Exact Second

“Can’t we just stay home today?” Reid pushes his face further into his ridiculously soft pillow and groans, kicking his feet around some beneath the thin blanket. Morgan doesn’t bother holding back his grin as he pulls his socks on.

“Sorry, pretty boy,” Morgan responds, pulling his henley on when he stands. “Serial killers don’t take Saturdays off.”

“Wish they did,” his boyfriend grumbles into the mattress and Morgan shakes his head.

“Me too, Reid. Trust me.” Morgan slides back onto the bed, resting a hand on Reid’s unclothed lower back. Reid looks at him when he feels the bed dip. “I’d much rather be here, in bed, with my boy genius, showing him exactly how much I love him.”

“Yeah?” Reid asks, mouth twitching as he tries not to smile. Morgan knots his fingers into Reid’s messy hair, and pulls him close for a messy kiss.

“Yeah.” Morgan knows that Reid is fully awake now and that may or may not have been part of his plan. “And maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll do just that the second that this case is over.”

“The exact second that it’s over?” Reid is sitting up now and Morgan is pretty damn pleased with himself.


“Perhaps not the exact second.” Reid says and Morgan is now a little less pleased and a little more confused.

“And why is that, pretty boy?” Morgan takes Reid’s hand and tugs him up out of the bed, gripping his backside in a large hand and pulling him into his own body.

“Well, because, we’d still be at the BAU…not sure that Hotch would appreciate you ravaging me in the bullpen.” Reid is smirking despite his tired eyes and his boyfriend can’t help but laugh at that.

“Hotch may not, but I’m pretty sure Garcia would.” Reid groans and rolls his eyes as he pulls away.

“Don’t get me started.”

I’m 1000% here for retired!Morgan scrolling through his Instagram feed after his family is asleep and seeing a cute picture of wine drunk!Reid from Garcia’s page and having so many sudden emotions about the friend that he hasn’t called in months that he pounds a fifth of whiskey, grabs a big flannel, goes in the backyard, and pretends not to cry as he chops down a tree instead of texting him because the last time he did, he almost told him how he really felt.

Beating the Odds (part 1)

Here you go. First date fluff for moreid shippers.

“Hey, Reid!”

The messy-haired genius looked up from his desk. The day was almost over. Spencer just had to finish a bit of paperwork before he could pack up and go home.

Emily sat down on the edge of his desk and revealed two movie tickets.

“They’re showing Alfred Hitchcock on the big screen tonight. The Birds and Psycho. Want to join me?”

Spencer frowned apologetically.

“Sorry, I kind of already have plans.”

Emily raised her eyebrows.

“Oh? Doing what, genius?”

Reid looked around the bullpen to see if anyone was within earshot, then leaned in closer to Prentiss.

“I, er, have a date.” He looked up to see Emily’s shocked expression.


“Shh!” Spencer motioned for her to be quiet.

“A- sorry.” she apologized.

Emily searched the room to see if anyone had overheard. No one took any notice, except Morgan, who was looking their way with a puzzled expression.

She looked back down at Reid who was fidgeting with embarrassment.

“Who are you going with?”

Reid paused and shifted nervously in his seat. He couldn’t tell her the truth. He would have to make somebody up.

“Someone, I, uh, met at a coffee shop.”

“Oh yeah?” He was obviously lying. Seriously, Emily didn’t see why anyone even tried to lie to each other at work anymore. They were all profilers. They knew the difference between the truth and a lie.

Spencer shifted in his seat, hoping Emily wouldn’t see through his lie. Unfortunately the look on her face said she did. Reid silently pleaded with her not to ask anymore questions.

“Okay, kid.” she said after a moment. “You better tell me how it goes, got it?”

Spencer smiled and nodded as Emily got up from his desk.

“I’m going to go see if Morgan wants to come. He’s not as big a horror fan as you, but he’ll do.”

Spencer blushed and turned back to his work. He tried hard to focus on the papers in front of him, but he couldn’t help overhearing his coworkers’ conversation.

“Movie night?”

“What, Reid can’t go?”

“Nope. Says he’s busy.”

“Busy doing what? Watching Star Trek?’

“Ha, yeah, probably.”

There was a pause, and Reid could tell Morgan was zipping up his bag.

“So, want to go?”

Morgan sighed.

“Sorry, Emily, I can’t.”

“What? Come on.”

He laughed.

“I know. But I promised my sister I would Skype her tonight.”

Emily looked defeated.

“So I bought two tickets for nothing?”

