mori girl artwork

Introducing my sweetie-pie OC, Tawny Twiggs! <3 Her nickname is Fauna.
Like Fizz, she was originally created a long time ago, about 2-3 years ago. So she’s very special to me and I’m really happy to finish a full artwork of her. ;o;

Tawny is a gentle, soft-hearted girl who finds great comfort in helping others. She’s also very delicate and easily startled, much like some sort of prey animal! On that note, Tawny is a huuuuge animal lover; emphasized by her vegan lifestyle and volunteering at the local animal shelter. SO PURE.

Tawny is 20 years old, 5′5, black-british, and has a pet rabbit called Loppy. Tawny and Loppy share a deep, spiritual connection to each other due to dark circumstances concerning how Tawny became a magical girl. This means they both possess magical powers and they both fight in battle together!

Tawny normally plays the peacekeeper role in the group, and always tries to keep a smile on her face. She tries a bit toooo hard sometimes though, bless her. She’s the slightly shy type who wants to make friends with everyone but always comes off a little bit desperate. ;P