Hey IMQ followers!  It’s admin Morgan here, the un-cool one.  I just wanted to give you a little heads up that you’re going to be down to 3 admins for the next 2 weeks because I’m off in California seeing the sights, forgetting to wear sunscreen, getting married, yada yada - the ush.  (God, there’s just no good way to type that out, is there?)

Anyway my point is, go easy on the others bc they’re super cool and you should just go easy on them all the time.  :)  

Also, if you want to follow along with my adventures, I’m @morganseptember on instagram.  There’ll be pictures of painted ladies, trolleys, big red bridges, big red trees, and probably a lot of food trucks because idk they make me happy.  I’ve been here a day and so far all I’ve posted a picture of is a burger…but that actually describes me pretty well, so.

See you in two weeks!

anonymous asked:

Admins, what do you guys do outside of IMR? Do you do anything else on tumblr? What do you do when you're not online?


On tumblr, I can be found in a few different places! There’s my main multi-fandom mess blog, my other multi-fandom blog that I made when I had too many fandoms on my first blog, my hp-only sideblog that only has stuff not from the movies, and my most recent pet project (thanks to my obsession with the raven cycle) a pynch fic rec blog! When I’m not online I work at a university library. I also write, bake, dance ballet, and binge watch too much netflix.


Aside from IMQ, I spend plenty of time on my own blog, which is mostly stupidly long text posts about Harry Potter minutia. When I’m not on Tumblr, I can often be found on Reddit under the same name, where (coincidentally) I spend a lot of time writing stupidly long text posts about HP minutia. I just finished a 9-month project where myself and seven other writers ranked the top 200 HP characters. 

Aside from HP stuff, I enjoy traveling as much as I can, watching far too much TV, spending time with my friends, and generally being a huge nerd. I also have a full-time job, though I’m not exactly sure how that happened.


On tumblr, I spend time on my personal (which you can find on my bio), and I also have an Marauders RP group that I run with a friend, which you can find here, because I’d love to write with you. On top of that I have a fic rec blog that doesn’t get updated much anymore, but that you can find here. I also have a weird, anything goes sideblog with a friend.

When I’m not on tumblr, I’m at work, or on my couch - where I’m usually reading or watching netflix. Right now, I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones which I just started reading & watching, so no spoilers, please, but I can see about adding GoT things to the queue.Every Thursday, I go out to the bar for Karaoke night, and i spend load of time snapchatting my adventures (or lack thereof). You can add me on snap if you like: rayleejane.

My favorite pastime, on tumblr or off, is harassing/loving/debating with Morgan with any and everything I can think of, from an RP we plan to start at some point, to weather, and cats and whether or not antlers are cool. Spoiler alert: they are.




Everything above this line is how this post sat in our drafts for god knows how long, because I suck and have been holding it up, apparently.  (I’ve been sick.  Let’s talk about that later.)  So I kept it as a tribute to my suckiness.

I spend a good chunk of my internet time on my personal blog, whose theme I’m currently looking to update.  I’m on instagram (morganseptember) and twitter (morganseptember…are you sensing a theme) but keep my fandom stuff to Tumblr.  I write fanfics (AO3: asiriusfan ; asiriusfanff) but I’m absolutely terrible at updating (just ask Raylee, who’s had to wait for every lousy chapter of Life in Limbo since I started it back in 2013 or whatever).

I used to rp but quit due to some negative experiences right before I started IMQ on a complete whim.  I haven’t had the time to go back to it since I’ve been running this blog, but I am working on that Marauders AU rp that Raylee mentioned earlier.  It’s actually coming across pretty nicely, so we’ll see if we ever get it off the ground.

Other than that, I’m a mom.  This is, I think, the first time I’ve talked about that on Tumblr (?) mostly because I’ve seen other moms get bullied off this site for “neglecting their children” by having the audacity to go online, and if you know anything about mom culture we already get crazy bullied for everything we do, so I just kinda didn’t want to open myself up to that possibility.  And when people say that’s a full time job they are 100% telling the truth.  As far as actual jobs, I’m still figuring out what I want to do with my life b/c I’m chronically indecisive.  I studied writing in school, so if anyone is looking for someone to be a Professional Author With No Experience, hit me up!