eleanor before she topples over. I lift her up and smile, Victoria walking back towards me.

“Do you guys want to help me and Mori make breakfast?” I ask, lifting Victoria up as well. They eagerly nod and I walk the rest of the way down the stairs.

“Bazzy what are we having?” Norrie asks as we pass my step-mother in the dining room feeding the baby.

“I’m making eggs, Mori is making the bacon, you guys can help with the toast,” I say, setting them on the counter.

“Toast, toast, toast!” They exclaim. I walk to the fridge and pull out the carton of eggs.

“Good morning Basilton. Sleep well?” My step-mother asks, walking into the kitchen with an empty bowl and a dirty spoon.

“Yes. And you, Mother?” I ask, cracking a few eggs into a bowl.

“It was okay. Beatrice was fussy.” She sighs, rinsing off the dishes. I plug the toaster in and grab a loaf of bread. Mori walks into the kitchen and pulls out a pan, starting on the bacon.  

“I’m sorry. I can help with Bea tonight, after school and homework. Vic don’t touch the toaster. You need bread first.” I say, opening the bag of bread and handing them each a piece.

“Thank you, Basil. Have a good day at school, okay?” She smiles, stopping by and kissing my temple before walking back to Beatrice.

After breakfast is made I set the table just as my father steps down the stairs. He sits at the head of the table, as always and starts to eat without a word.

“Did you sleep well, Father?” I ask, taking a bite of my eggs. I check my watch quickly and see it’s 7:32. I have to leave soon.

“It was fine thank you. I want to talk to you actually. Your mother and I got together with Mr. And Mrs. Wellbelove and they told us about their daughter, Agatha. She goes to your school, yes?”

I talk another bite of egg, taking my time on chewing. “She does. May I ask why you are telling me this?” I say, trying to hide the bitterness in my tone.

“Well, I’d like to set you two up. She’s very beautiful and very smart. A very nice girl, I’m told. So I think you two should go on a date. I can pay. I think you will like her, Basilton.” He says.

I set my fork down and stand from the table. “I’m sorry to disappoint, Father, but I like it in the ass,” I say sternly, walking from the table and grabbing my bag. “Have a lovely day at work. I’ll see you tonight.” I give him a tight smile and walk out of the house, slamming the door behind me.


“Did everyone read Act 3 Scene 4 last night?” No one answers. I keep my eyes on my notes, lazily dragging my pencil across the page in haphazard doodles.

“Because it’s mandatory for today’s activity. You will Partner up with the person beside you, so Holly you’ll be with Alex, Gary with Tyler, and so on. Some of you will stay in the classroom, some in the hall, and the rest in the library. Wait for me to pass around the sheet with instructions.” He says, the classroom already buzzing with chatter. I turn to my left to see big blue eyes behind glasses already timidly looking at me. He wasn’t wearing glasses yesterday. He looks even cuter with them on, they frame is face nicely. The only thing is they dull his blue eyes.

“Hi,” I smile, crossing my legs as I turn to face him. “I’m Baz.”

He smiles back and runs his fingers through his bronze hair. My eyes follow his movements. “I’m Simon.”

“Simon? You’re friends with Wellbelove, right?” I ask.

“Wellbelove?” He questions, his face displaying confusion. “Oh. You mean Agatha?” I nod and he smiles, relaxing slightly. “Yes, I’m friends with her. Why?”

“No reason. My father knows her parents.” I say, taking the sheet from our teacher, my eyes scanning it.

“You two are in the library.” He says, walking to the next group before either of us can say anything.

“Shall we?” I ask, smirking vaguely, my eyebrow raised. Simon grins and grabs his own bag, nodding. We walk together down the hall, and I read off of the sheet.

“Okay, so we have to break down the characters one by one. Sounds easy enough. Do you have paper?” I ask as we walk into the library. He nods and heads straight to the farthest table. All the way in the back. Alone.

He slides into a chair at the circular table and I slide in next to him, leaning down and rummaging through my bag for my pencil case. I sit straight and look at Simon, who has pulled out a tattered notebook. He looks at me.

