mori is vain


Snaps in regards to my hair….the ends still feel v heavy and I want them thinned out, but after washing it I strangely like it a bit more? Before it was too smooth and now it’s a little crazier but I think I like it fluffy. Who knows!!!


dAAAAMNITTTTT should i try to go buy a baseball cap…. does anywhere sell baseball caps at 10:30 pm 

ok ignore that its… really sloppy especially on the top lid, this was my first attempt!!!! and also, i have really deep eyelids, so painting on them is a mess and a half. 


also because i already had costume makeup on i put back on fuuka wig! it has been sufficiently textured now i do believe, although i’ll prolly keep hacking away at it. i have it in the downstairs bathroom and so whenever i go by it i snip a few pieces off at random. 

yEAH!!!! i… i dont think i look that much like her personally because my eyebrows are so bold and so i look a lot sassier, but i still think i’ll have a lot of fun w/ this. if i ever finish embroidering that goddamn gekkoukan patch.


ok so my royal kitten jsk from haenuli came in and its lookin SUPER CUTE.super high quality fabric, super crisp beautiful print, super well made, 10/10 would order again.

only odd thing was that i never got a tracking number… i had it sent ems so it arrived super fast but it was really unexpected! then again the projected delivery date when the order was placed was like tomorrow so i suppose its not as crazy out of nowhere as it seems. 

i’ll take better pics of it eventually that aren’t like…  in my bathroom or kitchen ahhahaa. also i need to get an a line petticoat.. im wearing a cupcake shaped one and it looks really odd. but aaaaaaaahhhhhhh

YEAAAHHHH!!!!!!! (please pardon my messy-ass room omg)

oh my god it looks so more fuschia in the pic but its really a nice hot pink color and SUPER BRIGHT… and super soft too wow!! its warm but not really that warm, which is good because that’ll get me another month or so of wearing it before the weather gets too hot. 

anyways a billion thanks to seoulrhythm for getting this out to me so fast, i got her my info for the left-over sweater on the 19th and it was delivered today on the 22nd. A++++.