okay here i am with alex’s tweets masterpost. girl has waaaay too many tweets so i only got to the beginning of 2012. oops. 

let’s start with this:

i mean its mostly pinoe but lOOK AT HER IN ASH’S CLOTHES

wrth it. 

you go alex, professional packer

you tell those street sweepers

just one time. someone help this poor child

don’t judge!!!

ok so the rest of these are mostly alex + friends because wow

3 amigas 4ever yo but do you sEE THE WAY ALEX LOOKS AT HER #talex


did they beat last year??

i mean, this is just so cute SQUIRREL

what a lovely interaction bc mana shim is adorable

roooooomie AWWWWW 

and then tHIS 

damn you reality tv. damn you for sure.



are y’all serious you’re not 8 you’re 5


what does this meeeeeeean… ?


well there’s this

when tobin was at psg awwwwwwww

missing my other foxys i had to include this TALLEY FOREVER


whatever this means, its cute


i had to end with that one. stupid dork. 

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You should do something with jealousy, like him getting jealous bc Morgan is flirting with you or something. Just some cute Reid fluff at the end bc he's a dorky baby and he gets all pouty and mad when he's jealous

(He’s so dorky :P)


Contains; Jealous!Spencer, FLUFF


Good morning beautiful.” Morgan commented as you walked to your desk. You blushed lightly, giving him a wink before you sat down. Morgan walked over to your desk, leaning on it as he sipped his coffee, giving you a smile. “So, is that new?” He gestured to your outfit.

“What, this?’ you asked, looking down at your black blazer which was covering your gray and black striped dress that reached down to your knees, along with your black tights gray beanie and converses. “Yeah actually, thanks for noticing,”

He gave you a wink and headed back to his desk, and you gave him a small smile.

-Third POV-

Morgan looked up as he sat down seeing Spencers face had an incredulous look upon it. Morgan smiled smugly and Spencer walked over to him, staring at you a few times.

“What was that about?” Spencer asked Morgan quietly. Morgan gave him a smug look as he took a sip of coffee.

“That my dear Dr., was flirting. You know that thing that guys use to help warm a woman up into going out with a guy…like me?” Morgan chuckled. Spencers eyebrows went up.

“You want to ask y/n out on a date?” Morgan nodded, leaning back in his desk chair to look at you again. You had your head close to your desk, filling out paperwork. “I mean look at her.”

You were biting your lip in concentration and you had tied your hair up to keep it out of your face, hand furiously writing across the paper and leg bouncing up and down.

“She’s beautiful.” Spencer mumbled to himself, making sure Morgan couldn’t hear it. Spencer had liked you for a while and had actually asked you out a couple times, enjoying some wonderful dates, but that’s all they were. He wasn’t sure if he had to ask to be your boyfriend or if you would tell him. He didn’t get social cues most of the time, and was a bit awkward about it. And now Morgan wanted to date you.

You stretched in your chair, yawning, drawing Spencer out of his thoughts. He gave a quick nod to Morgan, ending the conversation and heading to his desk to start the day.

(Le timeskip)

-Your POV-

“Y/n, is it just me or do you get more stunning everyday?” Morgan asked a few days later as you came into work that morning. You rolled your eyes playfully and set down your stuff.

Today you were wearing your usual converses, along with a light purple flowered dress and purple blazer and a little black belt at the waistline.

“Is it just me or do you get more flirty everyday?” You teased back at him to which he nodded and smiled “Touche.”

You saw Spencer walk in and you smiled warmly, waving at him. he gave a nod in your direction and set his stuff down. You frowned slightly and wondered what was up with him.

He had been avoiding the past few days, and when you tried to talk to him he gave short answers and made up an excuse that he had to do paperwork. You flet a slight sick feeling in your stomach. You really liked him, and wondered what you did to make him upset.

Then the thought hit you. Of course. He didnt want to go out with you anymore, and he was trying not to hurt your feelings. How could you be so stupid?

You sat down at your desk and ignored everyone, plugging your headphones in as you finished up some files you had to write. At the end of the day you tried to quickly walk out of the building but Morgan caught up to you.