“You’re very quiet,” I say gently, keeping my eyes on him as I open my pencil case.

“I don’t have much to say,” He says, hushed. I pull out the pencil he let me borrow and hand it to him.

“That’s unfortunate. You have a nice voice.” I watch his face get red and he takes the pencil from my fingers, his hand brushing mine. The red darkens. I smile.

“So, Juliet. She’s kind of… Theatrical, isn’t she?” I say, setting my copy of the screenplay in between us.

“Well, yes. But I think she is also a hopeless romantic, right? She may be a little.. Over-dramatic, but overall she just wants to be happy with Romeo. Like the line where she says, ‘if he be married, my grave is like to be my wedding bed.’ I think really shows that she may be a little harsh but she also just wants to be with Romeo. I can see where she is coming from.” He explains, his fingers twirling the pencil and his eyes on mine.

“I get that. Okay, so what should we write? Hopeless Romantic and…. melodramatic?” I question, tapping my own pencil against the paper. Simon slides his arm down and rests his head in the crease of his elbow, looking up at me through his glasses. I have to look away, it’s sickeningly cute.

“Yes, maybe also… exaggerated?” He suggests.

I nod and write it down, glancing at him. I smile softly and mimic his position, my head turned to face him. He’s looking right at me, his lips parted. I try not to look at them. Plump and pink.

“What about Romeo?” I ask, watching him tap the pencil against his lips. His eyes lift up to the ceiling and he lets the pencil into his mouth, biting on the end absentmindedly. I can’t take my eyes off his lips. There are moles adjourning his face. Three on his right cheek, one above his left eye, two below his left ear, and one on his neck. For a second, I let myself imagine kissing them all. And then I feel guilty because I have Oli, and he’s the most amazing person I’ve ever talked to. I now let myself imagine that Simon is Oli. But I quickly shake the idea from my mind. Out of the hundreds of people who go to our school, it’s very unlikely that Oli is Simon, as much as I want it.

“Naïve.” Simon says, his voice muffled by the pencil he still chews on.

“Good one,” I nod, writing it down on the paper. I also write down brave and determined. I stop writing when Simon’s fingers brush mine. I look up at him and he’s closer than before, his eyes cast down onto the sheet. I can barely breathe.

“What happened?” I ask, my fingers moving across the table and brushing his wrist, a small purple bruise beneath my fingers. Simon flinches and straightens up, looking at me. I sit up as well and look back at him, my eyebrows furrowed.

“I- uh- Oh! Haha! Funny story, actually. I was- I was riding my bike and I ran straight into a stop sign. I got banged up pretty badly.” He laughs, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh?” I ask, taking his hand and pushing his sleeve up. His arm is riddled with fading bruises. “Ol-” I stop myself. He isn’t Oli. Just because he has bruises doesn’t mean he’s Oli. He’s just always in the back of my mine. It’s probably just like Simon said. He ran into a stop sign.

“Are you okay?” I ask, my hand letting go of his wrist, my heart pounding.

He looks at me for a second before nodding and pulling the sleeve of his sweater down over his hand. “Yes, it’s okay. I took a break from riding, though. My mind wanders, I guess.” Red blotches beneath his freckles and he looks down at his hands.

“Oh,” I say, hushed. He looks back up at me and adjusts his glasses. Big, round, thin frame glasses. Absolutely amazing on him.  

“Should we continue?” He asks, scooting up to the table. He’s still flushed. He keeps glancing at me and it makes him even redder when he finds that I’m already looking at him.

Combining these ‘cause yeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Tamaki: It was almost impossible to NOT spend time with Tamaki when you were his s/o. He was constantly fretting over the simplest of things. So when you didn’t show up to school for a few days, he was obviously upset, and when you didn’t return any texts or phone calls, he almost went insane. Deciding to check on you at your house, he nervously knocked on the door. After greeting your parents, Tamaki made his way to his bedroom, where his mother had said you were.
knock , knock.
“I’m still not very hungry mom… The bowl of soup from earlier is still making me feel full..”
You started at the feeling of sudden weight on your body, before relaxing, realizing it was just your over-imaginative boyfriend.
“I was worried sick!”
“And I was sick.” You retorted, ruffling his hair as he pouted.
“No, I’m being serious! I’m not leaving your side till your better.” Tamaki rolled off of you and pulled you close to his chest, arms locked leaving you no room to escape. You hummed, resting your head in the crook of his neck.
“These days have been so gray without you, princess. I think we should both take the day off school tomorrow. I can take care of you and you can rest easy under my watch to get better in no time!” 