Morgan smiled.

“Looks like it. Unless you get Hotch to go with you.”

Emily scoffed.

“Yeah, right.”

Spencer went back to his paperwork as the two agents started talking about something else. He was so focused on his work that he barely heard Morgan say goodbye to him. He looked up at his best friend who was grinning down at him.

“See you later, Pretty Boy.”

Spencer’s cheeks burned at the nickname, and he said good night to his two friends. They walked out of the bullpen together as Spencer turned back to his desk. A few minutes later Spencer stacked his finished paperwork in a neat pile and started packing his messenger bag.

Spencer’s heart skipped a beat as he thought about his date in the elevator ride down to his car. He was extremely nervous, even though he knew the other person well. He tended to mess up dates. Whether he started rambling about statistics or Star Wars, the other person always lost interest in him by the end of the night. He hoped tonight would be different.

At his apartment, Spencer fumbled around his closet for something to wear. They were going to a nice place, so he couldn’t be too casual. Although, according to his friends, Spencer didn’t know how to be casual. His wardrobe mainly consisted of button downs and suits. He had a few t-shirts and sweaters, but he mainly wore those around his apartment.

After a while of staring at all his clothes, he decided what he was wearing would have to do. He went to his bathroom and observed himself in the mirror. His hair was messy, as always, and he looked tired. He checked his watch. He was supposed to be at the restaurant in fifteen minutes, so there was no time to freshen up. He sighed and walked back into his living room and grabbed his wallet and keys. His nerves started to build up in his stomach as he drove, but Spencer tried to be positive. This wouldn’t be like all the other dates. This one would be different.

Morgan sat down at the table for two and unbuttoned his blazer. He didn’t usually dress up, but this was a pretty fancy place. He didn’t know why he suggested this place to Reid. Maybe he wanted to show the kid he wasn’t all talk. They had been flirting for years, always joking around, so when Derek actually asked Spencer out, the genius thought he had been kidding.

Morgan wanted to make sure Spencer knew he was serious. He had liked the kid since they first met, but he hadn’t come to terms with his feelings until a few months ago, when Spencer almost died of anthrax. That event made him realize he couldn’t function without the boy-genius by his side.

Derek looked up when he heard Spencer’s voice at the front of the restaurant. He smiled as the kid rounded the corner, following a waitress.

“Here you are. Your server will be right with you.”

“Thank you.” Morgan said as Reid sat opposite him. Morgan could tell the younger man was nervous, but he had no reason to be.

“Hey.” he said.

Spencer looked up at Derek and smiled.

“Hey-hi. You look… nice.”

Morgan laughed.

“Thanks, so do you.”

“Yeah, I didn’t know what to wear, so I didn’t really change. I hope that’s okay.”

“It’s fine, kid. You look good.”

Spencer blushed and looked down at his plate.

“Hi there! I’m Alice, I’ll be your server tonight.”

Alice handed them both a menu and smiled.

“Can I start you off with something to drink?”

“Chardonnay. For both of us.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back with those!”

The two men looked through the menu as they waited for their drinks.

“Did you know, that the origin of Chardonnay used to be widely debated? Most historians believed it was derived from France along with Pinot noir, but vineyard owners in Syria said it came from the Middle East. And still others believed it originated in Cyprus. Now, however, DNA has concluded that the Romans-”

Reid paused abruptly and blushed.

“Sorry, I’m rambling.”

Morgan chuckled.

“That’s okay. I don’t mind.”

Spencer’s blush deepened as their server brought them the Chardonnay.

As the night progressed, Spencer started to relax. He didn’t know if it was because he was comfortable around Derek, or the wine, or both, but when they finally got their food, Spencer was actually enjoying himself.

“Okay,” Derek spoke up again after they both had a few bites of their dinner.

“Favorite modern movie.”

Spencer’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Why does it have to be modern?”

“Because knowing you, your favorite movie is probably some obscure, black and white film.”

Spencer frowned.

“I wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘obscure’,”

Morgan laughed.

“Yeah okay, still. Would I know it?’

Reid thought for a moment.

“Probably not.”


Spencer smirked and tried to think of a movie within the set parameters.

“Hmm… I really like 2001 Space Odyssey.”

“2001 Space Odyssey?”

Spencer nodded.

“Dude, that movie’s terrible.”

“What? No it’s not!”

“Yeah it is.” Morgan chuckled as Spencer pouted.

“It’s really boring.”

