morganville: the series

  • lead researcher: and for this test we'll be using SCP-447-2 as a lubricant, so-
  • me: I see,
  • lead researcher: if you'll just go ahead and remove SCP-882 from its seawater bath, we'll apply the substance to the rusted areas and document the results-
  • me, putting my pants back on: okay
  • coworkers: what
  • guards: what
  • me: what
Tangled: The Series

Some thoughts.

Firstly, why does Cassandra calls Rapunzel, ‘Wraps’ ? What was their first meeting like? Is that ever seen on tv?
Secondly, does anyone get the sense that Cassandra has like a major crush on Rapunzel? Because I super do.
Thirdly, Varian reminds me so much of Eugene and I am secretly hoping they are related or at least somehow knew each other somehow.
Fourthly, I love the show, and yes, I am majorly getting judged for it at college lol

About Seth MacFarlane Pt. 11

What’s next for Apple Music and Beats 1: Original content, revamped apps, more Beats, live events & much more

 Mar. 24th 2017 2:37 pm PT

“Apple Music is about to be a whole lot more than just music, for better or for worse depending on your view-point on the subject. Carpool Karaoke will launch first next month and Planet of the Apps sometime this spring.” 

There you go, people, we have a potential airing date!!


Bad romance The series

Tangled Episode 2 Continuity Error?

I’m loving the Tangled series, and episode 2 was pretty funny, but I noticed a huge error that does not go with what we’ve previously seen in this show. As some may know, the ending to the prequel movie “Tangled: Before Ever After” featured Rapunzel’s dad find out about her hair growing back, and to keep her safe, he forbid from ever leaving the castle alone. Yet episode 2 had Rapunzel roaming around the town center alone throughout the episode. She definitely didn’t look like she snuck out either, she was casually roaming the market, and such. Did the writers forget or something?

I honestly can’t complain though, the show would get pretty tedious if she had to constantly sneak out before her father knew she was gone, but it just raises so many questions. Remember how in Tangled: Before Ever After, she was constantly being surrounded by guards whenever she tried going through the town? What happened to that? You’d think after what happened at the end of that movie, that Rapunzel would be surrounded by guards more than ever, yet she wasn’t? The show would get very annoying if that were the case though, and I’m glad they’re able to make episodes that don’t go that way, but it’s still strange to suddenly see that conflict go away, without any good excuse for why Rapunzel is suddenly able to freely roam around. 

Frozen Girl - A ‘Rise of the Guardians’ Imagine

Jack Frost X Fem! Reader

Requested by Anon.

You loved this time of the year, thought it was beautiful. Especially when it snowed and everything was white and frozen over. It was cold but you didn’t mind. In fact, you quite liked the numb tingling feeling it caused on the tips of your fingers and toes.

You had just spent the day with a few close friends sitting in a café sipping on hot chocolate and coffees that were probably too strong. After spending most of the day inside you decided to walk the long way home, past the lake, just in case you woke up the next day and the frozen white blanket laying over the town had all disappeared.

Letting out a happy sigh you watched the wind blowing the branches of the bare trees as you walked, the cold breeze ruffling your hair but you didn’t mind. You liked to think it was Jack Frost flying by. Most of your friends thought it was stupid and immature that you believed in him, you tried to act like it didn’t bother you but deep down it did so you had kept quiet about it. Truth is you felt ashamed to admit you still believed in such a childish thing but you knew he was real.

You saw him when you were younger, maybe around 5 years old. You were on the same path to the lake that you were on now, running ahead of your mother so you could beat her to the lake. That’s when the winter breeze blew the pink bobble hat off your head and instead of stopping to tell your mother you ran after it. The wind carrying your gleeful giggle through the air. When your hat finally landed, it was near the center of the frozen over lake. Turning around you couldn’t see your mother so you decided to try and get your hat yourself. That’s when you saw him. Jack Frost. He simply just swooped down and picked your hat off the ice with his staff before coming towards you. His hair was an unbelievable white just like the purest snow, his eyes as a deep yet bright blue. “Maybe stay off the lake today” he grinned giving you the hat back. All you could do was nod, your small eyes wide and glued to him. Then he was gone just as fast as he appeared. You turned back and ran to your mother to repeat what had just happened but she just laughed and praised your imagination. She didn’t believe you. Nobody did.

You smiled as you reached the edge of the frozen lake remembering that day. Ever since that day you came here whenever it was cold enough to have frozen over, in hope that he would turn up again so you could speak to him. To prove to yourself that you didn’t just dream it all up.