Kyoya: You loved the hidden fact of Kyoya’s house-mom tactics, and was even more amused when Tamaki called him “Mommy”. You were at his house at his request for you to try his new recipe he was trying after not seeing eachother for a bit. You slumped at his kitchen counter, dowsing in and out. You’d been sick for the past days but didn’t tell him. Knowing your house-mom boyfriend, he would’ve made a chart of your symptoms and data, and created a strict regimen for medicine that he preached you should follow. 
“Okay, I think that’s enough time to cool dow- ___-chan? Are you sleeping?”
Jolting upright, you wiped a tribble of drool off your chin.
“Yes! Wide awake!”
“Would you like water or milk to drink with your noodles?”
“Hmm, water is fine please.”
He set the bowl in front of you and sat beside you with his own. Remembering his rule of don’t talk with your mouthfull, ___-chan the two of you ate in silence.
After Kyoya had finished his bowl, he turned to you, seeing you eye the food like it was moldy and smelled.
“Do you not like it, ___-chan? I thought it was excellent.”
“No I do!”
“Hmmm.. would your appetite be absent because you are feeling ill?”
You slumped in your seat and glanced at him, offering a weak smile.
“Knew it. You never avoid me on purpose.” He took your plates and placed them closer to the sink on the counter before picking you up and walking to the living room. He left and returned with medicine and warm blankets, wrapping you up and holding you, making you smile as he wordlessly showed how much he cared with a kiss atop your head.

Honey: It was Sunday, and you knew what that meant. That was always the day dedicated to your weekly tea-parties with your boyfriend. Planning to surprise him, you spent the whole previous night cooking all kinds of goodies for snacks, even going to the tea-store to get a few seasonal flavors to try out. Seeing as cooking wasn’t really your forte, it had taken a few extra hours to make a simple pound cake, leaving you a little more than tired in the morning. You were expecting him to come soon, so you began pouring the steaming-hot water into the cups. Yawning, your body subconsciously stretched itself, causing you to shake your grip and drop the tea-kettle, mindlessly trying to catch it, you winced as the hot water made contact with your delicate skin. Waving your hand hopelessly in the air, you cleaned the water the best you could and waited, although not that long, for Honey to arrive.
“___-chan!!! I’m here~!” He danced into the room and sat down beside you.
“Wow look at all these things! Did you make them yourself?!” You sheepishly nodded in response, making him squeal with glee and grab your burnt hand to pull you up for a hug. Upon hearing you gasp, he froze, staring at you.
“What happened to your hand, ____-chan?”
“I was a little tired after making all the snacks last night and dropped the kettle when pouring the tea and yawning…” You looked away at his silence.
“You… You…” He gripped you in for a bear hug, and you were surprised he could squeeze that hard.
“You did this all for me and ended hurting yourself! I have the best ___-chan in the wooorld but I don’t want you hurt! Sit! I’m gonna feed you everything and you’re not lifting a finger anymore till I can hold your hand again, got it?!” His tone was stern but his beaming smile was contagious.  