“No it isn’t! It’s about the mystery behind the origins of humanity, and the various ways life has, and will, evolve.”

Derek rolled his eyes.

“Okay, genius. Whatever. I bet you that my favorite movie is one hundred times more interesting than that.”

“Oh really?” Spencer smirked.


“What is it?”

Morgan paused for a moment before speaking.

“Ocean’s 11.”

Reid scowled.

“Ocean’s- are you serious?”

“Yeah I’m serious! That’s the best action-heist movie there is.”

Spencer shook his head as he took another sip of wine.

“Of course you would like that movie.”

“Well yeah. It’s freaking awesome!”

“It’s really not.”

Morgan sighed.

“Whatever nerd. I guess we just have different taste in movies.”

“We have different taste in a lot of things.”

Derek raised an eyebrows.


“Well,” Reid fumbled for the right words.

“Research shows that two people are more compatible if they share similar traits and interests. And-and you and I like different things. For instance, I love chess, while you love football. I’m introverted and you’re highly extroverted. We don’t  like the same movies, or watch the same television shows, or enjoy the same leisurely activities…”

Reid paused and looked up at Derek who had an exasperated expression on his face.

“So, what? You don’t think we will be compatible? Reid we’ve known each other for four years. We’ve been friends for just as long, and we’ve been flirting half that time.”

Spencer gulped and looked down at his food.

“Kid, if you don’t think we’re compatible, then why did you even agree to come tonight?”

Spencer licked his lips and looked back up at the man he had slowly fallen in love with. He couldn’t let his worries come between them, especially not now.

“Because,” he started. “I want to be compatible with you. I know the odds about couples with dissimilar interests. But I want to beat the odds with you, Derek.”

Derek’s heart swelled at Reid’s words. He smirked down at his plate.

“Yeah, me too.”

Spencer’s eyes crinkled as he grinned at Morgan. He was so cute, Derek thought.

“So, since we are interested in different things, what are some things we both enjoy?”

Spencer licked his lips and thought a moment before he started listing all the things they had in common.

The rest of the night went smoothly. They both made jokes and told stories that each of them hadn’t heard before. By the end of the evening, Spencer was content, but his nerves started to come back as the two of them walked to their cars. They stopped in front of Spencer’s car, and the genius held his breath as Morgan stepped closer to him.

“I had a good time.”

“Yeah. Me too.”

“We should do this again, Pretty Boy.”

Reid’s cheeks flushed red as he nodded.

Derek smirked as Reid avoided eye contact.

“What? You nervous?”

Spencer looked up at Derek and narrowed his eyes. Before he thought twice about his actions, Spencer leaned in and met Morgan’s lips with his own. The kiss was quick, chaste, but Derek would never forget it. When he opened his eyes Spencer was already unlocking his car, his face and neck bright red.

Derek chuckled to himself as Reid got into his car.

“'Night, Pretty Boy.”

Spencer looked up, blush slowly fading from his face. He smiled as Derek turned and walked to his own car.


Morgan/Reid AUs That I Desperately Crave

“I’m a foreign exchange student at an American university and I struggle hardcore with English, and when I swore in my native tongue in the library, you were the only one who got it and now you’re my ASL tutor.” AU

“I work at a chain restaurant as a waiter and you have been sitting in my section for the last hour, clearly stood up by your date, but you make the funniest jokes every time I come over to check on you and your spirit won’t be broken and it’s goddamned adorable.” AU

“We work together at a zoo and you ask me what time it is one day and I say ‘time to get a watch’ and you glared at me and it was really cute, so I made it my personal goal to piss you off at least once every day.” AU

“I’m going to a comic convention across the country and I met you on a group chat about people looking for roommates for the con and we really got along, so we’re splitting the price of the room to make it more affordable but when I met you for the first time at te hotel, I was floored by how gorgeous you are and oh, no. This convention is four days long and you’re cosplaying as my favorite character and now I can’t breathe.” AU

“I’m a contract killer and someone gives me your name, but you’re such a scrappy fucker that you’re giving me a run for my money. We end up chasing each other through a couple of cities trying to kill each other, but it doesn’t really work out because when I burst into the seventh hotel room you rented under a fake name and brandished seven different knives to your throat, you were just getting out of the shower and got dAMN.” AU

“I’m an English professor and you’re my TA and I’ve outlawed your tight brown slacks from the classroom because JesUZ IM TRYING TO GET SOME WORK DONE WHAT ARE YOU DOING??” AU