“Hey y/n, I was wondering if you didnt have anything to do tonight if you maybe wanted to go out for drinks with me?” You gave him a regretful smile and shook your head.

“I cant, im sorry. I’ve been on a few dates with this one guy…” You trailed off, looking around through the doors and saw Spencer packing up his things. Morgn gave a warm smile.

“No problem y/n, im just glad you’re happy.” He ruffled your hair and you laughed, swatting his hand away. “Thanks for understanding.” You headed down the stairs and to your car.

-Third Person POV-

“What’s wrong?” Spencer asked, raising his eyebrow. He saw Morgan looking a little bummed out as they both went down in the elevator.

“Y/n turned me down. She says she’s been on a couple of dates with this one guy…and she’s waiting for him to ask her out again.” Spencer’s eyes widened and he perked his head up a little.

“Really?” Morgan sighed as he nodded, facing Spencer, studying him for a moment before his whole face lit up.

“You dog!’ he elbowed Spencer who smiled sheepishly. ‘ Well it was an honor to lose to you.” He said chuckling. “She’s headed out to her car.” He mentioned as the elevator opened its doors at the lobby of the building. “I bet if you can hurry you both could get some dinner or something.”

Spencer nodded before mumbling a ‘thanks’ as he ran to the garage, spotting you walking to your car. “Y/n!” you jumped, placing your hand over your heart as you sighed in relief, realizing it was him.

“Y/n! Wait!” Spencer panted as he reached your car. “I wanted to ask you-’

“I’m sorry, but if all of our dates are going to be you ignoring me for a few days afterwords, i dont know if i want to go out with you again.” You interrupted, folding your arms across your chest. His eyebrows furrowed together as he shook his head.

“No that’s not what I-”

“Meant? Then why did you do it?” You asked sternly. “I really like you you know! And it kind of sucked just watching you squirm away from me!”

“Well Morgan expressed intrest for you and I-”

“Do you think I just go out with anyone who asks me? I’m not like that!”

“Well, if you asked any woman, im pretty sure they would pick him over me, and i was afraid you would too.”

“Spencer… You’re handosme, you’re intelligent, and Morgan is as well it’s just that, you’re also dorky and quirky, nerdy, and I like you. Not morgan. Just you.“ Spencer nodded.

“Well can i make it up to you with maybe some takeout and chess?” He asked softly, turning his head to the side slightly. You huffed and thought about it for a second before nodding and smiling.

“Hop in.”


(There you go long-awaited anon! Dramatic scene and all! Enjoy!)

Cat Calls


Anon Request: Hi could I request something where spencer is being a huge tease but also really cute at the same time and there’s like a lot of flirting and buildup before anything happens? That would be so amazing!! You could go anywhere you wanted with the plot :)

Anon Request: Could you do an imagine were the whole team maybe goes out to celebrate like idk maybe a successful case at a big bar or club type thing and slowly everyone leaves except the reader and Reid so Reid decides to ask her out but once he finds her some guy is hitting on her and she is kinda like “no stop” and he gets aggressive with it then he realizes she is kinda weak and may have been drugged by him so he looses it and punches him and she passes out and wakes up in a hospital :)) love your fics!

Contains: Fluff!


“I am so glad do be done with this case!” You groaned, flopping your belongings onto your desk and sitting down, stretching in your chair.

“Pretty Mama, i think you need to go out. In fact, i think we all should go out! What do you guys say?” Morgan chuckled, excited. you groaned again. How come he acts as if he’s Mister Muscle Man?

“Well I am defiantly joining in. I need a night out.“ Rossi said, adjusting his suit jacket.

“Same here.’ JJ mumbled.’ I love Henry, but i need a break.”

“ Oh! count me in! Why don’t we just meet up at Paul’s place in an hour? That way, we ladies can get all glammed up.” Penelope bubbled, and Blake nodded her head.

“What about you Spence?” You asked, giving him a soft begging look. He thought about it for a moment, and nodded, a light blush creeping up his neck. You sighed and rolled your eyes playfully.

“Alright, if spencer’s going, then i’ll go to. At least someone can keep me company when all of you are busy grinding with random strangers.”

“If we’re lucky.” Rossi mumbled.

