mori kei

Rainy days here go on and on…🌧 It’s nice and chilly so yay layers, but I can’t wear any too long layers or the bottom hem will be soaking wet all day…🤔 I’m hoping this green dress is just the right length today to keep me not just warm but dry as well! Green dress: earth music and ecology / White dress: Ray Beams / Sweater: SM2 / necklace and belt: thrifted / Socks: Daiso 😏


03.12.17 // It took me all Saturday to make, but it is finally done! ^-^ A handmade binder cover for my book of shadows. I decided to stick with a “mori-kei” style, rather than the traditional “witchy” look. As a finishing touch, I embroidered on a dandelion in hopes that my wishes come true and that my knowledge takes flight.