12x01 “Keep Calm and Carry On” // 12x14 “The Raid”
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I don’t know about you, but this is making me very uncomfortable. Of course this isn’t anything new but when going back to the season premiere and watching that scene where Mary is very okay with torture much to Dean’s surprise and almost shock just seemed very similar to the one we saw in 12x14 “The Raid”, where once more Mary condones what at the very least we must assume to be torture given the fact that Sam was treated like a “rogue” as well by Toni, I suppose (I will just never understand how Sam could make such 180 tbh, with what he experienced with the BritMoL. it is just troubling to see him “happy” about the hunter getting whatever unpleasant treatment it might be, because usually Sam is not one to wish something he had to suffer on anyone else even if they are assholes, but oh well…). And it just troubles me to see Dean in the background between Mary and Sam visibily swallowing (and looking at the very least as uncomfortable as he did when Mary condoned torture in 12x01) over what Ketch is insinuating while his both closest family members amost smile about this “rogue” getting what he “deserves”. And especially Toni’s line kind of feels like a thick heavy cloud of spec on what the BritMoL may try to do to Dean too should they clash with him at some point, because he isn’t one to back down or just follow - yes, Dean Winchester has come a very long way from taking order from his dad without question, but has rejected control (unless he was subjected to it by the MoC or Amara) stood up for free will every single time.

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