*Le Timeskip*

You hesitantly walked through the doors and felt immediatly scared. Was this dress JJ offered you to wear to tight, or showing to much skin? You were freaking out, but calmed down once you saw Spancer and Morgan along with Rossi and Hotch sitting at a table.

“Hey guys. Mind if i join you?” They smiled and greeted you, moving to give you a place to sit down. You took of your coat, wincing slightly as you hung it up, revealing you in black heels and a black dress, makeup done by the amazing Lady Penelope, red lipsick and perfect winged eyeliner.

Spencer spit out his drink and fell out of his chair, causing you to blush and jump while morgn and rossi laughed their heads off. Hotch just smiled softly as he took a sip of his beer.

“I knew this was too much! It’s not mine i swear it’s JJ’s! I told you this was too much!” You protested against the girls’ comstant “ You look beautiful” protests.

“W-wow y/n.. you look beautiful.” You blushed again. It had been a bit ‘flirty’ between you two, constantly making you confused. Of course ‘flirting between one Spencer Reid would make anyone confused.


Later that night after a few drinks had been consumed by everyone, and as the night dragged on everyone slowly left, leaving you and Spencer.


Oh my.

“I can pratically feel the wheels in your head clicking. What are you thinking about Spence?” You asked, smiling softly.

“There are more chess moves than atoms in the universe.” He mumbled, taking a sip of his drink.

“So romantic.” You smiled warmly.

“Only for you y/n.”

“Smooth. Show me some of your pickup lines, i wanna see how suave the Love Doctor really is.“ You asked, laughed soflty. He scruntched his face up in thought.

“According to the second law of thermodynamics, you’re supposed to share your hotness with me.“ you snorted, lifting your hands in surrender.

“I.. I can’t. You’re too good. Take me now!” You both joked, and you stood up ruffling his hair. “I’m going to pay my tab.” He grabbed your hand. “Wait. Would you maybe like to do this again..the uh..two of us?”

You smiled widely and nodded, giving him a small peck on the cheek, accidentally leaving a big red lipstick mark on his cheek. You blushed and bit your lip. “You might wanna take care of that.” You ran off to the counter.

You conversed with one of the bartenders, paying for your tab, when someone apporached you, placing a drink in front of you.

“I’m sorry, but i can’t take this.” You protested, feeling a bit uncomfortable. He smiled and you returned with an uneasy one of your own.

“Ah, just one sip to at least fix my broken ego.” He joked, taking a sip of his own drink. You gave him a slight nod, taking a small sip and handing it back to him. “So who’s the lucky guy?” He asked and you laughed, not really understanding ehy. It wasn’t even a funny question. You felt yourself get a bit lightheaded. You were a bit lightweight when it came to drinks, never taking more than two for fear you would go home with the first loser who smiled at you.

Your thoughts kept jumping, making you a bit unconnected. “I-I’m sorry?” You asked, running your hands through your hair.

“I said, who’s the lucky fellow?” You stared at him, not hearing what he said. “I’m sorry?” He chuckled.

“Don’t worry baby, with long legs and a body like that who need words?” He creppily ran his hands up your thigh. You grabbed his hand and tried to shove it away, a light ‘no’ coming from your lips. He forced his hand back on harder, and the sudden dizzyness made you feel weak against his advances.

“Stop, please. I dont like this!” You tried mumbling a little louder but you seemed to be fading.


The man fell to the ground and you looked up to see three spencers standing over you, rubbing their fists with a pained look on thier faces. “Y/n..You okay?” His voice seemed distroted and you fekt your legs giving out, coating you in a world of black.


“Some great first date that turned out to be.” You mumbled, sitting in your hospital room, Spencer collecting all your things. It only took a day for the date rape drug to get out of your system, and you were glad Spencer had been there with you or else you don’t know what would’ve happened.

“I promise that our real first date will be so much better.”

“And what would that be?”

“A Hamlet re-enacting play in Harrison’s Park.”

“You really know how to charm a girl don’t you?”


Im sorry i swear i am literally the worst writer and i just finished the episode where Maeve dies and i started crying throug it and it doesn’t help that i just have so many problems right now. *cries* Why do you guys even follow me?

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