“Please just come back” You whispered to the wind before shaking your head. “I know your there…you have to be.” That’s when you had an idea. A stupid idea really but an idea none the less. You took a small step onto the lake, the ice seemed thick enough to hold your weight. You took another step. Still nothing so you took another. You were beginning to realise just how stupid this idea was but you were too stubborn to give up It was your worst and best quality. “I know you’re watching.” You said a little louder. Taking a larger step, you saw the ice getting thinner but you still thought it would be strong enough to hold you. “If it gets any thinner I’ll turn back” you told yourself. As you took another step you felt the wind get stronger, you couldn’t help but smile thinking it was him. You took another “Why are you hiding from me?” You asked. Taking a step with each word you spoke. Your voice growing louder and louder with every word.

That’s when you heard it. The ice around you had cracked just slightly but loud enough to make an audible noise. You stopped in your tracks and sent a panicked look back to the land. You were near the centre of the lake. You hadn’t even noticed how far you had walked. “No” you whispered to yourself. “This isn’t happening.” You looked back down at the ice you were standing on. Maybe if I walk slow enough I can make it back. You thought to yourself. Taking a slow and very small step back in the direction you came there was another loud crack. Looking back down you saw that the crack around your feet was getting bigger. You felt tears prickling your eyes as you thought about your mother dancing in the kitchen with your dad as they cooked dinner. It would be another few hours before they worried about where you were. By then you might be…you shook your head, not letting the thought cross your mind. “I’ll be okay.” You took another step. This time there wasn’t a sharp cracking noise from beneath your feet. You let out a shaky sigh of relief as a small hint of hope panged in your chest.

You took another step, this time the breaking noise was one of the loudest things you heard. You didn’t even have time to scream as you fell into the freezing water. You clawed at the ice around you, trying to pull yourself up but it just broke whenever you touched it. You began to lose any feeling in your body. Everything was just numb. You didn’t even hear yourself crying out for help anymore. That’s when you saw him.

A pale hand wrapped itself around your wrist as it pulled you into the air. Everything was blurry but you could have sworn you were floating. Then you felt yourself on the cold snow. You could see a figure leaning over you “Come on (Y/N) get up.” That voice was so recognisable but you couldn’t think where from, it was like your brain was numb. “(Y/N) please.” You felt two hands pushing down on your chest and what seemed like the constant mutterings of the words “I’m sorry”

Feeling began to come back to your fingers and toes as a small ache as you began to cough. Water spurting from your mouth as you grabbed at the blue, cloth covered arm in front of you. “(Y/N)?” Things were still blurry but you heard the voice clearer now. That’s when it hit you. It was him. He saved you. Jack Frost saved you. You stopped coughing and just stared at him. Too scared to speak in case it was all just a dream, in case you weren’t pulled out of the lake and this was just your brain coping with shutting down. He was just like he was all those years ago, hair as white as the snow and eyes as deep as oceans but as bright as sapphires.

“It’s you.” You barely whispered. Your voice was hoarse from the screaming, the ice-cold salt water and the coughing. “It’s really you.” You let go of his arm and moved your hand to touch his face, to check if he was real. A grin grew on your face as you touched him. He felt real, felt human.

He nodded, not moving your hand from his face “I’m sorry I didn’t get you off the lake sooner.” He let out a small chuckle “I didn’t think you were so stubborn.” You let out a small laugh as you moved your hand back to your side as you tried to sit up. “We need to get you home in the warmth.” Jack sighed.

You nodded and let him help you up. You tried to walk but winced at the pain. Your whole body was aching as if you had pulled every single muscle in you. He lifted you up with ease and before you could even murmur a thank you, you drifted back into unconsciousness.

When you woke up you were in your own room. You felt your stomach drop as you thought you had just woken up from a dream. “It felt so real. He felt so real.” You whispered to yourself. That’s when you noticed the note with scruffy handwriting on your bedside table. You picked it up to read it out loud. “(Y/N) I promise next time you shout I’ll be there. Just promise me you won’t go walking onto frozen lakes. From the very real Jack Frost.”

  • lead researcher, over the testing area intercom: D-69420, please approach SCP-071's containment chamber and report to us over the earpiece's 15-second delay what it is currently manifesting as for research p-
  • me: oh aho-ho no problem my dear lads seduction is my field of expertise ;)
  • lead researcher: Approach and interact with SCP-071 with no further derailments, please.
  • 071: [indiscriminate screeching noises]
  • me: *unzips jumpsuit and tips fedora* how d'you do tonight, m'anomaly? These plebeians bothering you? You've probably been starved of human contact with a Nice Guy such as myself, allow me to demonstrate-
  • lead researcher: what
  • guards: what
  • 071: what
  • me: what