Mori: You loved attending Ouran Academy, you really did, but sometimes you wondering if they had to polish floor to the extent of it seeming equal to ice. Rushing to get to one of your classes earlier in the week, you rolled your ankle, getting a pang of pain in your ankle every step you took since then. It seemed like an embarrassing story, so you tried to walk as normal as you could, and you were good at it! Or so, you thought, until you noticed Mori’s eyes training a little too hard on your feet. 
“O-oh! Good morning, Mori-chan!” You greeted your boyfriend with a quick kiss as you put the rest of your books into your locker.
“How are you feeling?”
“I’m good! But, shouldn’t you be at the Club Room right about now, Mori?”
“I told them I would be late.”
“Why’s that?” You shut your locker and locked it up, uncomfortably shuffling to your good foot as the pang got you again.
“I have to carry you.”
“You wha-? MORI!” As bluntly as he stated his actions, he took their course. With one arm around the middle of your back and one in the juncture of your bent knees, he swung your legs up and began walking.
“Where are we going, Mori-chan?”
“You’ll be a special guest in the club today. I will take care of you and the rest will bring you whatever you request as you recover.” He smiled before humming at your head cuddled in his neck.

Kaoru: There was a special dance coming up at the Academy, a formal of sorts where you had to dress fairly fancy (not that the school was anything less than the word). You, without hesitation, agreed to go with your loving boyfriend after he charmed you with an elaborate proposition plan. Now the only thing left, was to decide what colour to coordinate with the pair of you.
“Hmmm, what about this colour, ____-chan? It’ll bring out your lovely eyes and your beautiful skin tone!” Kaoru chimed as he ran up to you with a silky piece of fabric in his hand. He held it up to your face with a beaming smile, but that smile disappeared as he realized your always so beautiful skin tone had taken to a paler state, and your eyes were dulled with exhaustion. Dropping the fabric, he cupped your face.
“Is this why you didn’t hang out with me all weekend?! Have you been sick? Why didn’t you tell me!”
“I’m sorry, Kaoru… I didn’t want to worry you, or get you sick..” You dropped your gaze.
“Hmm. Well, this wont do. We wont be able to pick the right colour when you’re sick like this. Change of plans!” He clapped his hands above his head. “Weeee~,” He turned around and offered a piggy-pack to you, and you slowly climbed on. “Are going to have the best, bubble-bath, ever. And then! We’re going to watch whatever that show it is that you always watch while I play with your hair and you’re going to wear the comfiest pair of sweatpants and sweater that I own!”
Giggling, you hugged him a bit tighter.
“And of course, cuddles~.”

Hikaru: Being clumsy was a curse, and either you were cursed, or had incredibly bad luck. After being driven to school you knelt down before shutting the car door, saying thanks and goodbyes to your family. Remembering your phone in the console, you quickly yanked the door open to fish it out. Maybe a little too quickly.. The car door swung and made contact with the side of your face, causing you to squeeze your eyes shut from the fresh pain and growl at your laughing family members. Knowing it would bruise, you rushed to your locker and rushed straight to the bathroom after, parting your hair so it covered the growing bruise. Walking back to your locker, you found it hard to see with the new hair cut and almost ran into several people. Finally making it there, you sighed relief before feeling 2 hands on your shoulder whirl you around.
“Good-moooorning, my princ- PFFFt. What’s with the hair-do!?” Hikaru chuckled at your new look. 
You shot him a glare and turned your hurt-part of your face away from him.
“I-I’m just trying something out.”
“Please. It must be a pimple or something.” 
“Hikaru!” You barked as he pushed the hair away, instantly paling at your purple head.
“What happened?! Who did this?!” Too many questions flew out of his mouth at one time.
“Hikaru, relax! I… hit myself with the car door this morning.. I opened it too fast.”
“… AHAHHAHAHAHHA~! OH! That’s gold! Did someone film it?! Gosh, you’re so clumsy, darling, I love it!”
“Be quiet, idiot.”
“I’m sorry but it’s so cute~.”
“Love me.”
“Oh now, now. I doooo~.” He pulled you in for a hug, brushing your hair once more. “Let’s go home to my house. That’s probably gonna hurt in a bit and I know a dark room where we can cuddle and watch movies. And I can list off every single thing I love about you. Starting with number 1: Your clumsiness~.”