“I’m struggling in gym class because I just suffered an injury to my leg playing dodgeball and our teacher is a dickbag who told me to walk it off and you offered yourself as my crutch for the rest class and you’re super nice and sweet and offer to skip class for the rest of the day to get me to the nurse and make sure I’m taken care of.” AU

“My prom date is a total asshole and we were arguing in the bathroom and you overheard in one of the stalls while you were doing your business and when you finished, you flushed, kicked open the door, and yelled at them for being mean to me. Then, you washed your hands, grabbed my hand, and took me to IHOP.” AU

“Our Math teacher called me up to the board to do an equation and I don’t know how to do it, so you’re whispering the steps to me while the teacer is distracted.” AU

“You’re my best friend’s older brother that I always had a crush on and one day while my friend and I are watching a horror movie, you burst in drunk off your ass, scare the crap out of us, and feel bad about it instantly. You plant yourself in my lap and blow your Jager breath in my face, apologizing profusely and then make a comment about how pretty my eyes are.” AU

“You’re a stick in the mud Hall monitor and I fucking hate you because I’m a badass and you’re always out to get me. But one day, you let me slide and I gave you a lot of street cred and now you think you’re cool enough to hang out with me when you’re still such a total dork.” AU

“I’m making a special teddy for my little sister at Build a Bear because her birthday is coming up and you helped me find the perfect animal. She likes cats, but you like lions more and I wanted to make you smile, so I got one of those. You stuffed the lion with joy and when it came time to put the hearts in the bear, you smiled at me and kissed each one to fill them with extra love. I gave it a football jersey and jeans and handed you the birth certificate to pay for it. You laughed in surprise when you looked at it to see it was named Will Yougooutwithme.” AU

anonymous asked:

Both !

this took me 3+ hours anon i hope ur happy


- Short fics <5k words

  • vows [don’t read if you don’t want to cry i’m serious] |  Morgan is a hostage, and is allowed a final phone call.
  • bridges | “Hello?” Nothing. Not even his own voice echoed back to him.Derek started to turn in a circle and then stopped. No, this was… This didn’t make sense. He’d done this before. Hadn’t he?
  • numbered | Morgan grins and pulls him closer, burying his face against Reid’s neck. “Can’t help it. Thirty-seven.” “We’re only on thirty-three,” Reid reminds him in a whisper.
  • pretty boy |  Morgan and Reid interrogate a pedophile.

- Longer fics >5k words

  • ourselves (under pressure) |  Morgan’s eyes flickered over Reid’s face. “Acceptable risks is ‘sometimes we get held up at gunpoint’. Acceptable risks is not me listening to you die over a goddamn telephone.”
  • rules [v angsty] |  Morgan waits for Reid’s eyes to widen. He waits for him to realize that for all of his stats and genius, for all of his eidetic memory and PHDs–through it all Reid’s just as guilty as he is.
  • the winter is warmer [please read tags, potentially triggering] |  Reid notices the bruises Morgan has, and soon he realises that someone is hurting the man he’s in love with.
  • in a little glass jar on my desk |  “What I think is this,” she slurred slightly, pointing a ring-encrusted fingers at him. “Is that you keep him from spiraling up into the clouds forever…”
  • morgan’s eternal day |  Morgan’s having the same day over and over. He’s stuck in a small town with Reid, so it can’t be that bad, can it?



OK so anything by justjasper is amazing but here are some of my favorites:

  • simulationMorgan watching Reid masturbating. 
  • quiver |  Immediately prior to ‘House on Fire’; they show up to the conference room looking disheveled. Why?
  • communicating |  After Amplification, the aphasia Reid suffered lingers.
  • breed |   Reid likes to ride Morgan bareback.
  • loaded | A sleepy fantasy becomes a reality.
  • full |  Reid is obsessed with fake “baby-making” sex.
  • lately falling’s been easy on me (some angst) | Wingfic written for Kink Meme IV. Reid is captured by an unsub and given wings; Morgan can’t even look at him after. 

more smut:

  • tech support Reid returns to the BAU offices after forgetting his tablet. Once there he discovers he is not alone.
  • smooth angles |  He wouldn’t know what to make of those times when he found himself awake at stupid o’clock in the night, and couldn’t seem to stop looking at the way Reid pouted in his sleep.
  • countered |  Reid arched against Morgan’s hard cock and attempted to remember which number came before 3. If Morgan kept doing that thing with his thumb while he chewed on Reid’s ear, Reid was fairly sure he’d come before 3, all over their doormat.

