mori girl vest


Remember the “Elven vest” I made a while ago?

It´s pretty easy to make and you don´t even have to crochet it - the pattern consists just from rectangles and holes for hands =) I plan to make one from fabric as well !

the whole thing is 80x110 cm

the hood is 48(width)x38(height) cm

holes for hands 22x2 cm

Easy as pie and looks great, isn´t it =) ?


1st photo:
I cannot say that this look look’s like a Mori Girl style because seems a little country. But anyway follows the rules of colors, and kind of clothes :) she’s more casual and without layers 
More Casual Mori Girl :)

2nd photo:
I thing by the moment I’m kind of Casual Mori G. because I’m a beginner right now, or i would say, all this 2014 year I’m a newer Mori Girl follower

3rh photo:
As I said before, Casual Mori Girl’s are the same as mori Girls but more casual and without so, soo layers and laces, maybe another kind of makeup and things

4th photo:
She’s using so many details instead and that’s the Mory Girl’s signature :)

5th photo:
This is more casual, I would say, really casual, no layers and kind of sailor style, like a kind of lolitas style xD I would describe like that.

6th photo:
Anyway I think this is a cutest style, casual style is already cool :) 

Has some details in her dress, and vest