(sounds of a shower being turned off)
“Morgan, are you sure that it’s alright for me to stay here? I can easily stay at a hotel until the renovations are done, it’s really not a problem. “

(calling from the bathroom)
“Kid, forget about it, you’re staying here.”

“I just don’t want to be a hassle-“

“Reid, you’re not a hassle! It’s only three days, and besides, I feel much more comfortable with you staying with me than in some hotel. Oh, and the shower’s free, if you wanna take one”




“I said the showers free!”

“Oh. I…”

“Something on your mind? Thinking about a girl maybe?”

“No! I was just-”

“Reid, I was kidding! Take a shower, maybe it’ll wake you up. Coffee’s in the kitchen if you want it. ”