  • between dreams and sleep | Kink Meme fill for: “Reid has a sex dream on the jet, comes without waking up or making noise.
  • it’s just physics, stupid |  Morgan tended to sit upright for most of the flight, and if he slept at all it was in brief, intense bursts, focused on a goal. Reid wondered if he fucked that way, too.
  • once more into the breach He sees the way Spencer’s eyelids flutter against his cheeks, the patches of red in his cheeks and the way his lips part as he breathes hard. He can picture every detail, and there’s a twist in his chest when he realizes just how much he wishes he were home right now.

Criminal Minds Appreciation Week, Day 3 - OTP

I started this shipping manifesto back during season 6 or 7 and then didn’t touch it until about a week ago, so because of that, as well as some issues I have with character fluctuation in later seasons, most of this is based on s1-5.

Sections include:
- General
- Episode Specific
- Superficial
- Myths about characterization*

(*I hate that I feel the last section is necessary, but I have been in fandom long enough to see way too many “I don’t ship this because of [untrue statement about character]” or “I ship this because of [really offensive stereotype]” posts, so it seemed necessary)

I understand if you don’t ship Morgan/Reid, but I do ask that you please respect those who do. I’m happy to discuss various points, but only if you are respectful. I’ve tried to put this under a read more, but tumblr’s kinda inconsistent as to whether or not that works; my apologies if it doesn’t.

Special shoutout to lilijuliet who looked it over and added a few more things from later seasons.

Keep reading


(sounds of a shower being turned off)
“Morgan, are you sure that it’s alright for me to stay here? I can easily stay at a hotel until the renovations are done, it’s really not a problem. “

(calling from the bathroom)
“Kid, forget about it, you’re staying here.”

“I just don’t want to be a hassle-“

“Reid, you’re not a hassle! It’s only three days, and besides, I feel much more comfortable with you staying with me than in some hotel. Oh, and the shower’s free, if you wanna take one”




“I said the showers free!”

“Oh. I…”

“Something on your mind? Thinking about a girl maybe?”

“No! I was just-”

“Reid, I was kidding! Take a shower, maybe it’ll wake you up. Coffee’s in the kitchen if you want it. ”

I'll Be Alright; Criminal Minds fic

Patient 0025 has been with them for a very long time. Or so Morgan hears, anyway. What does he know, he’s new.

“I hear he’s been here since he was a child,” one of the other nurses says in a hushed tone. Someone else responds, “He’s really hot for a loony.”

Next to him, Morgan can hear Dr. Hotchner roll his eyes. “Back to work, girls,” he says, and the nurses scurry off. Garcia grins at Morgan over her shoulder as she leaves and he gives her a customary wink. 

“Mr. Reid’s a special case. And he likes being rewarded with books,” Dr. Hotchner says to Morgan as he knocks lightly on the door. “Spencer?”

“Come in, dad.” The voice is steady and calm, not what Morgan was expecting. (But what was he expecting, screams and sobbing and the tearing out of hair? He’d take this over… well, anything). Dr. Hotchner opens the door and steps in first. Morgan peers in after him.

The first thing he notices is that there are piles and piles of books all over the room. Morgan can’t even count them all, there are so many. Patient 0025 must be a very good patient, and for that Morgan is kind of relieved.

The young man sitting on the bed is gangly-looking, like he’s not quite out of his teenage awkwardness. Patient 0025 smiles at him and says pleasantly, “Is this a visitor, dad? It’s nice to meet you.”

“Spencer, this is Derek Morgan. He’ll be your new caretaker.”

“Hi,” Morgan says and holds out his hand after a pause. “Morgan.”

Spencer ignores his hand. “My name is Spencer. Did you know that only 5.8% of registered nurses are men? And the Pacific region of the United States has the highest percentile of African American nurses, that is 19%. This is because-”

He rambles on as Morgan stares at him with his mouth hanging slightly open, utterly confused and also bewildered. Damn, this boy’s smart. And hot.

“Spencer, that’s all very interesting, but perhaps you’re overwhelming him,” Dr Hotchner says in a gentle tone. Morgan closes his mouth with a snap.

“I’m sorry,” Spencer says immediately. He reaches out to take Morgan’s hand and gives it a firm shake. “I like facts.”

“Yeah?” Morgan says with a small grin. “I like dogs.”

“Dogs don’t like me.”

“Ah, that’s not true, I bet." Dogs like everything, and how can they not like someone like you?