Haruhi: You were thankful that Haruhi welcomed you freely in her home now. You remember being a bit hesitant as it was no where near a mansion or grand masion that other students had. But you loved her nonetheless for who she was, not the walls she lived in. Not wanted her to think the opposite, you never rejected an offer to spend time with her there. Even if you were fighting a shiver that came after the cold walk here. You sat on the couch as she fetched some water and cookies, trying your best not to sneeze and shiver too much.
“Acho-fmph!” The dreaded sound escaped yourself before you could shove your face into your elbow to muffle it.
“___? Are you feeling okay? The walk wasn’t too cold right?” 
“Nono! I’m fi-fi-fAHCHOO.” You sheepishly grinned at her and rubbed your hands together.
“You baffoon. Tell me if you’re cold next time! Now lay back, I’m gonna get blankets and medicine.”
“Haruhi, I promise, I’m okaaaaay” You stretched the word as you shivered.
She raised an eyebrow and sat beside you, putting her hand on your head, squinting.
“You’re burning up, ____-chan.”
She smirked and cuddled closer, making you blush.
“And you have a fever, too.”

((Thanks for the request. I didn’t know whether you wanted literally just a reaction so I wrote a small Drabble instead. I’m so sorry if you don’t like it.))

It was midday. The shop was at its peak time; customers were busily getting their goods and then leaving to avoid queueing for long. In fact, the shop had a completely different vibe to of what it had had previously in the morning.

Usually Mori would of been up and ready to go to the store to buy various things (mostly sweets and cakes for Honey) early in the morning, but Honey had prolonged their early morning training session. But now he was here.

He walked towards the trolley station, his hand reaching out to grab the last trolley. His fingertips then collided with those of another and Mori looked up to see a very embarrassed person.

A flush of pink tickled their cheeks as they quickly retracted their fingers away from the trolley and apologised. Mori, though his expression stayed the same, was sweating in the inside. They were so cute!

“You can take the trolley.” Mori said simply, pulling the trolley out and moving it towards them. They proceeded to push it back towards Mori, shaking their head and looking up at him.

“Oh no, it’s fine, you take it.”

“No it’s fine, really.”

“Why don’t we just share the trolley?” They suggested “I’ve only got to get a few things, and I can help you shop. I mean, it looks like somebody is going to buy a weekly shop, and it going to be busy, so I can help cut the time.”

Mori looked down at his hand, smiling at the many shopping bags he had brought with him to do the shopping. He did look like he was going to be buying a lot.

“Yeah, okay.” Mori replied, pushing the trolley into the store. The other person walked beside him.

“I’m y/n, by the way.”

“Mori.” Mori replied simply, as he started to walk straight to the bakery. Y/n followed him.

“What kind of things do you need?” Y/n asked helpfully, walking toward to look at the products “If we come back after getting everything else, we can get fresh produce.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Where will you be going?”

“Sweets isle probably.”

“Okay, I’ll meet you there when I get what I need.”

Fifteen minutes passed before y/n returned to Mori, and they smiled where they saw he had made a space in the trolley for them. They thanked him and put their stuff in the free space.

“They had some fresh cakes on a lightning sale when I walked past the bakery on the way here. I thought you might like them.”

“Thanks y/n.” Mori took them “What sweets would you recommend?”

“The coconut mushrooms are really good. Or the bonbons.” Mori placed both in the trolley, and Y/n chuckled. “Somebody has a sweet tooth.”

“Oh, they’re not really for me. My cousin likes sweet things.”

For the rest of the shopping trip, y/n helped Mori with his shopping and he helped them get items from really high shelves. The two paid for their shopping and walked out together.

“That was fun, I didn’t expect to get a shopping buddy today.” Y/n said, happily, taking their bags from the trolley.

“It was.”

“You shop here often?”

“Every Saturday.”

“I’ll guess I’ll see you next Saturday then. Seeya Mori!”

Mori smiled as y/n walked away, and continued to put the trolley back before walking to get in his car. Maybe he would try to purposefully prolong his training to get there late every time.

Y/n settled their bags in the car, before being caught by two brightly coloured packets in their bag. They didn’t remember paying for them. They leaned in and smiled. On the bags of sweets (Bonbons and coconut mushrooms), was a message from Mori.

On the front of the bonbons, the message read ‘Got you these. Probably not as sweet as you. -Mori’, and on the back, his number.