Spencer gives him a look, and Morgan has to avert his gaze. "I like facts,” Patient 0025 says again, and lets him go. Morgan gets the feeling that he’s done something wrong, and gives Dr. Hotchner a confused look. The doctor shakes his head and asks him to come closer.

“I’ll run you through what he needs daily,” Dr. Hotchner says in a low voice, and Morgan nods, eyes lingering on the young patient who is already absorbed in his book.

Morgan makes a mental note to find out what it’s about.


A/n: For @ladypapercrane. Asylum!verse y/y? <3 Luvs you. Go nap. Get better soon. xox

Part II

Eidetic Memories and Moreid

“Reid, you can’t let this bother you-” Morgan sighed for the hundredth time, but a loud crash from the genius’ desk caused him to stop mid-sentence.

Reid slammed his fists onto the table, scattering mug shots and finger print samples onto the ugly carpet of the office area. The station was empty, and Reids blow echoed through the large room.

“Morgan, please..!” Reid begged, turning on his best friend. “I need this; you know I need this. I need closure.”

The taller man frowned, taking in Spencers trembling fingers and tired, dark ringed eyes. The kid was working himself silly, trying to find a child killer who had kidnapped Reid months ago. It had been traumatic for Reid, and Morgan had tried to be a reliable friend to him as he went through fits of anger and apprehension.
“But Reid… Just forget it for tonight. Catch some rest for the weekend and come back with a fresh mind on-,”

“DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?!” Reid shouted, his fists clenched on the.wood desk. His eyes locked dangerously with Morgans, and the taller saw as emotion swan in the nerds eyes. “I have an eidetic memory, Morgan. I can remember everything. EVERYTHING. I remember that mans face, his scars, his facial hair. I can tell you the shade of his eye and the faded steaks in his hair. Shit, Morgan, I drew his fucking fingerprint from memory.”

He scoffed, falling back into his chair in defeat. He shook his head and choked helplessly. “I can tell you how scared those little boys were, and how much it hurt me inside to hear them scream…”

Morgan stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Reid just as the kid started crying. He couldn’t imagine it, remembering everything. Morgan couldn’t picture living through the pain and suffering that Reid had gone through everyday, over and over again when the mind couldn’t rest.

“shh, shh. I’ve got you..” Morgan whispered, smoothing back Reids unruly hair as he sobbed against his shoulder. The office seemed even more empty then before as the two men sat together, arms draped across bodies.

Spencer rested his shaking limbs against Morgan; Morgan, who is so strong and steady and helpful, who je had yelled at repeatedly and pushed away.

Morgan… Who Spencer never wanted to be away from again.

Just started an episode where it opens with Morgan chasing an unsub with his hat on backwards...

And I can’t help but think that Reid would be all over that…


Reid tried to look like he was focusing on the case file in front of him, he really did, but he just couldn’t keep his eyes on it. The source of his distraction sat across from him–Morgan and his FBI hat resting snug on his head, bill flipped backwards.

“So the unsub is dumping multiple people in shallow graves, slicing their faces up and we’ve got nothing?” Morgan tapped the pen against the file in front of him, sighing. “Reid? Any theories?”

Reid glanced up, eyes flitting around quickly before settling on Morgan. “What?”

The corner of Morgan’s mouth quirked up. “I asked you if you have any theories.”

“I uh…” Reid’s eyes met his partner’s and his mouth went dry at the sight. “Nope. No. Nothing.”


“You couldn’t keep your eyes off of me during the briefing, pretty boy?” The smooth voice he was so familiar with invaded his ears and Reid jumped, dumping much more sugar in his coffee than he meant to.

“God, Morgan.” He huffed out a breath and plunked down the sugar, trying to dissolve it with his stirrer. “I’m just…can I make my coffee?”

Morgan stepped closer to Reid in the break room, putting a hand on his shoulder. “You think this hat makes me hot, don’t you?”

Reid tensed under Morgan’s hand and he knew that Morgan knew as soon as it happened. He cleared his throat. “Can I just make my coffee?”

“Admit it pretty boy." 

Reid turned and fisted a hand into the front of Morgan’s shirt, pulling him in for a quick, but rough kiss.

"Yeah.” Reid swiped the hat off of Morgan’s head with deft fingers and placed it on his own head, the same way it had been on Morgan’s. “It does.” He grinned, smoothing a hand down the front of his boyfriend’s shirt, and picked up his coffee.

He knew that Morgan’s eyes didn’t leave him as he walked out–and if his hips swayed a bit more than usual, that was purely accidental.